How to Register and Apply for e-Form A (School Fees, PTA/BTA), NCX & NXP Online (


CBN set up the Form ‘A’ and Export windows to cater for the sale of foreign exchange (fx) to Nigerians who are going or trading abroad for specific purposes. This is to ensure that the travelers and exporters have access to affordable foreign exchange currencies especially the Great Britain Pounds (GBP), US Dollar (USD), and Euro (EUR).

Before now, if you are applying to pay your school fees abroad, Personal and Business Travel Allowance (PTA/BTA), Nigeria Exports Proceeds Form (NXP), and the Non-Commercial Exports (NCX), CBN asked applicants to fill physical forms in their banks to process fx for them, if they meet the requirements of the sale. Now, the CBN has disclosed that the new system will be fully automated from start to finish – all applications will now be done online.

This article is going to help Nigerians who are new to the Trade Monitoring System Portal, on how to register and apply for their own e-form ‘A’, NXP, and NCX online. It will also answer questions like what are the requirements of registering and applying on the Trade Monitoring System Portal? What do I need? ..and so on.

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How to Register on the Trade Monitoring System (TRMS) Portal

The Trade Monitoring System Portal is a straightforward and efficient platform. To pay your school fees abroad, apply for PTA/BTA, apply for fx to process exports, here is the new step-by-step guide:

Must-haves: As an organization, you must have a TIN (Tax Identification Number). If you are registering as an individual, you must have your email linked to your BVN.

  1. Enter the website on your device –
  2. Scroll down and click Register Now
  3. Choose your category (Organization or Individual)
  4. Enter your TIN (if organization) or your BVN (if individual)
  5. Choose your password
  6. Reconfirm password
  7. Click Continue
  8. An OTP email will be sent to the registered email on your BVN.
  9. Retrieve the code and submit.

You’re in!

How to Apply

For Personal Travel Allowance/Business Travel Allowance (PTA/BTA)

  • Login
  • Click Start Application
  • Select PTA/BTA
  • Enter all necessary travel details
  • Upload necessary travel documents (return flight ticket, visa page, and international passport data page)
  • Upload the company’s letter of nomination and certificate of incorporation (in case of BTA only)
  • Enter your bank account number to debit
  • Select your bank from the dropdown
  • Select the bank branch that you prefer to treat the transaction
  • Submit

*You can follow up with your bank using your AF-number

For School Fees

  • Login
  • Click Start Application
  • Select Educational Fees
  • Choose School fees
  • Enter all necessary student and school details
  • Upload necessary documents (international passport data page, provisional admission letter, school invoice, WAEC/first degree certificate)
  • Upload sponsor’s identification (if the student is paying through a sponsor)
  • Enter the school fees amount (max $15,000 per semester)
  • Enter the bank account number to debit
  • Select preferred bank from the dropdown
  • Submit

*You can follow up with your bank using your AF-number

For Upkeep

  • Login
  • Click Start Application
  • Select Educational Fees
  • Choose Upkeep
  • Enter all necessary student and school details
  • Upload necessary documents (student’s int’l passport data page, provisional admission letter, WAEC/first degree certificate, sponsor’s identification, sponsor’s letter of authority to debit)
  • Enter the upkeep amount (max $5,000 per semester)
  • Enter the bank account number to debit
  • Select preferred bank from the dropdown
  • Submit

*You can follow up with your bank using your AF-number

For Medicals Bills Payment

  • Login
  • Click Start Application
  • Select Medical Allowance
  • Enter all necessary details
  • Upload necessary documents (return flight ticket, visa, int’l passport data page, specialist’s letter of recommendation for treatment in the destination hospital)
  • Attach sponsor’s authority to debit (if the patient is paying through a sponsor)
  • Enter bank account number to debit
  • Select the preferred bank from the dropdown
  • Submit

*You can follow up with your bank using your AF-number

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You can also pay for your mortgages abroad, training courses, utilities abroad, life insurance premiums, and overseas credit card payments with e-Form A.

The new Trade Monitoring System Portal is highly effective, as it covers all the areas that the old forms used to handle. The process is also swift and it impacts the bank officials’ end instantly as you select them and submit your application.

This process also eliminates some trouble faced by some banks in moving the original filled paper forms on time.

  1. kester imhanbor says

    I want to apply for form A

    1. Anonymous says

      Pls I have request for pta but uptill now Dey didn’t review me

      1. Gbenga says

        Contact the branch with your AF-number for an update.

        1. Hakuna says

          Good morning I am having issue with password and confirm password I have try so many times and still can’t accept my password and the red colon keep coming out

          1. Gbenga says

            Try a password reset.

          2. Florence says

            i am really confuse on how to make payment.

          3. Gbenga says

            Follow the step by step guide in the article.

