Top 14 Online Grocery & Foodstuff Stores in Nigeria; How to Shop From Them


Physical grocery and foodstuff shopping is not new, though, people have always had to physically walk into the stores of their choice, get their foodstuff or groceries and leave. 

However, shopping for groceries and foodstuff is a big deal in almost every household in the major cities in Nigeria, especially in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. In fact, some families take turns to go to the stores to get their foodstuff and other groceries because of the stress and time spent doing it.

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In this article, we are going to be highlighting 10 of the top online grocery and foodstuff shopping stores in Nigeria, how they operate, and how you can shop conveniently from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Why do we need to shop for foodstuff/groceries online?

The difficulties mentioned (time, money, and stress) have made online/virtual shopping increasingly necessary. Tech founders have created online platforms that now serve as our shopping malls, placed your favourite foodstuff/groceries in them, set up the payment systems,  and have also installed prearranged systems for doorstep delivery.

Here are few of the other reasons to adopt online groceries & foodstuff shopping

  • Saves time spent to walk or drive down to the shopping mall
  • Online stores already know where to get supplies for the freshest & best groceries
  • Saves you the stress of pushing those large carts around large malls
  • You don’t have to wait in line to pay

How to Shop From Online Groceries & Foodstuff Stores in Nigeria

This is an easy and straightforward task. It’s just like downloading and registering any other app.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download, install, and order for your own online shopping foodstuffs & groceries in Nigeria:

  1. Check for your most-preferred store: It is important to consider the location & proximity to your doorstep, pricing, delivery modes, payment modes, and so on. Choose one that works for you.
  2. Confirm how they receive their orders: Some of the online groceries/foodstuff receive orders through their websites while others receive orders through WhatsApp and Mobile App.
  3. Sign up on the platform or download the app (as applicable)
  4. Link your debit/credit card to the platform (as applicable)
  5. Start using the online store

Top/Best Online Grocery & Foodstuff Stores in Nigeria

Here is a list of the top and probably the best online foodstuff & groceries shopping stores in Nigeria. They are mostly based in the top cities in Nigeria – Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. 

Here’s how we arrived at the list of the top online shopping stores in Nigeria below:

  • Freshness of the foodstuffs 
  • Delivery turnaround time
  • Customer service
  • The pricing
  • The platform user experience

Here’s a table of the top groceries and foodstuffs in Nigeria, their features, delivery times, fees, and other classifications:

Online StoreChannelCities PresentDelivery FeeDelivery TimePayment on DeliveryPayment Method
Website, Mobile AppNationwideN1,000-N3,5001-4 daysYesJumiaPay, POS
PricePally (Price Pally)
Website, Mobile AppLagos, Port Harcourt, AbujaN1,000-N3,500Tuesdays, Thursdays, & SaturdaysNoOnline Payment
WebsiteLagosN500-N1,000Same dayNoBank Transfer
Vernon Foods
Website, WhatsAppLagosFreeSame dayNoBank Transfer
Mile 12 Online Shopping
Website, WhatsAppLagosN1,000Same dayNoBank Transfer
WebsiteLagosN1,000-N3,500Same dayNoOnline Payment
WebsiteAbujaN1,000-N3,500Same dayYesCash, POS, Bank Transfer, Online Payment
WebsiteAbujaN1,000-N3,5001-6 hoursNoCash, POS, Bank Transfer, Online Payment
Easyshop Easycook Services Limited
WebsiteLagosN500-N1,500Same day (if order comes before 10am)NoBank Transfer, Online Payment
Website, WhatsAppLagosN1,000-N3,500Same dayNoOnline Payment
The Market Foodshop
Website, WhatsAppLagosN1,000 (0-1kg)Same day (if order comes before 10am)NoBank Transfer
WebsiteAbujaN499-N1,999Same dayNoOnline Payment
One Kiosk Africa
Website, WhatsAppNationwideN500-N3,500Same dayNoBank Transfer, Online Payment
My City Market Online Nigeria
WebsiteAbujaFreeSame dayYesCash, POS, Bank Transfer, Online Payment
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