Best Proven Ways to Advertise on Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Etc) for Great Sales


No doubt, social media is our new virtual marketplace. World renowned social media giants e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, to mention just a few cumulatively have billions of active users who come to their platforms for one reason – to socialize. We, entrepreneurs must take advantage of this especially now that the Twitter ban has been lifted after several months of suspension.

As a micro, mini, or macro business owner, these platforms are literal goldmines for effective advertisement of your products and services. The larger your following is, the better for you. 

Conversion, however, is largely dependent on how you present your goods and services. Imagine a scenario where you display and advertise your goods by the roadside and EVERYONE just walks past it like nothing’s there – painful right? That is exactly how creating impressions without actual customer conversion feels.

This article will focus on what to do before you advertise your products and services, how to display and advertise your goods and services for effective engagements and eventual conversions, and also what you should do after advertising your goods and services. Basically, best proven way to advertise on social media.

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What You Must do Before Advertising on Twitter Instagram Facebook Snapchat

To advertise on Twitter Instagram Facebook or Snapchat, strategies must be applied to everything one does. Advertising your products and services is no exception. To proceed in business, you must know how to advertise on new social media. Here are the things you must have in place before even attempting to advertise:

Identify your target audience

The secret to determining the most effective technique, message, and medium of advertising is to identify/determine your target audience. Knowing who your consumers are, ab initio, allows you to make the right choices when it comes down to:

  1. WHAT to sell to them
  2. HOW to sell what to sell to them
  3. Best MEDIUM to sell what you sell to them.

Create a Budget

As advertising is only a part of your business, though an important one, you don’t want the cost of putting your business out there to eat into your operational expenses. You must know how much you are willing to part with in order to create impression, awareness, and conversion for your products and services.

Choose the right social media influencers

If you’re paying social media influencers to make posts for you, don’t stop at just looking at their numbers (which only speaks to how much impression you’d most likely get). You need to also check the type of following they have, their niche, region, reach, race, quality of people that follow them, and so on.

Overall, make sure that your influencer is a household name in a niche related to what you do. You don’t want to give your carpentry job to a cobbler.

Choose the best time to drop your posts

As many Twitter Influencers would say, you must know exactly when to drop your business tweets on these social media streets. The timing of your posts, and those of your contracted influencers, must coincide with the most active periods of the platforms. Also, you should also ‘read the room’ for verbal or non-verbal cues. That is, check the mood of the timeline whenever you’re about to drop your advertisements.

I’m sure you don’t want to hawk your salt when it’s raining.

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What You Must Add to Your Posts to Advertise on Twitter Instagram Facebook Snapchat

Writing your social media advert post is a very serious exercise. It can either make or mar all your efforts in putting the entire campaign together. Just like this article, ensure that your write-up has all the punchlines and keywords it in.

Here are the things that must be included in your social media advertisement posts no matter how little the characters you have to work with.


The price

“Available for N1,999 only”

“Price: N500”

Always put the price of your products or services. There’s no need for ‘faux’ arrogance, or shame, or both. You ought to be creating a first impression of a serious entrepreneur who knows the quality and value of what s/he is displaying and advertising.

Besides, you’re helping your serious prospective customer make a quick decision if you put the price of your product. This is a good way to advertise on social media.

Even the biggest stores in the world put price tags on their goods. One of the best ways to advertise on Twitter Instagram Facebook or Snapchat.

Reward referrals with discounts and coupons

“You get a 5% discount on your order if you repost this advert”

“Quote this tweet and get 10% off”

You stand to gain a whole lot by monetizing your referrals. Create coupons and discount schemes as rewards for users who retweet or repost your advert post. By doing this, you are not only motivating your new customers to make more orders, but also making them help you reach many more prospects.

The 5% loss to the discount may not amount to much when the turnover of orders starts rolling in.

Create an action point

“Place your order by calling 080xxx”

“Send an email to [email protected]

Guide your prospective customer down to the exact action that you want them to take. Many business owners are guilty of this, they just write a lot of beautiful things about their products/services without actually asking the customer TO BUY.

Speak to your prospective customer’s sentiments

“This is a shop just around the corner”


“Help me pay my bills”

This cannot be overemphasized. There is a high chance that the practice of appealing to emotions will instantly help your prospective customers to prioritize your product by relating with it from within, and eventually place an order.

Your target audience are also human beings with blood running within them, they have likes and dislikes. You must make your customers endear to your products and use that situation for your own good.

What To Do After Advertising Your Goods and Services

The biggest advertising mistake entrepreneurs make is to go to sleep after placing their advertisements on social media. 

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Here are a few things you must do to follow up on the awareness and impressions that you have created after you’ve learned how to advertise on Twitter Instagram Facebook Snapchat on social media:

  • Respond to inquiries quickly.
  • Ask questions.
  • Tell them about a special offer available if they act now.
  • Make time to follow up with your prospective customers.
  • Treat potential customers with respect.
  • Provide valuable content.

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