  2. Irene says

    Am trying to register and after imputing password n reconfirming password and then I clicked continue,it has refused to move…what do I do??

    1. Baba Olaleye says

      pls how did you get around the password issue as am struggling with that as well pls send me an update on *****@****.com

      1. Gbenga says

        Hello Baba,

        Your password should be a mix of capital letters, small letters, numerics, and special character(s). No less than 8 characters altogether.

        For example, a ‘Password0000+’ would be admissible.

    2. Gbenga says

      Your password should be a mix of capital letters, small letters, numerics, and special character(s). No less than 8 characters altogether.

      For example, a ‘Password0000+’ should be admissible.

      1. Rose says

        Hello Gbenga, thanks for this info. Does the online platform really work and have you seen someone that has used it? I’m just worried about money hanging etc.

        Can I also do this myself from the UK but input my Naira account to be debited?

        Also, do you know how long it will take before the transaction goes through to the school. Thanks a lot

        1. Gbenga says

          Hi Rose,

          1. The Trade Monitoring System Portal is a CBN/FG-run portal. The portal is not used to debit accounts or run any form of transaction on your bank account (the bank still does that from their own system), it is only used to receive your Form-A/NCX request, eliminating the old paper-based style. Although the portal goes out sometimes, I believe it’s efficient. It works.

          2. The portal is accessible wherever there is internet. You can enter your Naira account.

          3. The transaction timeline still largely depends on the availability of FX in your bank as at the time of request.

          1. Anonymous says

            The OTP they said they sent I am yet to receive it in my mailbox. I have refreshed my mail many times but I am yet to get the OTP.

          2. Gbenga says

            Re-confirm the email on your BVN

    3. Ruthy says

      Hello Gbenga,

      I logged in yesterday after completing my registration , I added the attachments but it didn’t accept it because it was too large , after much struggling the page went on timeout and I’ve not been able log in since . No error message ? It just does not log in , I tried with my friends account and it logged them in . Please help!!

    4. Anonymous says

      This has been my problem too. What do I do?

  3. Joseph says

    they made mistake when typing the mail attached to my bvn, have went to the bank several times to update my bvn but am still seeing the old email anytime i want to register

    1. Gbenga says

      You need to make sure that the update was actually initiated. It takes only 24 hours for the new email to reflect on TRMS portal. If it persists, the bank can inform their IT/BVN unit.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hello, can you share a screenshot of a properly filled form A document for
    1. PTA
    2. School fees for a PG programme abroad.

    1. Gbenga says

      Sure. The article has been updated.

  5. Obi says

    Pls can I use it to pay for a family member school fees with my own account detail.

    1. Gbenga says

      Yes you can. Add your valid ID and instruction to debit to the list of the student’s documents.

  6. Andy Ikechukwu Ezeani says

    I managed to commence filling the form but later saved it or so I thought when it could not progress.I returned later and tried to log in again, it says I am “Forbidden”. What does that mean please? But they said you can save and continue.

    1. Gbenga says

      Clear cache, force-shut the browser down, restart, and relaunch the website. That should work.

  7. CHI says

    hello please can i cancel an already submitted e-formA. I omitted an alphabet in the beneficiary name.

    1. Gbenga says

      Yes you can. Login. Go to History. Select the entry and click the drop down at the far right. Delete the entry.

  8. OYEDE SAMUEL says

    Please can you help me,l register on and give me successful message after all but to longin with my email and password, it will giving me to register with valid email, in which l used the only one email.what can l do?

    1. Gbenga says

      You need to go to the Login Page ( login. You cannot login on the same page you used for registering.

  9. Kate says

    Hello, good morning. Pls I am having difficulty filling the on line form for my PTA. Confusing questions include beneficiary information, correspondence bank information. Thanks for your prompt reply.

    1. Gbenga says

      That information is already in the post.

      1. Oladimeji says

        Please I have applied for the form and successful also I have gone to my bank which they have also did from their own end they have debited me 8k ready for the form charge but I am yet to be debited for the actual fee I applied for please for how long will it take them to debit the actual fee. And what rate of Euro will I be charged bank rate or CBN rate . Please urgent

        1. Gbenga says

          Try asking about the rates and your transaction at the bank.

    2. Doris says

      Please am yet to receive my OTP since morning
      What should I do?
      Help please

    3. Anonymous says

      Please how many days does it take for this process ?

  10. Kayode says

    Hello my form A was rejected reason was incomplete information, says my phone number was missing and my phone number is attached to my BVN but those not reflect on my profile in the portal and I can not manual add my phone number to the portal… please HELP!!!!!!

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Kayode,

      The portal may grey out the phone number field after rejection. If you cannot add the phone number, I’ll suggest that you create a new application.

      1. Kayode says

        Hello gbenga, I can not still add my phone number even when. I tried to create a new application, the space for the phone number is greyed out and can not be edited and this was the major reason my application was rejected.. I won’t mind if I can reach out to you privately gbenga I really do need your help..

