Money Mart Canada Online Loan Options; How to Get Installment and Cash Advance Loans


Formerly Dollar Financial Group and founded in 1979, Money Mart Financial Services is a financial institution with over 700 major outlets in the US and Canada. Money Mart offers a wide array of financial services such as salary/payday loan, installment loan, prepaid cards, credit cards, local and international money transfer, bills payment and currency exchange. 

Money Mart is what we can call one of the largest ‘grassroots’ banks in Canada especially because they focus on the underbanked customer types. 

This article focuses on the two (2) major fast loan types offered by Money Mart to its Canadian customers: the Installment loan and Cash Advance/PayDay loans.

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Requirements Needed to Qualify for Money Mart Online Loans

Installment LoanCash Advance/Payday Loan
Be at least 19 yearsBe at least 18 years
Valid IDValid ID
A chequing/current accountA chequing/current account
A steady source of incomeA steady source of income

How to Sign Up to to Get Money Mart Online Loans

  1. Visit Money Mart Loan Page
  2. Enter your name, DOB, and email address
  3. Click Next
  4. Enter your address, bank account number, and other details
  5. Submit
  6. Validate your email and log in

Money Mart Online Loan Types Compared

Here are a few indices by which the two online Money Mart loan types are compared by. Here are the two major loan types of Money Mart online loans and their features:

Loan ComparisonInstallment LoanCash Advance/Payday Loan
DescriptionMoney you borrow and pay back with flexible repayment options.A money advance to help meet short term financial needs. Typically repaid on your next payday which is why it is also referred to as a Payday Loan.
Available Loan Amount$1,000-$15,000$120-$1,500
Duration12 to 60 months1 to 62 days
Payback FlexibilityMultiple payments (or installments)Single payment
In-store Pickup OptionYesYes
In-store Payment OptionAdditional payments only. (Regularly scheduled payments are automatically withdrawn from the bank account specified and cannot be made in store)Yes
Builds Credit HistoryNoNo
AvailabilityOnline, by phone, and in-store for all provinces except QC.In-store for all provinces except QC. Online for all provinces except QC and MB.
Typical UsesHome improvement, bills & expenses, auto needs, moving expenses, education, debt consolidation, big purchases, travel & leisureUnexpected expenses, bill payments, medical, rent expenses

How to Apply for Money Mart Quick Loan

Applying for Money Mart online quick loans in Canada or the US is as easy as it gets. Money Mart online loans can be requested through the web or through their mobile application.

Via Web

Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to apply for a Money Mart Online Loan through the web.

  1. Log in with your Email and Password
  2. Visit the Money Mart Loans page
  3. Choose the loan option by clicking Apply Now
  4. Enter your home address to confirm loan availability
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions
  6. Enter the loan amount required
  7. Submit

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Via Mobile App

  1. Download the Money Mart Mobile App to your device
  2. Log in with your username and password
  3. Choose loan type and enter amount
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions
  5. Submit

Once this is done, the loan application is then processed back-end. Afterwards, a response on the approval or denial of the loan application is then issued to your registered email on the same day.


How/Where do I download Money Mart Mobile Applications?

For Android, you can download the app HERE

For iOS/Apple, you can download the app HERE

How long will it take to process a Money Mart Online loan?

24 hours.

How do I calculate my Money Mart Loan repayment?

You can do a simulation of repayments, principal, and charges of your proposed or existing loan on Money mart Website.

How do I contact Money Mart in case I have a challenge?

You can contact Money Mart customer care on +18003611407, or contact them on any oth ther social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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