How to Get the Baxi Box POS and MPOS (BaxiMobile); Charges, Commission, All You Need to Know


Don’t confuse this product with ‘Baxi Boilers’ – they are two different things. Baxi Box is one of Nigeria’s leading names in the fintech and agency banking POS (Point-Of-Sales) sphere. They provide the typical cash-in/cash-out business plus a host of other value-added services like bills payments, money transfers, airtime recharge, and so on.

Baxi Android POS is the typical POS device that does all the applicable transactions on it’s own. MPOS is the handy device that looks like a simple calculator – an MPOS needs a phone on the side to help conclude some transactions.

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Since being acquired in late 2021 by MFS Africa, Baxi Box has been able to scale its reach to more locations in Nigeria. Good feat.

This article will be focusing on Baxi Box POS and MPOS agency banking offerings. Readers who wish to start their POS business without much hassle should find this article helpful.

Let’s get right to it!

How to Get Started with Baxi Box

Simple and short. This can be done in two ways – Online by yourself or Offline through an Authorised Sales Rep.

Setup and Documentation

Setup and Documentation – Online

  • First of all, download the BaxiMobile App from your play store/Apple store. 
  • Once the application is installed on your device, complete the simple sign-up process
  • Provide your BVN and verifiable address to upgrade your account to Baxi Flex or Baxi Pro.
  • Navigate to Request for MPOS/POS and submit a request for a POS device.

Setup and Documentation – Offline

  • Contact the Baxi Team, state your location and request for a Sales Rep
  • A completed Agent application form & agreement Via POS
  • A copy of ID (Driver’s license, National ID card, Voters’ Card, or Int’l passport) for self and guarantor.
  • Proof of Address For self and guarantor.

Training and Branding

  • Agent gets trained and receives starter pack.
  • The location gets branded
  • Agent commences full operation and starts earning money

What can Baxi Box do?

Think of what a typical POS agent in your neighbourhood does. Yes, this is what a Baxi Agent would also be useful for. 

Only that, Baxi Box Agents are a little more efficient because they can actually initiate transactions from 3 different banks – in case one bank is down, another must be available. Their Android POS also allows them to be able to do more transactions. They have minimal network errors. 

Here’s a list of what a Baxi Box POS Agent can do:

  1. Help you pay utility bills (e.g electricity, waste, DSTV, and so on)
  2. Cash withdrawals
  3. Cash deposits
  4. Money transfers
  5. Load airtime
  6. Load data
  7. Recharge card vending
  8. Load mobile wallets …and so on

How much does it cost to get a Baxi Box POS/MPOS?

This is another important question.

  • Baxi Box Android (8.1) – N80,000
  • Baxi Box MPOS – N5,000

The fee above is without the N15,000 caution deposit fee.

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How can I fund my Baxi Box Wallet?

You can fund your Baxi Box agent wallet via 4 means:

  1. Baxi Funding Via USSD Wallet Funding
  2. Direct Debit
  3. Transfer to Baxi Account Number

What are Baxi Box commissions/charges?

Baxi charges are minimal and considerate.

Here is a list of Baxi Box transactions and their commissions next to them:

MTN Prepaid Recharge1.60%
MTN Data Bundle Recharge1.60%
Airtel Data Bundle Recharge1.76%
Glo Data Bundle Recharge2.80%
Glo Prepaid Recharge2.80%
9Mobile Data Bundle Recharge2.80%
Cash Transactions (0-20,000)0.55%
Cash Transactions (20,001-100,000)N100 flat
Cash DepositN30 flat
Ikedc Token Vending1.20%
Ikedc Bill Payment1.20%
Ekedc Prepaid0.8%
Ekedc Postpaid2.00%
Aedc Prepaid0.96%
Aedc Postpaid0.96%
Gotv (Regular Agent)1.40%
Gotv (SabiMen Agent)1.20%
Dstv (Regular Agent)1.40%
Dstv (Sabimen Agent)1.20%
Golden Chance Lotto (5/90)20%

How do I contact Baxi Box?

To contact the Baxi Box Team in case of any issues, you can visit their website, or send an email to

You can also call 017008571.

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