        Thanks ..

        1. Gbenga says

          I sent you an email.

          1. Rich says

            Can you also assist me, I’m having the same issue and I’ve been following the conversation

          2. Gbenga says

            Just sent you an email as well.

          3. Gbenga says

            The issue is a possible glitch from the portal.

            I think it’ll be best if you add your phone number to the editable ‘address’ field e.g. “LAGOS/08034..”. This ensures that the reviewers can actually view the phone number, not just in its appropriate field. Afterwards, upload a copy of your BVN slip as part of the documents to prove that the phone number is, indeed, linked.

            Being a customer of the bank, I’m sure an exceptional approval can be made for your transaction.

          4. Kayode says

            God bless gbenga

          5. RACHAEL says


          6. Gbenga says

            Network issue

        2. Olufunmi says

          Good afternoon Mr Gbenga!
          Please I have the same issue with Mr Kayode,my application was rejected because my phone number was not reflecting. Kindly send me your email so that you can guide me on how to go about it sir.

          1. Gbenga says

            Hi Olufunmi,

            The issue is a possible glitch from the portal.

            1. Add your phone number to the editable ‘address’ field e.g. “LAGOS/08034..”. This ensures that the reviewers can actually view the phone number, not just in its appropriate field.
            2. Upload a copy of your BVN slip as part of the documents to prove that the phone number is, indeed, linked to BVN.

            Being a customer of the bank, I’m sure an exceptional approval can be made for your transaction.

            Send me an email on [email protected]

          2. Tunmise says

            Good day everyone, I’m trying to register and everytime the system saying::: BVN found, but without an email address, kindly refer to your bank for assistance.
            Have been to bank to complain and the bank said my email is link to my BVN.
            Pls what should I do

          3. Gbenga says

            Fill a BVN update form in your bank to link your BVN to your email.

  11. Toba says

    I did mine earlier today expecting a reference number from CBN so I can proceed to complete my transaction with my bank kindly tell how long it take to get a reply from bank after successful registration

    1. Gbenga says

      Reference number? Please rephrase the question.

  12. Solape says

    I got a mail on the 27th that my application has been approved and it’s currently on the queue of my bank disbursement reviewer and up until now I haven’t gotten another email for disbursement. I gave my bank the AF and they said until they get a mail from trade system nothing can be done. Is that the normal process please??? Cos here you said I can follow up with my bank with the AF, they are claiming they have to get a mail from trade system to be able to do anything.

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Solape,

      Here’s the process flow:

      1. You submit your application and upload supporting docs
      2. The branch first and second level reviewers confirm tkt, review uploads and approve.
      3. Your application goes to the bank head office’s tray for fx disbursement.
      4. Once done, the branch pays you your cash and stamp your passport.

      All these can happen within 1 business day.

      I’m not sure which mail they talk about.

      1. Solape says

        This was what I got last from them,

        Please be informed that your form with application number Xxxx has been approved by the processing bank
        It is currently on the queue of your bank disbursement reviewer.
        You’ll be notified when it’s ready for disbursement.
        Thank you
        Trade monitoring system

        1. Gbenga says

          So it’s on stage 3 of the process flow that I described earlier. Please proceed to the bank for your cash. Like I said, 1 business day is enough from start to finish. They should communicate their real challenges to you.

          1. Solape says

            Hi gbenga, Please is it possibLe I download my form A, I clicked on the download and I wasn’t able to. My bank is claiming without the downloaded form A they can’t proceed. Is there any advice you can give me in trying to download the form.

          2. Solape says

            Hi gbenga, please my bank says I have to download my form A online or they won’t proceed, I tried clicking on the download on trade system portal and I’m not able to download. Please what’s your advice

          3. Gbenga says

            Hi Solape,

            First they said they needed a mail from TRMS before disbursing your PTA cash to you, and now this. It is clear that they do not understand the process flow of the portal. You don’t need to download anything anymore, the entire point of the portal is to remove paper forms. Just go, receive your cash, have your passport stamped and off you go!

            You can shoot me a mail.

          4. Uayie says

            Did you say 1 business day?
            Mine no reply yet
            How long should I wait for?

  13. Toma says

    Hi, I also have a complaints I am traveling to Seychelles which is a visa free country for Nigerians, but the website says I need to upload a valid visa but there’s none. What do I do

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Toma,

      I can confirm that you are also eligible to get PTA/BTA, even as you’re going to a visa-free country.

      Here’s what to do:
      1. Login to the portal
      2. Fill the necessary fields and upload the available documents (intl passport data page, return flight ticket)
      3. Submit
      4. Then, contact your bank to explain that you do not actually require a visa to visit the destination country. An exceptional approval should cover for that.

