Top Nigerian Banks Digital Banking Platforms Explained!


Ever wondered what a Nigerian bank’s banking hall looked like 8-10 years ago? Yeah you guessed right! Crowded, sticky, endless waiting, tally numbers, overworked staff, and a huge loads of frowning faces. Those were the days of manual complaints tracking, plagued with huge percents of human error. First generation banks e.g UBA, First Bank, WEMA Bank, and Union Bank who were present during those days can give vivid account of how things used to be. This is why we say top Nigerian banks digital banking platforms came at the best time.

Thanks to digital and online banking platforms, you can now do ALL your banking transactions from the comfort of your house 24/7. Yes, you heard me right – ALL. First, let me tell you exactly what I am talking about.

“What exactly do top Nigerian banks digital banking platforms do?”

Digital and online banking platforms are portals set-up by a bank to grant a customer unbothering access to an account. Typically, these portals are enabled for the following functions:

  1. View account balances
  2. View account statement/activity
  3. Log complaints and chargeback errors
  4. Check exchange rates
  5. Make intra and inter bank instant transfers
  6. Airtime purchase
  7. Pay bills and taxes
  8. Download statements
  9. Open accounts
  10. Request debit cards, amongst others.

“What do I need to access top Nigerian banks digital banking platforms ?”

Top Nigerian banks digital banking platforms must be applauded for how simply they have built their online platforms. You don’t need much for most banks, just internet access on an internet-enabled device would do. Gadgets such as phones, laptop computers, tablets, and PC can access these portals. Visit your Google Play or Apple IOS Store to download your verified bank’s application, install the application and enroll on the platform using your card and account details as the app requests.

“What are the exact enrollment processes for my bank?”

Okay..I am going to take you on few top Nigerian banks digital banking platforms . Starting with……..

United Bank for Africa (UBA)

This bank has multiple online banking platforms namely Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Chat Banking platforms.

Nigerian Banks Digital Banking Platforms Explained uba

Internet Banking Platform

This Internet Online banking platform is one of the most-robust platforms I have seen. The Internet Banking platform is a website, see UBA Internet Banking, that is well-built to suit all types of customers. Very user friendly. Are you new? you can click ‘Instant Self-Registration’ just under the login area and register with your debit/prepaid card details. If you’re an existing user, simply login with your username and password. If you’re logging in on a new device, be ready to answer your pre-set questions. Once you are in, this is what you see:

Mobile Banking platform

This one is efficient. UBA’s mobile banking platform is an App, downloadable on either Google Play or Apple IOS Store . Once you have this app on your device, you can use it right away. If you’re new, simply click ‘Sign Up’ under the login area. Under 5 minutes, you can:

  1. Click ‘Sign Up’
  2. Choose ‘Debit Card’
  3. Enter card and account details as requested, submit.
  4. Next page displays your contact details and name, click Validate
  5. A ‘Verification code’ is generated and sent to your registered line. Reply app with sent code
  6. Create a four-digit PIN, re-enter where necessary
  7. Create an Alphanumeric password, re-enter where necessary.
  8. Walla! Start using UBA Mobile Banking Application.

Chat Banking Platform (LEO)

This platform exists on Facebook and Whatsapp. To enroll on this platform on Facebook, visit Facebook and type ‘UBA ChatBanking’ on search. Result should bring you here; be sure the page is this verified one as there are a lot of clones. Click ‘Send Message’. If you’re using Leo for the first time, sign up using your card and account details, and enter the OTP (One Time Password) sent to your phone…and start making your transactions

Top Nigerian banks digital banking platforms ensure that their products are accessible to all. To enroll on WhatsApp, simply store LEO’s contact like you’re meeting a new bobo. His number is 09030002455 to be sure the phone number is verified on WhatsApp. Go ahead to follow the prompts by replying to LEO’s questions. Typically, LEO responds instantly.

uba chat banking yawa

Then we move on to………….

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

GTbank is a definitely another top nigerian bank whose digital banking is top notch. Their mobile and digital banking products offer everything other Nigerian banks digital banking offer as well, in fact GTbank is far more innovativate.

Mobile Banking

The mobile banking app for GTbank features a lot of innovative services which, at the time of introduction, were actually unprecedented.

“How do I enroll on GTbank’s Mobile Banking App”

Download the GTBank Mobile Banking App from Google Play or Apple IOS Store. Afterwards, you can follow guidelines below;

  1. Launch application
  2. Swipe to ‘let’s get started’
  3. Input an already advised login ID/email and password and click ‘login to proceed’.
  4. Select ‘yes, authorize the device’
  5. Select your preferred transaction authentication method (PIN or token)
  6. For PIN: Click PIN, agree to terms of use but clicking ‘I agree’ and Complete the form and click Continue.
  7. For TOKEN: Click Token and enter the OTP (One Time Password) sent to your registered phone number or email address and click Continue.

