Middle Class Habits Keeping You in the Rat Race


Have you ever wondered why it feels like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of working just to sustain your lifestyle? As someone who has spent years in the corporate world, I’ve witnessed firsthand the middle-class habits that keep people trapped in the rat race, preventing them from pursuing their greater life goals and ambitions. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore these habits and discuss how you can break free from middle class habits that keep you in the rat race.

Working for Less Than You’re Worth

One of the biggest mistakes people make is accepting less than they deserve in terms of their salary. Employers often pay the minimum necessary to retain their employees, resulting in stagnant wages and minimal pay raises. Instead of accepting this as the norm, it’s essential to recognize your worth and have open conversations about fair compensation. 

Seeking opportunities elsewhere may lead to significant pay increases, such as 10% to 20%, compared to the meager 3% to 4% offered by staying in the same organization.

Buying More Than You Can Afford

When people experience a financial boost, such as a promotion or bonus, they often rush to upgrade their car or home. However, this habit of purchasing beyond their means can quickly become a financial burden. It’s crucial to make informed decisions by considering the recommended guidelines for expenses like cars and mortgages. 

For instance, aim to spend no more than 15% of your annual income on a car and no more than 28% on mortgage payments, including associated expenses.

Relying on One Source of Income

Depending solely on one source of income, typically a day job, can be extremely risky. Recent events, such as the pandemic, have shown us that relying on a single income stream can lead to financial instability. 

To break free from the rat race, it’s essential to diversify your income by exploring side gigs, starting a small business, or investing in assets like stocks or real estate. Creating multiple streams of income provides financial security and reduces dependency on a single employer.

Not Saving for Old Age:

Saving for retirement is often neglected, despite the knowledge that delaying investments can hinder long-term financial growth. Investing early allows your money to compound over time, maximizing your wealth accumulation potential. Start by familiarizing yourself with investment options like index funds and target-date funds, which offer simplicity and diversification based on your retirement goals.

Consumption vs. Production

Many individuals fall into the trap of spending more than they earn, perpetuating a negative financial equation. Focusing on reducing consumption while increasing production is key to improving your financial position. 

Evaluate your spending habits and prioritize saving and investing. By recognizing the impact of this equation, you can shift towards a positive financial outlook.

Ignoring Financial Literacy

Financial literacy plays a crucial role in our lives, yet it is often neglected. Building your financial knowledge base is essential for making informed decisions about taxes, budgeting, and maximizing the value of your money. 

Take the initiative to learn about personal finance concepts and seek resources that can help you develop financial mastery.

Doing What Everyone Else Is Doing

Society often places pressure on individuals to spend extravagantly to fit in and project an image of wealth. However, this behavior merely perpetuates the cycle of the rat race. 

Rather than focusing on impressing others, it’s important to align your spending habits with your values and long-term goals. Define what financial success means to you and resist the urge to follow the crowd blindly.


Breaking free from the rat race requires conscious effort and a shift in mindset. In summary, breaking free from middle-class habits that hinder financial freedom involves valuing oneself, managing spending wisely, diversifying income sources, prioritizing financial literacy, and defying societal norms. 

By making conscious choices aligned with personal values, one can pave the way for a prosperous future, taking control of their financial destiny and living a life of abundance and freedom.

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