HOW TO: Make Cardless ATM Withdrawal from Access Bank (Without ATM Card)


Although this process may differ from bank to bank, the basics are pretty much similar across all Nigerian banks nationwide. Do you remember that one time you had to rush back home to get your ATM card because you might need it at the market? Never again. For banks, efficient and convenient banking is the new way to customers, especially the new-age customers. In this article, we take a look at how to make cardless ATM withdrawal from Access Bank.


What Do I Need to Make a Cardless ATM Withdrawal?

Not much…

  1. A phone with your registered line in it
  2. Your bank’s USSD code or Mobile Banking App
  3. Little airtime (not in all cases)

What Do I NOT NEED to Make a Cardless ATM Withdrawal?

  1. Internet
  2. ATM Card
  3. Withdrawal slip

NOTE THAT: The cardless cash ATM withdrawal process is roughly similar with EVERY bank that offers this service.

Step-by-Step Process: Cardless ATM Withdrawals

First, you must be the same line you receive your bank alerts on i.e, your registered line.

  1. Dial your bank’s USSD code or use the Mobile Bank App
  2. You will see a menu. Choose the Cardless Withdrawal Option
  3. Enter the amount, and submit
  4. A code called OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your registered line
  5. Enter your secret PIN and password.
  6. Proceed to your bank’s ATM stand to withdraw

As noted before, these steps may differ from bank-to-bank, but they all have similar processes. This is why I have made a tailor-made simple explanation on how to do cardless cash withdrawals from Access Bank PLC.

How to Withdraw from Access Bank without ATM Card


This section explains how you can withdraw without your ATM card at Access Bank ATM. The simple steps on how to make cardless atm withdrawal from Access Bank:

  • Dial *903# on your registered line
  • Choose Withdraw Money.
  • Choose ATM Withdrawal
  • Enter your desired amount
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • ***An authorization code will be sent to the number. Keep the code and go to an ATM stand near you.
  • Press ANY button on the ATM
  • Select the cardless withdrawal option
  • Select Access Money on the screen
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter the phone number registered to your account account
  • Enter the amount.
  • Enter the authorization code that you received earlier
  • Press Proceed

***The ATM will dispense your cash immediately.

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