LAPO Loan Application Form, LAPO USSD Code and Interest Rates; How To Get Loan From LAPO


Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO) is a Nigerian-based organization with a microfinance bank as its finance arm. LAPO’s focus is assisting the poor amongst their members, empowering their members and customers, and generally raising the economic statuses of their member-customers.

Before now, things have been a bit rigid in the microfinance bank as most of their processes were brick and mortar. Recently, they rolled out their USSD service to service customers more conveniently.

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This article, however, will be focused on how to get a loan from LAPO, their interest rates, the new LAPO loans USSD code, amongst other things.

How To Get A Loan From LAPO USSD Loan Code (*371#)

The LAPO USSD Loan code is *371#. The code is LAPO’s dedicated USSD code customers can use to access their loan products from the comfort of their homes. 

It’s never been easier for LAPO customers, who have had go physically visit the LAPO outlets for every little thing in the past.

What is Required To Get A Loan From LAPO?

Like all other responsible companies, LAPO expect you to meet some criteria before extending a helping hand to your or your business.

Here are the simple criteria that must be met to be considered for a loan under any LAPO loan scheme, both physically or online (web/USSD):

  1. Must be 18+
  2. You must possess an active and working bank account in any of the commercial banks in Nigeria
  3. You must be a Nigerian
  4. You must have a good credit history
  5. Your recent 30-day bank account statement must show a good and verifiable source of income

How to get LAPO Loan Via USSD Code

Basically, all that needs to be done is to dial the LAPO USSD Loan code – *371# on the line that’s attached to your bank account.

You only have access to a maximum of 350,000 when applying online through USSD code. If you want more, you simply need to walk into any of their offices for it.

So, dial the code and follow the prompts as they appear.

How to pay back LAPO USSD Loan

This is also a very easy thing to do. Remember that you dialed the loan code using your phone. The line on the phone is attached to your bank account, so LAPO will remove the money from your bank account on the due date.

Just make sure that you have enough money in your bank account for the debit.

What is LAPO USSD Loan code (*371#) Interest Rate and Tenor?

Although all other loan products offered by LAPO can span up to one year, the LAPO USSD Loan code (*371#) can only be borrowed for one month.

The interest rates for LAPO USSD Loan code (*371#) can be between 2% and 25% of the requested sum.


With zero collateral requested, flexible repayment patterns, and lower than expected-interest rates, it’s safe to say the credit department of LAPO is doing a very good job. 

With this service, you can easily get your desired loan and pay back as soon as it’s due.

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