A Precise Dictation App: Best Alternative to Typing?


In our offices, many will agree with me that typing into our devices is one of the most time-consuming and herculean tasks we face. It is even worse for people who are slow at doing it, it resembles a really huge task. Research reveals that a lot of employees actually hate typing on their computers, phones, tabs and so on. They actually feel It’s too much stress. I can relate! All that ‘control’ ‘shift’ ‘alt’ ‘delete’ ‘space’ ‘alphabet’ could become a lot of trouble when you are stressed out. Well, this article brings good news for our kind – Google‘s precise dictation app feature. Besides, come on it’s 2020!

The most viable and precise dictator app out there is right in the Google Documents. Google Documents is an application that can also be a Google Chrome Extension that functions as the online version of our conventional Microsoft Office applications we download on our devices.

free dictation app
Google Docs

Perks of Using Google Documents

  • It is a Google Chrome extension, consumes zero space on your device.
  • It is free to use.
  • Recording is very precise.
  • It is safe to use


How the Voice-to-Text Feature Works

What this feature does is that it waits for you to say a word, then registers it in actual words. This precise dictation app record whatever you say to your computer, you see it on your screen. Easy, isn’t it? 

Voice-to-Text Feature Command Prompts

More interestingly this feature allows you insert command prompts e.g punctuation marks when you pronounce them. Below are a few voice commands the application recognises.

Punctuation marks:

  •    Period: .
  •    Comma: ,
  •    Exclamation point: !
  •    Question mark: ?
  •    Minus:
  •    Forward slash: /
  •    Open bracket: (
  •    Close bracket: )
  •    Asterisk: *

Google Docs Editing Voice Commands

  • Select All
  • Delete All
  • New line
  • New paragraph
  • Copy
  • Cut
  • Paste
  • Copy link
  • Delete
  • Delete last word
  • Delete link
  • Insert table of contents
  • Delete table of contents
  • Update table of contents
  • Insert bookmark
  • Insert equation
  • Insert footer
  • Insert footnote
  • Insert header
  • Insert horizontal line
  • Insert page break

Voice-to-Text Feature Text Alignment, Formatting  And Size Voice Commands

You can format your document’s text with any of these voice commands. Make sure to select the text you want the formatting applied to first or say the command before typing/dictating the text you want formatted.

  • Align center
  • Align justified
  • Align left
  • Align right
  • Apply heading [1–6]
  • Apply normal text
  • Apply subtitle
  • Apply title
  • Bold
  • Italicize
  • Italics
  • Strikethrough
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Underline
  • Decrease indent
  • Increase indent
  • Line spacing [1-100]
  • Line spacing double
  • Line spacing single
  • Decrease font size
  • Increase font size
  • Font size [6-400]
  • Clear formatting
  • Remove formatting
  • Remove bold
  • Remove italics
  • Remove strikethrough
  • Remove underline
  • Create bulleted list
  • To add new bullets to your list say “insert bullet,” or “new line.”
  • Create a numbered list
  • To add new bullets to your list say  “insert bullet,” or “new line.”

Google Docs Text Color, Highlighting and Background Colors Voice Commands

  • Text color [color]  (Ex.: say “Text Color Red” to change a text’s color to red.)
  • Highlight
  • Highlight [color]  (Ex.: say “Highlight Color Red” to change the highlight color to red.  The default highlight color is yellow. See a full list of available colors, here.)
  • Background color [color] (Ex: say  “Background Color Red” to change a text’s background to red.)
  • Remove highlight
  • Remove background colour

Google Docs Voice Commands For Creating and Editing Tables

  • Insert table
  • Insert table [1-20] rows by [1-20] columns
  • Insert row
  • Insert column
  • Insert new column
  • Insert new column on the left
  • Insert new row
  • Insert new row above
  • Insert new row below
  • Delete column
  • Delete row
  • Delete table

How to Access the Voice-to-Text Feature

  1. Connect to the internet
  2. On the address page type https://docs.google.com
  3. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you will be prompted to download this to your browser as an extension.
  4. Choose ‘Docs’
  5. Click ‘Blank’, you would be presented with a page like this:
  6. On the menu, choose ‘Tools’
  7. Rapel down to ‘Voice typing’ and click. Or simply type Ctrl+Shift+S
  8. Start dictating
  9. Once you’re done dictating, you can also click the red microphone: to end dictation.
free dictation app-alternative-to-typing

However, after using this precise dictation app, you must also inspect and proofread your article for mistakes, misspelled words, double spaces, and so on in case the Voice-to-Text Feature fails to register some words correctly. 

Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you!

free dictation app

Start talking…

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