OPay Mini POS – How to Apply; Why Choose OPay MiniPOS?


In Nigeria, it is safe to say that OPay has completely decentralised banking to a considerable level through its efficient Agency Banking. It’s so remarkable that other Point-of-Sales agents are now being referred to as ‘OPay people’. In every neighbourhood, urban or rural setting, there is an OPay agent wielding a POS device in your face. They are ever ready to slot your debit/credit card in their machine, give you cash or complete whatever requested banking transaction you may wish to do, and charge you a fee!

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OPay has gone a step higher in the agency banking sector to introduce a smaller and equally efficient device – the OPay Mini POS. Having written about the traditional and Android OPay POS in the past, here is another product from OPay you would like to use.

First of all, why should you choose OPay Mini POS?

Why OPay ‘Mini’?

  • Portability – the OPay Mini is very small, like an old calculator. It can be handled in one hand, ad the weight is just about 50grams.
  • Functionality – It can also perform all necessary transactions e.g checkouts, withdrawals, deposits, airtime and data top-ups, paying bills, and other banking services
  • Instant settlement
  • Lower charges – You can enjoy as low as 0.5% per transaction
  • OpayMini has its own dedicated specialist servicing vendors
  • There’s no need for caution fees when getting an OPay Mini POS

Here’s how to get the OPay Mini POS

To apply for the OPay MiniPOS, you need to do the following:

  1. Got to opayweb.com/mini-pos/ to register
  2. Click merchant
  3. Fill in all the requested information
  4. Submit

Once you submit, an OPay Mini Specialist will contact you at most 2 days after you enroll.

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