Pocket App By PiggyVest: How to Sell, Pay, Request & Make Money With Pocket


Formerly known as Abeg App, Pocket by PiggyVest App is a lot of services fused in one platform. Basically a social e-commerce, payments, and marketplace app that helps its users to transfer money, sell their products and services, pay bills, request money, and interact on a peer-to-peer level as well.

In this article, we will highlight all the talking points around the Pocket App – how to use Pocket by PiggyVest App, how to download Pocket App, what you can use Pocket App for, how to make money on Pocket App, Pocket customer service, and a lot more.

Here we go!

What is Pocket App and how does it work?

Owned and managed by PiggyTech Global Tech Limited, Pocket App is a FinTech innovation that enables its users to be able to make all type of payments, pay bills, sell/buy at a marketplace, crowdfund, save, and so many more. 


Pocket App was actually rebranded from what it was before – Abeg App. The change is a result of a takeover by PiggyTech Global Tech Limited. The app is now known as “Pocket by PiggyVest”.

Pocket by PiggyVest App is only available to users who reside in Nigeria, United Kingdom, or United States of America. If you understand the barriers in transferring money from United States to Nigeria (for instance), you will appreciate how much of an innovation the Pocket by PiggyVest App is.

How to Download and Create an Account on Pocket App

Just like any other FinTech App, to become a user, you must create an account. The account will also have a tier – which will be dependent on the level of your Know Your Customer (KYC) status.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download and create an account on Pocket App:

  1. Download and install the Pocket App on your device. Download here: Apple Store for iOS, Play Store for Android
  2. Tap Create an Account
  3. Enter your Phone Number (An OTP will be sent to your phone immediately – powered by Flutterwave)
  4. Enter your first name
  5. Enter your last name
  6. Select your PIN (you can toggle if you want a 4 digit or 6 digit PIN)
  7. Verify your account. You can choose to use any of the 3 options (BVN, Existing PiggyVest account, Guarantor)
  8. Add photo, write your short bio

That’s it…you’re in!

7 Things You Can Do On Pocket by PiggyVest

Have you been asking “What is Pocket by PiggyVest App useful for? What can I do on Pocket by PiggyVest App?” Well, here it is.

Here, we are going to highlight and briefly explain what you can do on the Pocket by PiggyVest App:

Keep your savings

Individual Savings

You can save and lock away your spare cash on Pocket by PiggyVest App. All you need to do is to fund your wallet, and follow the on-screen instructions to lock it away.

Group Savings

On Pocket by PiggyVest App, you can also choose to become a part of a savings group. The platform can accommodate up to 100 users in one group.

Like the old concept of thrift saving groups (Ajo – in Yoruba language), the Pocket App also gives user the opportunity to create and safely use savings groups to facilitate group savings

Pay bills & make payments

You can use the Pocket by PiggyVest App to pay your several bills. Tap “Bills” from your dashboard to do this. With this feature, you can recharge your TV subscription, buy airtime, buy data, pay for electricity, and so many more.

Send money

With Pocket by PiggyVest App, you can send money to normal NUBAN accounts in any bank in Nigeria. You just need to fund your wallet, and tap on “Transfer” from your dashboard. 

You can also do peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers. That is, you can easily move money from your Pocket Wallet to another Pocket user.

Sell your products

By tapping “Sell” on yourr dashboard, you can choose to sell your products to other Pocket users right away. You will be required to upload details about your product or service, and it will be reviewed and displayed to the eworld. Just like that.

Two interesting things about Pocket’s Sell feature is that:

  1. You will not be charged any commission on your sales – you own 100% of the price of your stuff. 
  2. You can use the Escrow feature to make your buyers comfortable – the Escrow feature on Pocket hold payments made on your goods or services until the buyer taps “delivered” from their own phone. This will definitely make buyers feel comfortable negotiating and making payments without fear of getting scammed.

Buy stuff

We have people selling their products and services on Pocket, definitely we’re going to have people buying. It’s extremely easy to scroll through the different stuff and buy them off the platform at a cheap rate. 

The Escrow feature also safeguards your interest as a buyer, as your payments will be held in a middle account until you confirm the goods are okay. The seller will not be credited until you click “delivered” from your phone.

Crowdfund with Clique

You can use the Pocket by PiggyVest App to crowdfund for a specified purpose. Stemming from the concept of Abeg, you can now also use the Pocket App to receive donations “giveaways” from random and several users easily. 

You can use the giveaway feature to set up a campaign and get random users to contribute to your cause.

Request Money

You can use the Request Money feature to notify other users about an obligation to you. You can also add a note to the notification to credit you.

The concept also stems from Abeg, though. Many users simply beg for rmoney using the feature.

FAQs on Pocket by PiggyVest App

Where is Pocket’s office located?

Tesmot House – 3, Abdulrahman Okene Close, Off Ligali Ayorinde Street, VI, Lagos

How do i contact Pocket?

You can contact Pocket’s customer service team via:

Email: hello@pocketapp.com

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