Cristiano Ronaldo has now officially reached a special milestone after being named football’s first official billionaire. This is the latest record he has broken in his stellar career. He is also the first-ever athlete to do so in a team sport. Today, Ronaldo, a great football player, is football’sfirst billionaire. Incredible!

Just last week before Ronaldo became the first billionaire in Football, Forbes announced that the Juve star, Ronaldo, overtook his arch-rival Lionel Messi to regain the crown as football’s highest-paid player and is on course to be the sport’s first billionaire. Here it is.


Forbes’ official sources have now also confirmed that Ronaldo’s current earnings of $105 million took his total career income to a staggering $1 billion (put in perspective, N387,420,000,000).

ronaldo first football billionaire

Forbes also highlighted out that the 35-year-old has received $650 million in salary during his 17-year career, and is sure to reach $765 million as his current contract ends in June 2022.

No other footballer has even neared Ronaldo’s earnings, not even David Beckham, who finished his profession with speculated earnings of $500 million, half of which he got from endorsements and sponsorship deals.  This shoots Ronaldo’s net worth to the skies. Truth be told, apart from mainstream football, Cristiano Ronaldo has shown this enterprising spirit. He ventured into several businesses his peers are not even thinking about.

Just like Naomi Osaka recently, what became pivotal in Ronaldo’s new net worth journey is that the $350 million that took his total income to more than $1 billion came mainly from sponsorship and endorsement deals with popular brands. Ronaldo is the first billionaire in football simply because of this.

Ronaldo’s $105 million pay in 2020 comprises mainly of his net pay, winning, and goals’ bonuses worth $60 million. The other part, which is around $45 million, came mainly from his sponsorship and endorsement deals run with Nike and Herbalife, and of course his own “CR7” brand image.

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