      However, you still need to give the bank your “visa-on-arrival” document as you land in Seychelles.

  14. Kayode says

    How can I add my phone number to my trade monitoring system profile, it’s urgent.. God bless you guys….

    1. Rich says

      I’m also suffering the same thing, My bank said my number is attached to my BVN but nothing on my profile. The system still needs some work sadly because I don’t even see a way of resolving this except you contact them personally, I think but I know a lot of people will suffer from this sadly 🙁

  15. sodiq abiodun olapade says

    i find it difficult to register due to the system not sending OTP no to me pls how do I go about it

    1. LAWAL YUSUF says

      Please i need more clarification, should i select a bank to treat my transaction different from the one i selected tobe debited?

      1. Gbenga says

        Why would you want to do that?

        1. Florence says

          hi Gbenga, i have a complaint. My brother has been trying to pay for my school fees from Nigeria. he has successfully passed the stage of bvn and logging in. but he is in the phase of payment and doesn’t know how to go about it. pls help me many thanks

          1. Gbenga says

            Follow the step-by-step guide in the post.

  16. AYO OLAYEMI says

    Please, I have been trying this portal to make a payment for for my son in Canada, the system was to send me an OTP which I cant get for the 3 days.I went to my bank to update my BVN, yet uptil now I cant get any OTP in my mail. What can I do now

    1. Gbenga says


      You have to get the otp from your email to proceed. Does the issue still persist?

  17. Michael Egeonu says

    I need help, after my registration the number I saw on my profile doesn’t belong to me. Please how do I change it.

    1. Gbenga says

      Your TRMS portal info mirrors what you already have on your BVN. Correct the phone number on your BVN first.

  18. Kayode says

    @rich reach out to gbenga there is actually a solution of phone number not popping up on the TMS profile. He would put you through..

  19. Sijuade says

    Good afternoon Gbenga,

    Trust you had a restful weekend.

    I logged into this platform input my bvn as requested but I didn’t receive OTP I have been on this since last week Thursday. I went to my bank to confirm the email address, the email is correct.

    Kindly assist with way forward.


    1. George says

      Please I need help, I have been entering my BVN but the OTP pin have not been send to my mail, please help me out

      1. Gbenga says

        Make sure you have your correct email linked to the BVN.

  20. Sijuade says

    Hi Gbenga

    Please assist OTP not dropping on my email.

    I’ve tried severally

    1. Gbenga says

      Check your junk and spam inboxes, sometimes the otp drops there. If you can’t find the otp in there, reconfirm the email on the bvn – letter for letter. If all that fails, I’d advise that you create another email. Link the new email to the bvn, then retry.

  21. Cynthia says


    I am trying to make a payment to a school. The portal is requesting for the Bank Account IBAN which wasn’t provided by the school because they said its not necessary to complete the payment. However, the portal is giving me an error message that the field is required and not allowing me move to the next page.

    Also I have an issue with the phone number. Mine is greyed as well.

    Kindly assist.

    1. Gbenga says


      You can enter the same account number as your IBAN. IBAN is not mandatory.

      On the phone number issue:

      The issue is a possible glitch from the portal.
      1. Add your phone number to the editable ‘address’ field e.g. “LAGOS/08034..”. This ensures that the reviewers can actually view the phone number, not just in its appropriate field.
      2. Upload a copy of your BVN slip as part of the documents to prove that the phone number is, indeed, linked to BVN.
      Being a customer of the bank, I’m sure an exceptional approval can be made for your transaction.

      1. cynthia Okonkwo says

        Hi Gbenga,

        Thanks for your response. I am still having issues with submitting my form A. Its giving me error “the following fields are invalid” Beneficiaries . However, it is not highlighting anything.

        I really need help in filling the form. Kindly assist.

        1. Cynthia Okonkwo says

          Also the country field stopped at letter B. So I cannot pick the country where the school is.

          1. Gbenga says

            Are you sure?

        2. Gbenga says

          Check the sample of how it’s filled in the article.

      2. Anonymous says

        Hi Gbenga,

        The issue still persist. It is still giving me same error. Also, Canada is not part of the countries listed. The countries ended in letter B countries.

        Thank you.

  22. Saheed says

    Good morning Mr gbenga I did my registration online yesterday but I don’t have Af number and Joe can I get that?how can I know if my application is successful as well because I submit and took me back to the place I will login my email and password

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Saheed,

      1. Login
      2. Go to ‘Form A’
      3. Click the drop down and select History

      If you have an application already, you should see it there. The AF number is also written on it.

      1. Saheed says

        It is saying no record found when I click on what should I do

        1. Gbenga says

          Start a new application.

  23. Anonymous says

    Should I start the application again or what should I do?

