NEW: Fidelity Bank Green Rewards Loyalty Scheme; All you Need to Know


Last week, leading Nigerian bank – Fidelity Bank Plc, launched their new loyalty scheme that is designed to reward customers(staff inclusive) that are committed to actively do transactions via their bank accounts. The bank is introducing Fidelity Green Rewards to build brand loyalty and a stronger customer base for the near future. This article focuses on how the Fidelity Bank green rewards loyalty scheme works, and also answers the frequently asked questions that may come up.

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How Fidelity Bank Green Rewards Loyalty Scheme Works

The Fidelity Bank green rewards loyalty scheme simply gives redeemable points to customers for using their Fidelity accounts, especially through any of their e-banking channels e.g ATM card issuance, POS/WEB transactions, ON-US ATM withdrawals, etc. These points will be accumulated based on the amount of transactions done on the bank’s e-banking channels.

What are the transactions the will give customers points?


The named point-accruing transactions are:

  1. Reactivation of dormant account
  2. Interbank funds transfer
  3. Bills payments
  4. Debit cards issuance
  5. Debit cards transactions (done on Fidelity ATM)
  6. Monthly average balance (simply keep money in your Savings or Current Accounts)
  7. mVisa Transactions

How many points will I get per transaction?

S/NPRODUCTPoints Allotted
1Interbank Funds Transfer (Instant Banking)1 point
2Bills Payment1 point
3Debit Cards Issuance5 point
4Debit Cards On-Us Transactions (for Cards and ATM services team)5 points per band
5mVisa Transactions1 point
6Debit Cards POS/WEB1 point
7Monthly Average Balance (Savings and Current Account)1 point for every Ten Thousand naira monthly average balance with a cap of Five hundred Thousand naira i.e 1 point = N10,000 with a cap of 50 points

Who is eligible to benefit from the point-based Fidelity Bank Green Rewards Loyalty Scheme?

Staff and customers.

How do I participate in the Fidelity Bank Green Rewards Loyalty Scheme?

Simply open a fidelity bank account and do your active day-to-day transactions to become eligible to participate.

How do I activate my account on the Fidelity Bank Green Rewards Loyalty Scheme?

You can sign-up/logon to the Loyalty Scheme Portal to view this information,

To sign up on the Scheme Portal:
  1. Go to the Loyalty Scheme Portal
  2. Enter your Fidelity Account Number to activate your rewards account. 
  3. Confirm your activation via the phone number registered to your account
  4. Enter the OTP sent to your phone
  5. Create a unique password

What exactly can customers do with these points?

1. You can buy airtime on the Loyalty Scheme Portal with your loyalty points
2. You can buy internet data on the Loyalty Scheme Portal with your loyalty points
3. You can also convert the loyalty points to gift cards on the Loyalty Portal. See a list of stores/merchants that will accept your gift cards.
4. Points accrued can be converted to shopping vouchers and redeemed at a wide range of over 2000 designated merchants.

What if my points are not enough to make a purchase, can I complement it with cash at the designated merchant’s store?

Yes, you can make up/complement your points to purchase your desired goods and services by purchasing additional points on the platform directly

When can customers/staff start redeeming their points that have been accrued?

Customers/staff will be eligible to redeem their points/reward(s) after a certain number of points have been accumulated (as from 100 points)

Can I convert my points to cash?

No, you can only redeem points at designated centers by purchasing goods or services.

Where are the designated merchant locations to redeem loyalty points?

A few of them are Jumia, Hubmart, Spar, Game, Samsung, FilmHouse Cinemas,Grocery Bazaar, Chicken Paradise, Smile, EKEDC, StarTimes and a host of other outlets nationwide.

How long are the accrued points of the Fidelity Bank Green Rewards Loyalty Scheme valid?

One (1) calendar year

For further inquiries, you can call Fidelity Bank Plc via 0903 000 5252, 0908 798 9069, or send an email to:

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