“What can GTBank Mobile App do?”

  1. Buy airtime from all Nigeria network providers
  2. Stop and confirm cheques
  3. See available balance on accounts
  4. Pay bills and fees
  5. Transfer money intra-bank and inter-bank
  6. Request card
  7. Download statement/check account activity

Internet Banking

The GTBank Internet Banking launches you into a secured world without limits. Not only can you make unbothered and seamless transfers just in few clicks, you can also manage and track your finances online real-time.

“How can I access the Internet Banking profile?”

This is one of the simplest things to do! Visit the official site: First, you click ‘Register Today’. Afterwards, you need to follow instructions below;

  1. Enter the 10th, 11th, 12th, 9th and 13th digits of your debit card number.
  2. Put your account number where necessary,
  3. Punch in your card PIN and expiration details
  4. Confirm you’re not a bot and Continue
  5. Once all information is confirmed OK, you are in!

Oh see who we got here………

Zenith Bank

Yet, another extremely revered member of top Nigerian banks digital banking enablers. Zenith Bank has proved to be up to the insatiable demands of the banking industry.

They take a leading role in servicing corporate entities, although the major issue with this bank is that you still have to download a form, fill and scan back to your account officer or take the hard copy to a branch near you – isn’t this what we are trying to avoid? Queues? Yes accounts security is a thing but convenience is also very key in this jet age. Anyway, the Internet and Mobile Banking platforms for Zenith Bank are actually very robust as customers are able to;

  1. View real-time account balances.
  2. Manage real-time transactions on your account.
  3. View transaction history on your account.
  4. Transfer money between your accounts and other accounts within the bank.
  5. Download and print account activity and consolidated activity of all your accounts in any format.
  6. View uncollected funds on your account.
  7. View and track status of trade finance transactions – Letters of credits payments, confirmation and establishments, form M and bills of collection.
  8. Order for cheque books and bank drafts.
  9. Make bulk payments to employees, contractors, suppliers.
  10. Pay bills such as DSTV and setup standing orders.

“How do I register on the Zenith Bank Mobile App?”

After downloading the Zenith Bank Mobile App from your Google Play or IOS App store, launch the app and follow the process flow below;

mobile banking zenith bank
  1. Click register
  2. Enter your account number to continue
  3. To register with TOKEN – Press the token button, enter the generated token passcode + PIN. Then create a password and submit.
  4. To use DEBIT CARD, enter the last 6-digits of your debit card, your account number and generate a password. Click continue to register.
  5. In case you neither have a debit card nor a token, you can also use OTP (One Time Password) – click ‘request OTP’. Input OTP sent to your registered line on the App, enter your account number and create a password to login.

Access Bank

Like other banks, you don’t need a high-end phone or device to access your Access Bank account. The size of the Mobile App is so negligible. Like they say, it “just works”.

Features of Access Bank Mobile Banking App

  1. Confirm Beneficiary name for Funds Transfers
  2. Purchase your Airline ticket
  3. Carry out your Cheque Management – Request, Confirmation and other cheque instructions
  4. Locate branch and ATMs closest to you
  5. Airtime top-up to any mobile network
  6. Transfer funds within Access Bank and to other Banks
  7. Pay bills – DSTV, PHCN, LCC. E.t.c
  8. Funds Transfer to Third Parties in Access Bank
  9. Funds Transfer to accounts in other banks
  10. International Funds Transfer to any country
  11. Access Africa- Instant transfer across Africa
  12. Airtime purchase
  13. QR Payments with mVisa
  14. Payday Loan
  15. Bill payments to over 20,000 billers
  16. Purchase of Movie Tickets
  17. Account Officer’s details
  18. Debit Card Request
  19. Self Activation
  20. Cheque management
  21. Self service options
  22. Quick User guides
  23. Beneficiary Management
  24. Quick Transfers and Quick Airtime
  25. Cardless Withdrawal
  26. Generate receipts and statements
  27. Call centre contact info, FAQs, user guides e.t.c

Mobile Banking

At Access Bank, the Mobile Banking experience is one of ease and seamlessness. Just make sure your registered line is close-by and you are enabled for SMS alerts. You will be done under few minutes once you follow the guide below;

  1. Visit your Google Play or Apple IOS Store, search for “Access Bank” and download the authentic application to your device.
  2. Click ‘Sign Up’
  3. Agree to terms and conditions.
  4. Enter your account number
  5. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your registered line.
  6. Input the required code back on the App
  7. Create a PIN and a password.
  8. Submit


  1. Choose ‘activate via card’
  2. Enter your account number
  3. Input your full “PAN” card number
  4. Enter card PIN
  5. Input your “CVV” (The last three digits at the back of your card)
  6. Enter card expiration details
  7. Validate
  8. An OTP will be sent you registered line. Input the sent OTP, create a PIN and a password.
  9. Submit.
debit card cvv
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