Stanbic EZ Cash – How to Borrow From Stanbic IBTC in Minutes


The EZCash loan offers a quick solution to any burning and urgent need for cash. This article will answer your questions on how to borrow from Stanbic IBTC using the EZ Cash, its features, how to qualify, why this should be your first buddy before asking friends for help, and other questions as well.

To tackle unforgiving situations ranging from the trivial ones like when your phone screen suddenly breaks, your appliance needs urgent repairs, cash crunch, your car breaks down, etc, to the serious ones like paying for hospital bills, you need an ever-ready friend that is always on hand to offer help at a friendly cost. This friend is the Stanbic IBTC EZCash. Stanbic IBTC introduced this loan product, the Stanbic EZ Cash, in July 2019. However, this wonderful loan product sure needs more mentions.


Stanbic IBTC EZ Cash: Things to Note

  • Your limits on the Stanbic IBTC EZCash loans are largely dependent on your average monthly savings on your account.
  • If you have an existing loan, don’t fret. You are eligible too.
  • Your existing loan repayment (if you have any) may have an impact on how can be made available to you.
  • You are free to borrow as many times as you wish, as long as you are still within your borrowing limit
  • You can get up to N4million naira at a ridiculously low rate of just 2.5% within minutes
  • You are free to choose your preferred date of repayment

How do I qualify for the EZ Cash Loan?

Great question! You must meet certain criteria to even be able to borrow on the Stanbic IBTC EZCash. These criteria are below:

  1. You must be an account holder
  2. Your account must be a standard Stanbic IBTC account
  3. Your account must be at least a year old from the date of opening
  4. You must be, 18 years old, at least
  5. You must be below 59 years old
  6. You must have a clean dud-cheque (bounced cheque) record
  7. Your credit reports (CRMS & CRC) must be marked as clean

Stanbic IBTC EZCash: How to Borrow

EZ Cash via Website:

This is the easiest thing about this product, the user-friendliness.

ez cash stanbic website
  • Visit the Stanbic IBTC EZ Cash website
  • Input your account number
  • Enter your registered phone number, as it is on your BVN and click Get Started
    • An OTP (One time Password) will be sent to your registered line
  • Respond with the secret OTP and proceed
  • Provide correct responses to the following prompts

EZ Cash via USSD Code

In case you don’t have access to the internet, you can still use your function phone to borrow on EZ Cash.

For direct access to Stanbic IBTC Ez Cash, the code is *909*44#. After dialing this, just make sure to follow the prompts as fast as you can as the code times out in seconds.


How much can I borrow?

You can borrow any amount within the limit advised to you during your application.

What happens if I only spend part of the money I borrowed?

In the event you withdraw money to an amount less than the sum initially borrowed, interest charges will only apply to the amount withdrawn.

When is the Interest taken from my account?

Interest payment for the amount borrowed is taken at the end of the month.

What are the charges/fees?

  • Management fee of 1% on the amount borrowed
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) of 0.05% on the amount borrowed
  • Insurance fee of 0.35% on the amount borrowed

What is the longest time I can borrow for on the Stanbic EZ Cash?

It ranges between 1 – 12months.

What are the factors that affect my loan limit?

As mentioned earlier, your loan limit will depend on your average monthly income and the monthly loan repayments on existing loans (if any)

What is the interest rate?

The applicable interest rate is 2.5% per month

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  1. Otu John osheope says

    Hmmm pls I have tried it in different time, I even went to d bank, but not possible to get d loan, I even dial *909*44# but it can not give me anything, pls am not happy with Stanbic ibtc, even the app is not working, the most painful part is that, I have a salary account with them, and am earning #50k monthly.. so painful that one can not get what he want @ Stanbic, just look @ my other banks, e.g UBA and POLARIS, if you have a salary account with them, everything is simple.. pls Stanbic ibtc should step up thief games.

    1. Gbenga says

      So sorry for your experience, John. StanbicIBTC was notified about this, and they have sent you a mail for further assistance.

