OPay CreditMe: How to Get Interest-Free CreditMe Loan from OPay; How to Repay CreditMe Loan


OPay, since their breakout in Nigeria, has been bringing freedom and ease through unmatched mobile money service. Through their apps on iOS and Android, payment of bills, money transfers, airtime recharge, and so on, have been made extremely easy.

CreditMe on Opay is a recently-launched instant overdraft solution issued to every OPay user for the sole purpose of completing pending transactions whenever the original OPay wallet is not sufficiently funded. This service is powered by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited. Learn how to access CreditMe and also repay the loan here.

We will all agree that sometimes the balances in our OPay wallets are just not enough to cater for online purchases and bills at hand, creating situations that could lead to embarrassment.

All you need to do is log into the OPay App and use the CreditMe option. Below are all the details you need to know about OPay CreditMe.

Features of OPay CreditMe

  1. Repayment date for CreditMe loan taken from 1st-15th is the 18th of same month
  2. Repayment date for CreditMe loan taken from 16th-31st is the 3rd of the next month
  3. Daily penalty interest for overdue loan is 1% of what you owe
  4. No service fee
  5. No collateral required
  6. No paperwork
  7. No guarantor required
  8. CreditMe loan is interest-free (you do not pay any interest on the disbursed amount)
  9. Maximum amount is N100,000
  10. The CreditMe loan works for bills payments, airtime purchases, and so on.

How to Get OPay CreditMe Loan

With CreditMe, OPay users can conveniently make payments for their cable TV subscriptions, electricity payments, etc even when they do not have the money in their wallet.

Many OPay users actually just do their basic transactions of the OPay App without exploring this CreditMe option, even when they are low on cash. 


Below is the step-by-step procedure to access the OPay CreditMe loan with ease.

  1. Choose the bills you intend to pay
  2. Enter amount and your unique ID
  3. Choose CreditMe as your payment method (you’ll see your maximum accessible quota) 
  4. Agree to CreditMe Service Agreement
  5. Pay with CreditMe

How to RePay CreditMe Loan on OPay

Many users who already have discovered how to request CreditMe loans from OPay but have not figured out how to repay these loans.

It is important to note that failure to repay the loan back after the stipulated time automatically blocks your access to further CreditMe loans. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to repay CreditMe loans with ease and without interest. The repayment amount will be removed from your main wallet.

  1. Credit your OPay main wallet/account
  2. Open your OPay App
  3. Click CreditMe
  4. The amount currently owed will be displayed
  5. Choose ‘Repay now’ option
  6. Submit
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  4. Anonymous says

    I made a repayment for credit me, my money was debited but it did not show on the app

  5. Fatai adijat says

    How can I apply for POS

  6. OLANREWAJU Durowoju says

    I wanted to repay back my money and I don’t have their account details please assist

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Olanrewaju,

      You don’t need any account details. Follow the steps in this link to pay back your CreditMe loan.

  7. azzain says

    Am looking for money

  8. Adeiye olalekan says

    Why is my opay credit writing transaction failed

    1. Gbenga says

      Did you pay on time the last time?

  9. Tina says

    why am I not seeing Credit me on my App again. I saw it last week, but didn’t need it, today I cant find it on my App

    1. Gbenga says

      The app was recently updated. Update the version you have on your phone.

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