School Fees Loans in Nigeria (List of ALL Banks) – All You Need To Know About How to Fund Your Child’s School Fees, Books Cost, Uniforms, And So On


Being a student or parent in Nigeria these days can be very tough because there’s a lot of uncertainties in the economy at the moment. The cost of almost everything is currently soaring – this takes its toll on the finances of the parents or guardians of pupils or students, especially if they are in private schools.

If you fall in this category, do not worry much, help is here. What you may not know is that your bank has provisions for your current situation – you just need to ask the right questions.

This post focuses on all banks – the school fees loan products available in all banks in Nigeria.

What is a School Fees Loan?

A school fees loan is a short term financial aid designed to provide for parents or guardians who have temporal financial constraints to finance their child’s or ward’s school fees, uniforms, books, shows, transportation, and so on.

What are the advantages of taking a school fees loan?

  • Ensures Education Continuity: School fee loans ensure that your children can continue their education without interruption, even when you face financial challenges.
  • Hassle-Free Financial Support: These loans provide a hassle-free way to meet the educational needs of your children or wards, reducing the stress associated with fee payments.
  • No Restriction on Other Loans: Taking a school fee loan does not limit your ability to access other types of loans, giving you financial flexibility.
  • Moderate Interest Rates: School fee loans typically offer moderate interest rates, making them a cost-effective solution compared to other types of loans.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: Enjoy flexible repayment terms when you opt for school fee loans, allowing you to manage your finances comfortably while supporting your children’s education.

What do you need to access a School Loan?

You may have been asking – what do I need to get a school loan for my child/ward? Contrary to popular beliefs, you will not be asked to bring an arm and a leg. You just need to show some proof to show capacity to pay back, character, and fulfil certain conditions.

Basically, the following should be ready before you even contact your bank:

  1. The school fee bill of your student for the period
  2. The student’s admission letter
  3. Parent’s or guardian’s salary/income must be domiciled in the bank
  4. Parent’s or guardian’s valid identity card e.g voters’ card, international passport, NIN, or driver’s licence
  5. Bank statement (1 year)
  6. Utility bill (at most 3 months old)

After gathering these documents and putting them in place, you should approach your bank or account officer to apply for the loan.

School Loan Products For ALL Nigerian Banks

For specifics on what your bank is offering, you can click the link for your bank below and proceed from their website:


Once you click on the link for your bank, you’re taken to the exact page that speaks to your child’s school fees loan. The truth is that if you are able to fulfil all the coditions that your bank asks for, you WILL get the loan, and in time too.

ALL Nigerian Banks’ School Fees Loans (Check for your bank & click the link)
Access Bank School Fees Loan
Citibank Nigeria School Fees Loan
Ecobank Nigeria School Fees Loan
Fidelity Bank School Fees Loan
First Bank Nigeria School Fees Loan
First City Monument Bank School Fees Loan
Globus Bank School Fees Loan
Guaranty Trust Bank School Fees Loan
Heritage Banking Company School Fees Loan
Keystone Bank School Fees Loan
Parallex Bank School Fees Loan
Polaris Bank School Fees Loan
Premium Trust Bank School Fees Loan
Providus Bank School Fees Loan
Stanbic IBTC Bank  School Fees Loan
Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria School Fees Loan
Sterling Bank School Fees Loan
SunTrust Bank Nigeria School Fees Loan
Titan Trust Bank School Fees Loan
Union Bank of Nigeria School Fees Loan
United Bank For Africa School Fees Loan
Unity Bank School Fees Loan
Wema Bank School Fees Loan
Zenith Bank School Fees Loan
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