HOW TO: Deposit Cash at A GTBank ATM


In an earlier post, you can find a step-by-step process to deposit cash into a deposit-enabled ATM. This one is specifically for Guarantee Trust Bank PLC, they just seem to make everything simpler. After reading this, you should be able to successfully deposit your cash into a GTBank account using a deposit-enabled GTBank ATM.


The post-COVID era has re-ushered in crowded banking premises because social distancing rules only allow 5 people max in a banking hall. I’m sure you can already see trampolines set outside the various banking halls for people to relax and waste premium hours very well. If it is not a peculiar one-off issue where you MUST see your account officer, you SHOULDN’T be found in places like that. However, your shortcut is here. 

Important to note is the fact that the GTBank deposit-enabled ATMs only receive cash deposits only into GTB accounts only. If you try to enter another bank’s account number, it will give you an error “invalid NUBAN entered”

Things You Need

  1. Your cash – The machine will specify which denomination it wants e.g N500 or N1000 notes. Make sure the cash is neatly and smoothly arranged.
  2. Beneficiary account number – This is also known as the NUBAN. The account has to be a GTBank account.
  3. Beneficiary’s registered phone number – You must get the beneficiary’s phone number, it is as important as the account number to this transaction.

Things You DO NOT Need

  1. ATM card – This cash deposit does not require you to come with any ATM card.
  2. A deposit slip – This process does not need you to fill any deposit slip

Step-By-Step on How to deposit to the ATM


– Press Any Button on the ATM

– Press the ‘Deposit Cash’ button

– Enter 0000 and press the Proceed

– Read and agree to the terms of service by pressing the ‘Agree’ button

– Enter the beneficiary’s 10 digit GTbank NUBAN number

– Enter the beneficiary’s registered phone number

– The cash shutter opens up, neatly place your cash at the mouth of the shutter for the machine to collect it.

– Confirm the deposit details and press ‘Deposit’

-Confirm beneficiary name, account number, and the amount. Press ‘Proceed’ to continue, or ‘Cancel’ if there has been a mistake.

– Allow the transaction to process.

– If this is successful, it will display ‘Transaction Complete’

– Collect your receipt.

*The GTBank account number will be credited immediately.

Fast, efficient, and secure, the seamless process to deposit your cash at a GTBank ATM is very commendable.

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