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  25. Ruthy says

    Hello Gbenga,

    I’m having a similar challenge , I’ve registered and while trying to upload the attachments, it says file too large etc and there was a session timeout and since then I’ve not been able to log in . It just doesn’t go through , no error message just not logging in . I’ve also cleared the cache and refreshed still same . Please help

    1. Gbenga says

      Clear cache, restart system, and re-attempt login.

  26. Ada says

    I am filling Form A for a PTA and It keeps telling me invalid beneficiary. I thought i am the beneficiary.
    How do i get this sorted out

    1. Olumide Harrix says

      Good Afternoon Mr Gbenga, Please kindly assist me in filling the Form A as the portal keep telling me invalid beneficiary while am trying to fill for an undergraduate returning student in United States

      1. Gbenga says


        There’s a sample of the filled columns in the article.

  27. Anonymous says

    Please explain correspondence

    1. Gbenga says

      Your answer is in the article, with pictures.

  28. Okafor ogochukwu says

    Good morning, I applied for pta the process was successful then I got a mail that I didn’t upload my ticket. I was told to click on the form then do the upload, I have done that but it’s not accepting. Kindly help me

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Okafor,

      You should be able to add additional documents by going to Form A >> History >>> select the entry and click upload documentation at the far right. You can revert with the actual challenge by mail, with a screenshot.

  29. Anonymous says

    Hello Gbenga, I got a message that my form A application was successfully submitted and my application is currently on the queue of processing bank for validation, since 20th Dec, but I am yet to be debited. What is the next step

    1. Gbenga says

      Contact your bank and let them check the progress using your AF or AA number. You can get this from the portal.

      PTA is a 24-hour transaction though.

  30. Anonymous says


  31. Abdulazeez says

    Greetings Boss Gbenga. Can I use my Nigerian account if I’m not in Nigeria to pay educational fees or I have to use the details of a relative in Nigeria?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi sir,

      Yes you can.

  32. Gid says

    Hello Gbenga….can someone with a student visa and a one way ticket get PTA?…if so how can I proceed since most of the banks I visited tell me I must have a return ticket in order to get PTA

    1. Anonymous says

      Hello Gbenga,
      Still waiting for your response as regards to the above ?

    2. Gbenga says

      Hi Gid,

      As far as I know, even students will require a return ticket to be eligible for PTA/BTA.

  33. Amaka says

    Hello Gbenga, kindly assist I just finished my registration which was successful, then I try to login the system is saying username email is not valid . What could be the problem?

    1. Gbenga says

      You should try it later. The page servers may be down.

  34. Angel says

    Hello Gbenga,

    After successful registration with my bvn, try to login the system is saying username email is not valid please what is the way forward . I got an email for which contained an otp which address me as dear Null Null,

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Angel,

      Did you enter the otp in the portal to complete the registration as advised? Did you get another email saying your registration has now been successful?

  35. Nelson says

    Dear Gbenga can this system be used to send money for upkeep to someone in the UK…… If yes how do I go about it on the form

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Nelson,

      Yes. Choose Educational Fees and Upkeep sub-category.

      The necessary documents should include (but not limited to):

      1. Admission letter
      2. Upkeep invoice
      3. Students identification documents
      4. Parent’s identification documents

      1. Nelson says

        Much appreciated Mr Gbenga
        When say upkeep invoice…. Which is ?

        1. Gbenga says


          The part of the admission letter that mentions upkeep. You can just upload the entire thing anyway.

  36. Gid says

    Hello Gbenga,
    Please how can someone with a student visa and a one way ticket get PTA since most of the banks I asked told me they can’t process PTA for one way ticket ?…I have asked the question previously but no response from you…thanks

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Gid,
      As far as I know, even students will require a return ticket to be eligible for PTA/BTA.

  37. lorena Odiase says

    Goodmorn Mr Gbenga. Thanks for all you do. I tried paying school fees.. the only document the system asked for is the BSc certificate and payment invoice . Is those two supporting documents enough or was I supposed to add other documents? Thank you

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Lorena,

      Thank you. Please check the post for the necessary documents. You will have to create more entries.

  38. Kehinde says

    Pls I tried registering but once I input my BVN,the page doesn’t load to send OTP,so I’m stuck at that stage of inputting BVN.Can you assist on the way forward

    1. Gbenga says

      Network downtime. You should try later.

  39. Esther says

    Hi gbenga

    I want to pay a medical fee from Nigeria to india.
    Which of the options should I click when filling the Form A?I’m seeing medical allowance
    Can I use my account to make the payment for my younger sister’s medical bill?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Esther,

      1. Login
      2. Select Form A and choose Medical Allowance sub-category.
      3. Enter all necessary details and submit.

      You can use your own bank account, yes.

  40. Nelson says

    Hi Mr Gbenga

    Can one use a saving bank account from Nigeria and what does this correspondence bank mean

    1. Gbenga says

      You can use your savings bank account. Correspondence bank is a middle bank between a sending bank and the receiving bank.

