Registration for BBNaija 2020; Why BBNaija is a Hub for Investors


Eight months ago, the Big Brother Naija 2019 (Pepper Dem Edition) came to an end. The 2019 edition recorded unmatched furore of fans, viewers, lovers, and investors making its estimated revenue to skyrocket. The BBNaija 2020 is expected to even rake in higher numbers. In this article, we will explain why BBNaija TV reality show is a rare hub for investors, and also the steps for registration for BBNaija 2020. Basically, everyone who has any interest in pop culture had to pay close attention. With the involvement of the global online gambling company with a number of brands including Betway Sportsbook, Betway Casino, Betway Vegas, Betway Bingo, and Betway Poker, BETWAY, BBNaija 2020 limelight will be shinier.

BBNaija, or Big Brother Naija (as some like to call it), is the Nigerian variant of an adult TV reality show – Big Brother Show. As Nigerians, most are not so lucky with their everyday struggles. BBNaija, for many viewers, serves as an escape mechanism to cope with their daily multi-faceted challenges. This is possible because viewers have also had to live with other humans from different backgrounds, resulting in varying emotional, physical, and behavioural consequences. The reality show is known for its twists, turns, and high rated content through baring housemates’ lives and personalities on live TV.


The BBNaija Plot

The BBNaija crew advertises and conclude auditions in major cities in Nigeria, typically. The auditions are based on overall outlook, underlying talents, creativity, a complete background check, and general personality check. This is to ensure that no two vetted candidates possess the same/similar overall traits. They have to be total strangers, joined by fate, and housed in a fully serviced home for 99 days of 24/7 uninterrupted live coverage.

Stemming from this situation is a clash and a mix of personalities. Friendship and contempt. Niceness and cruelty. Pride and humility. Naughty and modest. All is laid bare. This unpredictable turn in events is what particularly smites viewers to become lovers of the show. The excesses of the competing contestants are checked by a mysterious “Big Brother”.

Many Nigerians from different walks of life, home or abroad, are drawn to their TV sets and the internet – for the scintillating stories that follow.

registration for bbnaija 2020 mercy eke

Brands begin to tune in, leverage on the wide acceptance and reach to propel their own agenda through intentional partnerships and advertisements. Businesses start choosing sides to further amplify their relevance.

From this perspective, the BBNaija Show is a phenomenal hit. The contestants find these 99 days a highlight period to showcase their creativity, social correctness, brilliance, and a lot more to become favourites for the coveted N30million ultimate prize.

The cash prize for BBNaija 2020 is expected to be far more than that.

Economic Value for Stakeholders


Take note that every part of the entire BBNaija show exists because of the economic value it poses. The creation, tasks, adverts, sponsorships, marketing strategies are all part of a money play. The entire show is centered around the housemates. Every Nigerian wants to be the creme-de-la-creme, and live the Nigerian dream to the fullest. This is your chance, check below for information on registration for BBNaija 2020. The good news here for investors is that, if you are not buoyant enough to sponsor or feature on the show, you can still snap up influential housemates as brand ambassadors after the show.

registration for bbnaija 2020 tacha
Tacha (2019 housemate) signing an endorsement deal for Royal Hair

Running recent quick research, it was found that the contestants of the past episodes are all in better places financially and socially after participating in the show. Also found was a huge bump right after the show. This means the positive financial impact of this hit TV reality show is felt by the primary figures of the show.


registration for bbnaija 2020 bet9ja

Acquiring an edition’s sponsorship right off MultiChoice Nigeria (the creators)  is always a profitable deal for whoever wins it. This is why there is always stiff competition amongst brands. This explains why the biggest and most magnanimous usually win this prestigious right. Payporte was the leading sponsor for the 2017 and 2018 editions of the TV reality show, while Bet9ja handled the 2019 edition. Other adjoining sponsors are Pepsi, Heritage Bank, Oppo, Nokia, Mimimie, Guinness, etc. For the 2020 edition, the online gambling giant, BETWAY has been announced as the leading sponsor for the BBNaija 2020.

It was rumoured that brands have to vie to influence house games to feature their products. Usually bought off outrightly by emerging sponsors, image rights are also of great monetary value. The frenzy for BBNaija 2020 is expected to be busier.

The social correctness of the BBNaija TV reality show guarantees positive feedback from the most populous section of the most populous country in Africa – the Nigerian Youths! Nigerian youths are ever-available to feed on every crumb of content dropping from the BBNaija TV reality show via every available social channel. Captivate them through this hit show and watch them influence every choice of their own self, parents, friends, vendors, employers to buy your products simply because you have identified with the ‘cool’ show. The choice of food, alcohol, wears, vacationing, and general lifestyle of a binge viewer can change in a week! That is how powerful the BBNaija reality TV show is. For the 2020 edition, Betway will sponsor the BBNaija show, this will certainly help Betway against Bet9ja in a run-in for supremacy in the Nigerian betting market.

MultiChoice Nigeria (Creators)

With a quarter of a billion units of votes recorded during the 2019 edition of the BBNaija show, it is safe to say MultiChoice Nigeria is absolutely raking off a fortune from this hit TV reality show. The popularity of this show is just over the roof. MultiChoice Nigeria is a major player in the entertainment and TV industry. Also the creators of The Voice Nigeria, AMVCA, and Tinsel, MultiChoice Nigeria takes pride in consistently delivering top quality content creation. 

Industry observers have estimated the BBNaija Show to be around the range of a mouthwatering N15billion. This kind of viable business, reach, popularity, and initiative is bound to attract the biggest and best brands from all walks of life. MultiChoice Nigeria has revealed that the BBNaija 2020 edition will be carefully structured to protect all involved from the scourges of Covid-19. Their recent acquaintance, Betway will sponsor the BBNaija 2020.

Registration for BBNaija 2020 – For Aspiring Housemates

Do you think you can survive 99 days of laying your personality bare on terrestrial TV? This is the best time to make your move. Applications are still on and will close at 23:59hrs on May 30th, 2020. 

To qualify

To qualify for registration for BBNaija 2020 show, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be Male or Female
  • Must be a Nigerian national with a valid Nigerian passport
  • Must be 21 years of age by June 1, 2020

This year will be different, you don’t need to worry about Big Brother Naija audition questions. Betway is sponsoring BBNaija. Auditions will be done online due to the Coronavirus global pandemic. Observers are also speculating that emerging housemates will be tested and made to undergo a 14-day supervised self-isolation.

How to Apply

registration for bbnaija 2020 how to

Simply record a 2-minute crisp and precise video of yourself stating why you should be picked to become a housemate of the BBNaija reality TV show 2020 edition. After recording the video, fill the REGISTRATION FORM, upload your video, and submit.

We wish you good luck!

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