How to Deposit Cash in ATM in Nigeria


If you have never done surprisingly huge weekend cash transactions where you end up having excess cash, you don’t really know what the Lord has done for you. If you are a trader, the feeling is mixed. You feel fear, fulfillment and then you fear for your fulfillment. Why keep cash on you while you can learn how to deposit cash in ATM in Nigeria?

Yes you read it right, Nigeria! It’s actually been on for a while.


If you don’t have theft and fire insurance cover, you are actually on your own on these streets. You are also putting yourself at great danger. So, the best way to ensure safety of your money is to deposit it in the bank. Move that risk from your neck.

Ole Ole!

In a case where banks are not open, you can use an Automated Teller Machine near you (provided the ATM is enabled for deposit services). For now, very few machines are enabled nationwide. So, it is imperative to locate deposit-enabled machines near you beforehand.

Step-by-Step Flow

Most deposit-enabled ATMs only accept N500 and N1000 notes. Deposits can be done with or without debit card, intra- or inter-bank. I have simplified this process into numbered steps below;

1. Tap ANY button on the ATM
2. Click on ‘Deposit Cash’
3. Enter the beneficiary Account number, and phone number
4. Select Account Type (Savings/Current)
5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit e.g, 4000.00
* the ATM will prompt you to insert your cash
6. Insert neatly arranged cash into the machine’s shutter, make sure none of the notes is dog-eared/torn
7. Wait for ATM to sort cash and display cash details
8. If correct, punch ‘Deposit’
*Amount will be credited immediately after you’ve submitted.
1. Press any button on the ATM Screen
2. Click on ‘Deposit Cash’
3. Enter any 4 digit access code of your choice
4. Select Deposit to Other Bank
5. Select the Preferred Bank
6. Select Account Type (Savings or Current)
7. Enter the Receiver’s Account number
8. Insert Cash
9. Wait for the ATM screen to sort cash and display cash details.
11. Confirm the cash details e.g How many notes, denominations, etc. 12. Confirm beneficiary details on the screen
13. If the information displayed is correct, punch ‘Proceed’
14. Amount deposited
15. Receive generated receipt.

Frequently asked questions on how to deposit cash in ATM in Nigeria

How much can the ATM take at a go?

ATMs are generally programmed to handle maximum of twenty (20) notes at once.

What will be my payment receipt?

At the end of any transaction at any ATM, a small receipt is usually made available for acknowledgement.

Will my transaction still go through if cash is dogeared, mutilated or rough?

No. the ATM will identify mutilated/rough cash and discontinue the transaction. Best is to replace/straighten mutilated/rough note.

What if I deposit counterfeit notes?

The ATM identifies counterfeit/fake notes and discontinues the deposit process. In a case this scales through the ATM, the value of the fake note could also be removed from the eventual credited amount. The bank may also invite you to pick up the counterfeit note. Remember it’s a crime to spend counterfeit notes.

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