1. Aminat says

    I do not see password

  2. Andrew says

    Good everning,
    Am having difficult in accessing loan.

  3. dauda bolaji says

    Have pay but is not reflecting in my plan credit account

  4. Vivu says

    Having difficulty in putting the amount I want

  5. Anonymous says

    Pls I applied and dey approved it but it didn’t reflect in my acct nd I saw a place saying relay nd I clicked dey debited me 12000,that av paid my loan borrow I don’t understand pls

  6. Yahaya shehu says

    I have been applying,but i forgot my login password what is the way out please,? I want to apply now.

    1. Gbenga says

      Click forgot password

  7. Aliyu muhammad says

    Thank you

  8. Anonymous says

    They disburse the loan but i don’t know how to transfer it from my palmcredit account

  9. Success says

    I’m unable to complete my application

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