  41. Banjo Deolu says

    Hi Gbenga,

    I have tried to register, but I got a message saying I don’t have an email linked to my bvn, so I went to the bank to update my bvn and have my email linked . And now have tried to register after 24 hrs . But it’s not sending any otp. But no error message telling me to link email anymore.

    1. Gbenga says

      Try after sometime. That’s probably a network issue.

  42. Isioma says

    Hi Gbenga,

    Please what does this currespondence bank mean

    1. Gbenga says

      A middle-man-role bank in-between the sending bank and the final receiving bank.

  43. David says

    Good evening gbenga
    I apply for form A on the 4th of January, I like to know how many weeks will it take before u get mail from dem

    1. Gbenga says

      What is the sub-category?

  44. Anonymous says

    Hi Mr Gbega , I filled A form application and submitted and I received email that the applicant phone no was not included. Please how do I input my phone no

    1. Gbenga says

      There’s a field for phone number. Simply populate it

  45. David says

    Educational fees

    1. Gbenga says

      Depends on the fx situation in your bank. Usually 1-2 weeks.

  46. Cindy says

    Hello Gbenga, is it possible to recieve PTA from a bank you don’t have an account? CBN says PTA can be given to qualified applicants (account holders or not) but I don’t see any such option from the explanation of the portal. Please clarify. Thank you

  47. Cindy says

    Hello Mr Gbenga, with this new online registration, is it possible to recieve PTA from a bank you don’t have an account in, especially if your bank insist on giving a dollar card instead of cash? The CBN directive states that successful applicants can receive PTA from any bank account holder or not. But I’m not seeing such option on the portal.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Cindy,

      There’s a space for account number in the application. That indicates that an account number in the bank that you have chosen is a must. I believe some banks introduced the dollar account/card to get new customers and trap funds, you can still withdraw your cash even after the PTA has been deposited in it.

      1. Cindy says

        Thank you so much Mr Gbenga. Your step by step tutoring made all the difference.

  48. Opeyemi says

    Status of my application is saved
    While the stage is Applicant
    Can I go inside bank and get the bta?

    1. Gbenga says

      Please read the article and follow the process.

      1. Agomuo Chukwuka Godson says

        Hello Gbenga,

        Good Afternoon.

        Thank you for taking out time to respond to almost everyone here. I bet you are not familiar with the unique challenge the author has just made known. For some reasons unknown to me I have duly completed Form-A with relevant attachments and submitted it as well.

        However, right after submission, I viewed the status of the application and it presented as “Applicant”. No AF numbers were provided.

        Screenshots were made and can be availed you upon request.

        1. Gbenga says

          Hello Godson,

          I am always happy to help, thank you.

          You don’t have the AF-number because you are yet to submit the application. Choose your preferred bank and branch, and tap submit. Upon submission, it should read ‘adb reviewer’ and you should have your AF-number displayed. You can shoot me a mail @ [email protected]

  49. Fatima says

    Hi Gbenga,
    All your information here has been really helpful. I am filling the FORM A to pay my son’s fees. On the Bank Details Page, where it says payment mode, I’m not sure of what to fill in SWIFT or TELEX or Electronic transfer. Kindly help. Thanks

    1. Gbenga says

      Thank you Fatima.

      Please check the article for how to fill that part, pictures inclusive. SWIFT is not an important field.

      You can shoot me a mail at [email protected]

      1. Treasure says

        Hi, please I’m having same issues, what am i supposed to put in that part of the form cause it’s not part of the pictures on the articles . Thanks in advance

  50. khidir says

    Hello Good Day, please what is the limit a student can receive for upkeep annually?

    1. Gbenga says

      The limit is $5,000 per semester through Form “A”.

  51. Lovette says

    Hi, good afternoon. Please I need your help. I applied for PTA yesterday and uploaded my Visa and Passport page, but I didn’t see a column for flight ticket, so I didn’t upload it. However after submitting yesterday, I got an email saying I have successfully submitted my application.
    But then I just logged into my account and saw “recommended for rejection” because of incomplete documentation. What do I do now? Do I try to upload the flight ticket with same AF? Or should I start afresh?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Lovette,

      Create a new application and upload all necessary documents for review.

  52. Precious says

    Can I pay my school fees in AUD

    1. Gbenga says

      Yes you can

  53. Bankole Olawale says

    Hello Gbenga,

    I tried registering with TRMS portal but it sends me an OTP which I dont recieve in my mail, please how do I resolve this issue.


