How to Do Cardless Withdrawal at UBA ATM Using your Thumbprint (Biometrics)


United Bank for Africa (UBA) has always managed to be at the forefront of the evolution of digital banking in Nigeria, and Africa. A few months ago, the bank revolutionised its Mobile Banking App by including cool features for its new-age customers. This time, UBA has successfully infused its customers’ biometric (BVN) data into their Automated Teller Machines. In this article, we will learn how to do Cardless cash withdrawal (without an ATM card) from a UBA ATM, using only your thumbprint/fingerprint (biometrics).

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The bank has, once again, made it clear that it takes digital banking very seriously. This is in a bid to move with the contemporary tides. The Millennials, Gen-Z, and Gen-X can have all their favourite features in one bank – UBA.

Things You Do Not Need

An ATM Card

You don’t need to insert anything anywhere. All you need is your thumb.


Your thumb carries a special bio-metric information that CANNOT be compromised. The information literally belongs to you, assigned to you by nature. It cannot also be cloned.


A Paycode is a pre-generated code from your Mobile/USSD banking app, which authorises a withdrawal. The Paycode feature is also cardless. With another feature, you would have required a Paycode to withdraw cash at any UBA ATM. The Paycode serves as your PIN.

Things you Need

Your thumb

How to do Cardless Cash Withdrawal at UBA ATM Using your Thumbprint/Fingerprint

Cardless cash withdrawal at UBA ATM Using your Thumbprint

First of all, you must be a UBA account holder. The 8 simple steps to withdraw cash at a UBA ATM using your fingerprint can be done conveniently in just 10-15 seconds.

  1. Tap ANY button on the ATM
  2. Choose BIOMETRIC on the menu
  3. Choose to TAKE CASH
*You’ll be prompted to place your thumb on a device that looks like this , just next to the ATM keypad

4. Place and scan your THUMB on the device for at least 5 seconds

5. If you have several accounts, enter the exact ACCOUNT NUMBER you wish to withdraw from

6. Enter the AMOUNT you wish to withdraw

7. Choose YES if you wish to receive a RECEIPT after the transaction, or NO if you don’t

8. Then, wait and pick your cash


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