Remitly Tracking – A Quick Guide on How To Track Remitly Transfers In A Few Steps


Remitly tracking – Are you looking to send money to Nigeria from the U.S, etc., Remitly provides a great opportunity to get money across to family and friends back home for various purposes which may include but are not limited to;

  • Family upkeep
  • Health/hospital bills
  • Education
  • Project
  • Investment
  • Savings, etc., the lists are endless.

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About Remitly

You may have been conversant with the likes of; Money Gram, Western Union, and Ria money transfers as payment solutions. Remitly as well is a cross bother money transfer solution, or better still a remittance service based in Seattle, United States.

Remitly was founded in 2011 by Matthew Oppenheimer, Josh Hug, and Shivaas Gultai, as an international money transfers service, it sends money to over 135 countries across the globe.

How Remitly works

Like any other money transfer platform, Remitly is a two-way transaction that involves the initiator and a receiver on the other end.

However, to get started the initiator can access the Remitly platform either via the web or through an app. Make certain that the Remitly app is available on Google Playstore and Apple Stores for Android and IOS operating systems.

Sign up on the platform by providing your personal details, choose a preferred delivery partner; with Nigeria as a target destination, your preferred partners are the commercial banks, in this case, you will have the option to send to any of;

  • GTBank
  • Polaris bank
  • Fidelity bank
  • First bank of Nigeria
  • Access bank
  • Ecobank
  • FCMB
  • Union bank and,
  • UBA

Note: The receiver may or may not have an account with any of the aforesaid banks. When you key a transfer through a bank account without entering the receiver’s bank account number, in this case, an automatic account is being profiled with the recipient’s details.

This means to say that Remitly is available for walk-in customers too.

Having selected your preferred option, enter the recipient’s details as seen on their valid IDs, amount as well as payment information, in this case, your credit card to support your payment.

Both the sender and the recipient receive automated transaction details via phone, the recipient proceeds to the bank to cash out.

If the transaction was initiated via cash pick up, such transaction detail will be accompanied by a reference number as well as One Time Password for authentication.

Here’s what a Remitly Pick-Up Message looks like:

The idea below is an example of a Remitly text message format you could receive for a transfer:

Ans. Dear Mr. or Miss….., a Remitly transfer has been initiated in your favor by Mike James (supposed sender’s name). Kindly find transaction details.

Sender: Mike James, amount: $100, Reference: R89765xxxxx, OTP: 439x,

Receiver: Kunle Alabi.

Where the transfer is routed via your bank account you will not receive a transaction reference code, rather will be advised to visit the designated bank to cash out your transfer across the counter.

We’ve written a detailed guide on “How to send Remitly transfer from the US to Nigeria” read through to understand the process flow.

“How can I track my Remitly transfer?” – Here’s how to track Remitly Transfers


Although Remitly transfers are fast, sometimes instant, they have noticed that many people have the urge to check where their money is and when it will be delivered to the beneficiary. 

That is the essence of this guide, to provide you with quick steps that could help with relevant ideas and information about your transaction status.

When you transfer through Remitly, most times your recipient may have difficulty accessing the transfer for whatever reason in Nigeria, tracking such transfers provides you with a piece of mind on the transaction’s specific location and status.

Easy peasy. You can track your Remitly transfer in two ways:

Through the app:

  • Log on to the app with your registered username and password
  • Click on the transaction list
  • Select and view your preferred transaction to view its status status.

Through the web:

  • Visit Remitly Website
  • Log in with your registered username and password
  • From the menu, select “Transfer history” 
  • Check and select your preferred transaction to view the progress.

Common Remitly Tracking Statuses and What They Mean

Here are the common Remitly tracking statuses you may find when you check:

  • Canceled – This means the transaction cannot be picked
  • On hold – There’s a problem delivering the transfer/more information is needed to access it
  • In progress– The money is currently being transmitted, but yet to be delivered
  • Under review – Either Remitly or the bank is reviewing the transfer, and the sender may be required to provide further information to complete the transfer
  • Ready for cash pick up – The receiver can pick it up by visiting a designated bank branch
  • Delivered– The money has been successfully paid out and the transaction circle completed

Important things to note when picking Money Sent Via Remitly:

Go with your Reference Number

The Remitly reference number here refers to the transaction code you received via SMS on completion of a transfer from the initiator’s end.

Without the reference number, it becomes almost impossible to lay claims on a transfer, given this, the transaction can only be accessed by entering the reference code at the appropriate column on the bank’s Remitly portal.

There’s no definite shape for a reference number, however, every Remitly reference code appears thus; R345689xxxxx, where the XXXX represents other numbers visible as seen on your phone.

Ensure your sender uses your correct details

To receive Remitly in Nigeria, you are hereby advised to pay attention to the details on your ID card while sending your personal information to the sender.

The recognized identity cards to receive Remitly in Nigeria are; valid Voters cards, National ID, Driver’s licenses, International passports, or BVN. Kindly ensure that your preferred ID is verifiable.

For correctness, snap your preferred ID with your name written clearly and forward it to the sender via WhatsApp, this is to eliminate any form of error that may arise from incorrect receiver’s details.

Where your name is wrongly captured on the transaction, such transfer cannot be paid out until the sender does a correction, this can delay turn-around-time for days and may lead to transaction tracking excessively.

Frequently Asked Questions on Remitly Tracking

How fast can money sent via Remitly be delivered?

You can send money through Remitly through two (2) methods – Economy or Express

Express: 5 – 10 minutes

Economy: 3 – 5 business days

How much does it cost to send money through Remitly?

Send Amount (USD)Express FeeEconomy Fee
$0 - $199.99$3.49$2.49
$200 - $599.99$4.99$2.99
$600 - $999.99$5.99$3.99
$1000 - $1499.99$11.99$7.99
$1500 - $1999.99$13.99$9.99
$2000 - $2999.99$18.99$12.99
$3000 - $4999.99$28.99$17.99
$5000 - $6999.99$38.99$22.99
$7000 - $8999.99$48.99$27.99
$9000 or more$58.99$32.99

How much money can I send through Remitly? (Sending limit)

This is different by the levels of their Remitly accounts. See below:

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
24 hours$1,500$2,999$6,000
7 days$1,500N/AN/A
30 days$6,000$10,000$20,000
180 days$15,000$36,000$60,000

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