    1. Gbenga says

      Reconfirm your mail on your BVN with your bank

  54. Anonymous says

    Hello Gbenga,

    Pls I have successfully filled the form A for PG fees payment and the workflow note says recommended for approval. Printed the form and went to the bank for them to process the disbursement to the schools account but they said they’re not involved in the process and it is to be done by the banks head office. I am really confused here as my schools deadline is 2days away and no one seems to know the next step. Do I just sit and wait? Pls help

    1. Gbenga says

      Disbursement of sch fees is different from PTA which could be done within 1 business day, sometimes takes 1-2 weeks to remit the funds to beneficiary’s school (depending on the FX situation in your bank). This is why you need to have applied earlier. You can contact the head office to explain your situation to them.

      You can also send me a mail on [email protected]

  55. Temi says

    The website doesnt currently have a registration link. Can you post it here please? Thanks Gbenga

    1. Gbenga says
      1. Taoheed says

        Hello sir, I have put my Bvn and its saying phone number not found

        1. Gbenga says


          The issue is a possible glitch from the portal.

          1. Add your phone number to the editable ‘address’ field e.g. “LAGOS/08034..”. This ensures that the reviewers can actually view the phone number, not just in its appropriate field.
          2. Upload a copy of your BVN slip as part of the documents to prove that the phone number is, indeed, linked to BVN.

          Being a customer of the bank, I’m sure an exceptional approval can be made for your application.

          Always refer to the article , most of your answers are already here.

  56. Bloom says

    Hello Gbenga,

    Thank you for your breakdown of the process, I have been able to submit my form A and I got a response that my form has been rejected. I was given a list of documents to upload and it included Authority to debit. I don’t understand this, please put me through.

    1. Gbenga says

      “Authority to debit” is a written instruction authorizing the bank to debit the equivalent of the requested amount in Naira from your Naira account.

      You can write that and upload alongside other documents.

  57. Patrick Onwordi says

    Good day, please I have completed the online filling of the Form A, for payment of my son school fees, . I was asked to submit which I did but I did not get AF number Sent to my mail. Since then, I try to login with my mail to resend but my email address is not being accepted.
    What step should I take again.

    1. Gbenga says

      1. Login
      2. Go to Form A
      3. Select History
      4. Retrieve your AF number

  58. I succesfully completed the application and i was recommended for aproval says


  59. Anonymous says

    Hello Gbenga, I’m having issues with uploading documents on Form A, can you please, help out

    1. Gbenga says

      What is the challenge?

  60. Anonymous says

    Hi Gbenga, I tried registering on the portal but I couldn’t get any OTP in my mail, I’ve been to my bank to confirm the email attached to my BVN and it’s the same email address, tried severally but still the same issue. Please what can I do?

    1. Gbenga says

      Have you made sure to check all your inboxes?

      You can create a new email, link that to your bvn for this purpose.

  61. Temmy says

    Pls I have applied for Foam A since 13th of January and I’m yet to receive my disbursement response. I don’t understand what’s happening

    1. Gbenga says

      Follow up with your bank using your AF-number

  62. Ajoke says

    Thanks so much for this information. Please I got stuck while trying to fill the Form A for school fees. Under Payment mode, what should i select from the list (Bill for collection, letters of credit, payment in advance, T&T (electronic transfer), Domicialy Account, Swift, Telex and Cash). that part is not in the pictures posted.

    Also, i have selected my desired bank but the bank branch that i want to use to process the form A isn’t listed in the list of branches, should i leave it blank and proceed? thanks a lot

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Ajoke,

      Please pick Telex or SWIFT for school fees payment. Any of the two.

      I would recommend that you pick the branch nearest to the branch that you want to avoid issues during review.

      Thank you,

      1. Treasure says

        Hi, Please I filled in form A to send upkeep to my daughter but I saw that the form was recommended for rejection due to insufficient funds , I have added more money to the account ,please do I start again or should I just leave it ? . Also I put in cash in the place of payment mode instead of swift or telex……. should I just cancel and fill in another form ?

        1. Gbenga says

          The application you submitted has been rejected, start all over. Choose Telex or SWIFT instead of cash.

  63. Samuel says

    Good afternoon Mr Gbenga
    Thank you for your assistant.
    I am having a problem with the TRM portal.
    I registered and completed a form-A last week but could no longer access the portal again.
    I know my password and email/username but yet could not log on

    1. Gbenga says

      Error message?

      1. Samuel says

        its just rolling and then stopped.

        a. when i try password reset it return “No ConContract record found!”

        b. I have also cleared my cache and i believe my network is strong enough

        1. Gbenga says

          Try another device. The portal worked fine with other people today.


    Good evening Gbenga,thank you for your help.Though have not registered because I cant see anyone addressing my concern(upkeep allowance for my daughter),will I get through the same means?thank you.

    1. Gbenga says


  65. Osato says

    Hi gbenga, good morning! I have linked my email to my bvn for the past 24 hours it’s still yet to be updated , please what do I do? The bank told me it’s from their end?

    1. Gbenga says

      Make sure it’s updated. Then retry.

