National Population Commission Ad-hoc Staff Recruitment – How To Check Your Application Status & What To Do If Status is Pending


This article contains the necessary information on the NPC Adhoc Staff recruitment status for the 2023 Census and other essential information related to the recruitment process. It covers the closing date of the recruitment portal and the release date of the list of successful pre-selected candidates.

The Nigerian National Population Commission (NPC) is committed to ensuring the success of the 2023 Population and Housing Census. As part of this effort, the recruitment of Adhoc Staff is vital, and numerous individuals have applied for the Facilitator position.

How To Check NPC Application Status

If you have applied for a role of a facilitator in the upcoming Nigeria 2023 Census Recruitment and are yet to receive a response, here is a way to log in to check your application status by yourself:

  1. Go to the NPC official portal
  2. Tap ‘Check Application Status’
  3. Enter your application reference code
  4. Tap ‘Proceed’
  5. You are likely to find one of 3 status updates (APPROVED, REJECTED, or PENDING)

If you find that you have been approved, then you should immediately proceed tto the virtual training. 

What to do if your status is stuck at PENDING

We recommend attending the NPC Training in your Local Government Area of application if you are interested in participating in the upcoming census, even if your status is pending. There’s a possibility that you may be considered for the training and obtain a replacement opportunity for approved applicants who fail to attend the training.

Attending the training while waiting for the status to change boosts your chance of getting approved eventually. Moreso, the training gives you all the knowledge the Commission may have presumed that you lacked before.

Additionally, it is advisable to always keep tabs on every news on NPC 2023 census program. For instance, if you type “NPC Recruitment 2023” into your search bar, you are likely to find updated news on your currency situation like this one.


The training for the controllers has already begun! The National Population Commission has started training the Comptrollers in charge of the Commission’s Local Government Area offices nationwide as part of its preparations for the upcoming 2023 Population and Housing Census. The training will focus on the critical processes of the census and the Comptrollers’ role in the census workflow.

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