Uber Vs Bolt: Which is Better for Nigerian Drivers?


It can be difficult to determine which platform is better for drivers in Nigeria, as both Uber and Bolt have their own unique features and benefits. Uber Vs Bolt is a real struggle on the streets.

After speaking with many drivers especially in Lagos, Nigeria, we can establish one thing – that many Nigerian taxi drivers use both apps and they switch whenever it suits them.

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Factors drivers consider…

It is also interesting to note that they consider a number of reasons to use one platform, and not the other at a given time. Here are a few reasons we found out:

uber vs bolt

Earning potential:

Both Uber and Bolt offer the opportunity to earn income by providing rides to passengers. However, the earning potential may vary depending on factors such as the demand for rides, the competition from other drivers, and the fees and commissions charged by the platform. It may be worth doing some research to compare the earning potential of each platform in your area. Many confirmed that there are more ‘surges’ on Bolt.

Vehicle requirements:

Uber and Bolt have different requirements for the types of vehicles that can be used on their platforms. For example, Uber may have more stringent requirements for the age and condition of vehicles, while Bolt may be more flexible. It is important to review the requirements for each platform and make sure that your vehicle meets the necessary standards.

Driver support:

Both Uber and Bolt offer various forms of support to their drivers, including training, insurance, and customer support. It may be worth comparing what ‘Uber Vs Bolt’ offered by each platform to see which one best meets your needs.

Fees and commissions:

Both Uber and Bolt charge fees and commissions on the fares earned by drivers. These fees can vary depending on the location and type of service being provided. It is important to understand the fees and commissions charged by each platform, as they can impact your overall earnings.

To wrap things up…

Ultimately, ‘Uber vs Bolt’ is a real struggle, especially in Lagos. Is Bolt cheaper than Uber? We honestly cannot answer that. The best platform for drivers in Nigeria will depend on their individual circumstances and preferences. Many have said they preferred Bolt to Uber simply because of the catchy design (lol). Just do what works for you.

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