  66. Anonymous says

    No error message; it would just “roll” and stop.

    I even tried resetting the password, that one too is not working

    1. Gbenga says

      Clear cache, close browser, restart your system. Then Retry.

  67. Emem says

    Hello Gbenga,pls I am done registering but after I clicked submit it redirected me to login ,then I was sent an otp which I added but it kept saying server not found…pls how would I know if the application was successful and what Is the AF number you are talking about

    1. Gbenga says

      Probably a network issue, try later. You only get AF number after you submit your application

  68. Joseph says

    Hi Gbenga
    Please I don’t understand what they mean by correspondence bank name and correspondence bank address and correspondence bank Swift code.
    Please help thanks

    1. Gbenga says

      This question has already been answered in the article, in pictures too. Pls refer to the article.

  69. Anonymous says

    Hey Gbenga, I am done with the application still at the ADB reviewer stage. I would like to know how long it will take to be approved and also while I was submitting the form I was only required to submit 2 documents which is my Visa and Admission letter. Do I need to add any other documents. Lastly my brother is the one making the payment for me, do I need to add his means of identification?

    Thank you

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Sandra,

      Adb reviewer stage is pretty much the first stage – the application hasn’t been reviewed. You may need to go to the selected branch to prompt them.

      If this is a school fees payment, pls view the needed documents here.

  70. Tijani says

    Hi Gbenga , I’ve applied and was approved on the 17th I got debited 5k on the 19th but I’m still yet to be debited the lump sum for school fees. Please based on experience what’s the timeline from being debited 5k and being debited the lump sum.

    1. Gbenga says

      Usually, 1-2 weeks. Contact your bank for the update on your application.

  71. Sewe says

    Hi Gbenga,
    Thanks for what you’re doing. My first form A was rejected for not attaching a return ticket. I have successfully submitted a second but for 6 days no response. I choose a different bank ( that I do not have an account with) for the processing. I hope that is not why I am getting the delay. what do I do? Should I fill a third form and select my own bank? Thanks again!!

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Sewe,

      You shouldn’t select a bank where you have no bank account. The selected bank is ought to proceed with debiting the account number that you’ve submitted after approval on the portal. I think you should cancel the current application, create a new application and, attach all necessary documents.

  72. Esther says

    Hi gbenga

    Good evening

    Please I want to make payment for medical allowance, I want to confirm the right option to chose on the (Valid for Forex) and also the documents to upload while filling the form

    Thank you.

    1. Gbenga says
  73. Justin says

    Hello, I’m trying to send money for Upkeep/maintenance. please whose information should I fill in the beneficiary section?

    1. Gbenga says

      Enter the school details in the beneficiary field and the student details in the student details field.

  74. Ayyaty says

    I filled the form and submitted it but i put more than the maximum amount for upkeep money, so is there any problems with that?

  75. Tolu says

    Hello Gbenga,I have been on the site for two days trying to register with my bvn, but otp never gets sent to my email,d please what can i do?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Tolu,

      It is possible that the email linked is not correct. I’d suggest that you re-confirm the email with your bank or link a different email to your BVN.

  76. Anonymous says

    The Bank branch in my location is not included in the bank branch. What do I? Can I just pick any bank

    1. Gbenga says

      Yes you can pick any preferred branch

  77. Treasure says

    Hello , Please my form A for upkeep was recommended for rejection and i submitted another 6 days ago but they’ve still not reviewed it …….what can i do please ?

  78. Ibrahim says

    Hello Gbenga
    My application was approved… what’s the next step please,? as it said ” it is currently on the queue of your bank disbursement reviewer”

    1. Gbenga says

      Let the disbursement reviewer review it

  79. Olamide says

    Good afternoon Mr Gbenga, wonderful job you’re doing. Please I have spent over an hour on form A application and the problems I’m having are… the space to select countries isn’t showing UK/England. The other problem is correspondence’s details; please is it necessary to fill the correspondence’s details?.
    Please is there a WhatsApp number to chat you on?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Gbenga says

      Dear Olamide,

      Please refer to the article on how to fill correspondent bank details and other fields. My email is [email protected].

  80. Adeoye Yakub says

    Hi.. I try to register but i don’t receive OTP on my email phone

    1. Gbenga says

      This could be due to the network downtimes the page has been experiencing lately. Clear cache, restart the PC, and retry registering. Also, re-check if your email on the BVN is correct.

  81. Ochiagha chinelo says

    Good day gbenga, pls l have already finished filling the form a for my first son .three days later l now want to fill for my other son but the one time password ie the code they send to you is no longer dropping in my email for me to use the code to open the portal. I have called the support line and sent countless email yet no answer. I dont know what yo do pls any advice

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Chinelo,

      This could be due to the network downtimes the page has been experiencing lately. Clear cache, restart the PC, and retry login.

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