  2. Owoseeni dimeji lateef says

    Good day av been trying to top up my loan but keep saying I should try after sometimes what is going on .pls do something ,actually I have a running loan but it does not affect my loan course I no how much am receiving at the end of the month pls help me out

    1. Gbenga says

      Could be that you’ve exhausted your borrowing threshold. Kindly call Stanbic Customer Care on 0700 909 909 909 or email them on: mailto:[email protected] They will sure assist you with necessary info.

  3. Hannah Luke says

    Trying to top up too but its telling me that my repayment account cannot be generated.

  4. Patrick says

    Please I will like to calculate a loan of 300 thousand naira with a 12 month repayment plan of this STANBIC ez cash loan.

    1. Gbenga says

      Kindly call Stanbic Customer Care on 0700 909 909 909 or email them on: mailto:CustomerCareN[email protected] They will sure assist you with the necessary repayment schedule.

  5. Muyiwa Ibiloye says

    Pls is it possible that I repay my ez cash (loan) before the date I gave while applying for the loan. If possible, pls how do I go abt it?!

  6. Nafisat Aliyu says

    Accessing this EZ LOAN is not as STANBIC IBTC made it look,is so difficult,i have been trying for two days using both the ussd code and going to their website,only for them to tell u they could not complete try in 5 mnts after acknowledging that its ur salary account as well as u dont have any loan ,to say the least am disappointed

    1. Gbenga says

      Oh that’s not a pleasant experience, but remember the loan threshold is largely dependent on your deposits volume. However, kindly call Stanbic Customer Care on 0700 909 909 909 or email them on: mailto:[email protected] to know what’s really wrong.

  7. Awe Israel Kolawol says

    Kindly assist me to obtain Ez cash loan. I want to use the money to pay my children’s school fees.
    My name is Awe Israel Kolawole. Am one of your customers with Acct No. 0XXXXXXX28 and phone No 0XXXXXXX330. I have been trying to access this loan both via *909*44# and your website but to no avail.


    1. Gbenga says

      You need to know the real reason why you cannot access this facility. Kindly call Stanbic Customer Care on 0700 909 909 909 or email them on: mailto:[email protected]

  8. Fejoku fidelia agiliga says

    Good evening, I have been trying to apply for another loan and it keeps telling me I am not eligible, I don’t understand and I need the loan for urgent issue, I have a salary and savings account with stanbic, so I shouldn’t be going through stress

    1. Gbenga says

      True. You shouldn’t be experiencing that kind of error. Kindly call Stanbic Customer Care on 0700 909 909 909 or email them on: mailto:[email protected] They will sure assist you with necessary info.

  9. Osele Emmanuel says

    This is a great Idea from stanbic.
    Sometime March I had a loan limit of 410,000. Although I never had any use for it at that time, but now is really an urgent time and I see that i am no longer eligible.
    Please this is really important and it hurts that in as much as 8 have a good standing with the bank, I still cannot qualify for any loan because I am not a salary earner..
    Is it possible to look through my account and grant me this loan within a short period? Because to be honest, October hasn’t started well and my business is failing big time.
    Please help.

  10. Lateef olakunle ldowu says

    From Lateef olakunle ldowu. Please lf I borrow 150,000, how much is to pay back in 1 years.

  11. Usman bello says

    Is like this ez cash na scam , bcoz I try it all most 4 days. But they show me,, thank you for using ez will get a confirmation shortly, and often now they not sent any reply for me.. stanbic na wow for, you are suffering you costomer, transfer problem,and even loan again na problem….

  12. Ogundimu Adebola Janet says

    I am also in need of this stanbic ibtc Ez cash loan, but I couldn’t have access to it just tells me you are not Eligible at the moment.pls I am in need of cash urgently. Thanks

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  14. Charles Enang says

    I secured the ez loan but, did not have sufficient funds in my account for the monthly payment at 30th March 2021.
    Now, I have lodged money in my account but, it has not been deducted.
    Can I transfer money into the loan account for the repayment?

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