UBA Moni (Agency Banking): How to Register, Get POS from UBA, Everything You Need to Know


What is UBA Moni?

UBA Moni is United Bank for Africa’s agency banking arm. Just like First Bank’s FirstMonie and Access’ Closa, UBA Moni brings the bank to your neighbourhood and saves you the stress of going to the bank for petty transactions. Nigerian banks are now adjusting their scope of business to suit the contemporary trends of ease, accessibility, and swiftness. UBA Moni Agents are equipped with Point-Of-Sales (POS) devices that can effectively complete any type of transactions for you. All at a little cost. This article will guide the reader on how to register to become a UBA Moni agent, how to register on UBA Moni, how to find the nearest UBA Moni Agents to you, amongst other things.

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Why Agency Banking is Important Now

Why uba moni Agency Banking is Important Now
  1. They are accessible. The bank is literally at your doorstep.
  2. They are swift, as they only entertain a few customers per-time. No unnecessary queues.
  3. Secure transactions, enabled by PIN.
  4. Flexible opening and closing hours. You can even patronize them in wee hours/dead of the night.
  5. Saves transportation cost
  6. They decongest the banking halls
  7. You can observe your social distancing and still do your transactions

What Services are Offered by UBA Moni Agent?

What Services are Offered by UBA Moni Agent?
  1. Cash withdrawals
  2. Bill payments
  3. Cash deposits
  4. Funds transfer
  5. Airtime and internet data purchase
  6. Account opening
  7. Register for Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  8. And others

How Do I Register to Become a UBAMoni Agent?

Wondering how to register on UBA Moni? First, you have to meet all their requirements to open standard UBA Moni Agent account. The requirements include:

  1. A valid means of identification e.g, international passport, DL, National ID, or voter’s card
  2. A recent utility bill of your proposed operating site. The space must be easily accessible, and not too close to other agents
  3. A UBA account. You can use your standard individual or a corporate account for this purpose.

Take these with you to the nearest UBA for necessary registration.


FAQS About UBA Moni Agency Banking

Who is a UBA Moni Agent?

Authorised persons that perform banking transactions on behalf of the Bank.

How can I tell if a UBA Moni outlet is authentic or fake?

  1. Every Agent’s outlet is boldly branded with a UBA Moni signage. 
  2. These locations can quickly be verified . You will find the following details boldly written. Just select the state and search for the exact street:
    1. Agent ID
    2. Agent name
    3. Agent address
  3. Call UBA Contact Centre to confirm. Do NOT do transactions with un-authorized persons.

How does money settle in my account as an agent?

Agent has 2 options:

  1. Opt to pay an agreed sum of N60k to the bank, and your settlement will be real-time instant
  2. Opt not to pay the agreed sum, and stick with the normal T+1 (next day settlement)

What is the income sharing formula between UBA Moni agent and the bank?

UBA offers the best Agent-Bank sharing formula obtainable in any Nigerian bank. See below:

s/nTransaction typeFee (N)Agent (N)UBA (N)
3Intra-bank Transfer1007030
4Interbank Transfer (N1-N5,000)5031.5812.54
5Interbank Transfer (N5,001-N50,000)10070.5323.59
6Interbank Transfer (N50,000-above)150105.2638.86

I don’t use UBA, can I still do transactions using UBA Moni Agents?

Absolutely – whether you are a UBA Moni customer or a customer of another Bank, you can use UBA Moni.

What do I need to transact at an Agent’s stall

  • Account Number
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • One Time Passcode (OTP) sent to your phone number

What are UBA Moni Charges?

The base charge on each transaction with the agent is N100. Plus N50 on higher transactions, e.g a cash withdrawal higher than N5000 will cost N150.

What will be my receipt after the transaction?

  • A receipt from the POS device used
  • Transaction SMS alert

Send email to ubamoni@ubagroup.com

To talk to UBA, call: 0700 225 5822. Visit any UBA Branch for FULL details.

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