Top 9 Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start With A Low Capital In Nigeria


We will be looking at the most profitable businesses in Nigeria that you can start with low capital and be able to make moderate or high income.

Most people have business ideas but they find it difficult to put their ideas into reality due to lack of money to implement the ideas. This, right here, is the number one problem of startups. You must have good capital to start a business.

The big question is “must someone start big before one can get big?” No!

If you do not have much capital to start a business I will advise that you start small with the little you have, then scale the business until it gets big.

If you are aiming to start a business, you need to look for businesses with low capital and also very profitable.

This article outlines the most profitable businesses in Nigeria with low capital. The businesses below are compiled based on the experience of the current market realities and on-filed participant observation.

Reasons why you should start your own business in Nigeria

Having a good and stable 9-5 job is very good; however, it is also extremely advisable to have a business on the side. Owning your own business in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized considering the reasons below:

  • Job security: you will become your own boss, no boss will wake up tomorrow and fire you. You will not be afraid of loosing your job at any moment.
  • Opportunity to help in growing the country’s economy and be able to create job for other Nigerians.
  • You will make more money running your own business. It is true that you will have to take a lot of financial risk in managing your business but, at the end of it all, you will earn your profit as well.
  • You will be motivated to implement your innovative ideas; as you are likely to find yourself in ventures that you really have passion for.

Top 8 Most Profitable Business In Nigeria You Can Start With A Low Capital

Below are some of the lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria with little money and limited resources, in no particular order. They are very easy to start and you don’t have to wait for a long time to start reaping your rewards:

  1. POS business
  2. Car wash business
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Importation business
  5. Graphic designing
  6. Daycare center
  7. Online tutor
  8. Become a YouTuber
  9. Web hosting business

POS Business

Point of sales business is not a new business in Nigeria, people have been making huge money from the business.

How does it work?

A POS agent will help customers perform financial transactions while the agent will get a commission for every transaction he/she helps people to perform using the POS machine.

To start this business is very easy; just go to any bank request for their POS machine and use it to start the business.

However, the POS devices are mostly deployed for a fee. Most banks will give you a free POS machine. For example, OPAY POS is free. This business booms in remote or rural areas where the banks are not physically present

Car Wash Business

Another profitable business in Nigeria that you can start with low capital is the car wash business. It is very easy to start once you understand how the business operates.

To start this business, look for urban areas where a lot of people use saloon cars and SUVs, rent a space. Have a steady source of water, and start washing. You can even employ casual workers and pay them a percentage per car washed.

Affiliate Marketing

Internet is the busiest space in the world. Starting an online affiliate marketing business will be your sure bet to making it big because it is very lucrative.

Affiliate marketing is the business of promoting a product and earning a commission on sales.

Some of the most popular affiliate platforms in Nigeria are Amazon Affiliate, Jumia Affiliate, Konga Affiliate, Commission Junction, and so on.

You can go to any of these platforms to signup/register your details. Then start promoting any product of your choice on your social media, blog, and forums.

Importation/Dropshipping Business

You can start importing goods from countries like China to sell in Nigeria and make your margin.

Just look for products with high demand in Nigeria. import them from other countries, and ship them down to Nigeria in bulk to reduce the cost price. Once your goods land in Nigeria, sell them off at the cost price plus the price that reflects all your efforts to make them available.

Graphic Designing

If you have graphic designing skills, starting this business with zero capital is very easy. Odds are, you are in very high demand. Poster designing, website designing, flyers, logos, and so on – your usefulness is endless.

If you can use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pixlr, and the likes, you are good to go.

Daycare Center

I’d recommend this business only for ladies who like taking care of kids. Most busy parents are looking for who will take care of their kids for them when they go to work. They are mostly ready to pay good fees.

You can rent a house, put it in good order. Paint the exterior with bright colours, and make sure that you have a bold signage with the crèche name on it. The opportunities that you can build from this business will shock you.

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Online Tutor


Everything has gone digital. If you have a skill that you can teach people online, brush up all your skills and commercialize it. Gather a class of people who need your services and teach them for a fee.

Platforms like Google Meet, Skype, Teams, Zoom, and so on are readily available to help you with the smooth running of your class.

Become a YouTuber/Vlogging

A Youtuber is someone that owns a YouTube channel. You can create your own YouTube channel and start creating high-quality videos in any category that you have a passion for.

Creating a Youtube channel can be started and concluded free of charge. From 1,000 subscribers or slightly less, you can get your age approved for Adsense, then you start earning per click/view advertisement view.

When you are qualified for monetization, YouTube will start paying you. Many Nigerian are earn high income from this business.

Web Hosting Business

Starting a web hosting business is another profitable business in Nigeria that is very easy to start with little capital.

You can start this business by creating your own web hosting platform where you will be helping people to host their website/blog on your server, while they will be paying you either monthly or yearly.


We have been able to reveal some profitable businesses that you can easily start in Nigeria with little capital and you will start making huge profits in return.

Most of these businesses require that you have special skills and most do not. The major things are just for you to be strategic in your business journey.

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