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OPay is a one-stop mobile money platform for payments, transportation, food and grocery delivery, and other vital services in everyday life. Millions of users rely on their services every day for their transactions. As over  60% of people in Africa remain unbanked, access to basic financial services is limited.

Opay presents the ‘unbanked’ with the opportunity to level-up with the ‘banked’ population, yet improving your savings and investment culture. The OPay app is currently the most diversified and most innovative in the FinTech community. This article is going to be centered on how to activate OPay.

This article will assist its reader with necessary information on how to sign up and activate the OPay App and how to apply and get the new OPay Card.


A noteworthy fact: In February 2020, OPay experienced a setback with the Oride – the commercial bike hailing arm of the OPay. A few governmental policies changed and suddenly the Oride bikes were unable to operate in Lagos and its environs. Operational energy was quickly moved to other streams of income e.g OCar, OWealth, OFood, OMall, etc. The hitherto-commercial bikes were quickly converted to delivery bikes. The tenacity of the OPay team is remarkable.

How to Download and Install Opay App on your Device

  • Download the Opay App to your Android or iOS device
  • Launch the application
  • Enter your phone number
  • Create a 6-digit password
  • Click sign up
  • An OTP (One Time Password) will be generated and sent to your phone via SMS
  • Enter the OTP
  • Accept the terms of use and Click next

How to Fund your OPay Wallet

  • Click ‘Add Money’
  • Choose your preferred method:
    • Card Top-up: 
      • You will be required to enter your 16-digit card PAN (Primary Account Number) *the long series of numbers in front of the card
      • Your 3-digit CVV (Card Verification Value) at the back of the card
      • Your card expiration date e.g 06/20
      • Enter amount your wish to load to your Opay profile *An OTP (One Time Password) will be generated and sent to your phone via SMS
      • Enter the OTP sent to your phone and submit.
    • Bank App:
      • Go to your bank mobile/online app
      • Go to funds transfer
      • Select ‘PAYCOM’ as bank
      • Use your phone number as account number e.g 08033333333
      • Transfer
    • OPay Deposit:
      • Go to the nearest OPay agent
      • Give cash and your wallet number i.e your phone number
      • Confirm your wallet has been credited

OPay In-App Services

Scan QR code

You can pay your merchants/ through OPay by just scanning the QR code of a Merchant using the OPay app. Transfer to all banks is FREE.

Add Money

You can fund your OPay profile with your debit/credit card, directly from your bank account or by direct deposit by clicking add money on your app.

Buy Airtime and Data

You can buy your airtime and data from the OPay app at a 10% discounted rate. For example, a N100 worth of airtime will only cost you N90 only. Try it!

Pay Bills

You can pay your DSTV, GOtv, electricity, and other bills on the OPay app seamlessly. This is also done at a discounted rate, unlike normal bank apps that will even charge you for paying the bills.

Transfer and Receive Money

On the OPay app, you can transfer money to any Nigerian bank FREE of charge. Just click transfer and follow the prompts.


Like Uber and Bolt, you can also enjoy the OPay taxi-hailing service at a significantly discounted rate.

My code

You can now generate a QR code and simply put it up anywhere to receive payments seamlessly.

OPay Account feature

You can receive money from any bank in Nigeria using your OPay account number which is also your registered phone number. Sender needs to select ‘PAYCOM’ as the account number. However, some banks may require the sender to remove the leading zero before sending. Funds will immediately reflect in your OPay wallet.

OWealth Feature

The Owealth is the investing arm of OPay. An investment in OWealth will earn you 10%

How to navigate to OWealth:

  1. Go to ‘Account’ at the bottom right
  2. Click ‘Invest
  3. You will be prompted to transfer from your normal OPay balance to OWealth
  4. Click ‘Balance top-up

How to Apply and Get the New OPay Card

Launched in June 2021, the OPay payment debit card was introduced to assist loyal OPay customers with cash and payments online and offline. Just like any bank’s debit card, you can use the OPay debit card to withdraw cash at any ATM terminal nationwide and even beyond.

The OPay card is stylish as it’s effective – you’d love it! You can make withdrawals, free money transfers, and also earn cashbacks from regular usage. All at little or no charge at all.

How to Apply for OPay Debit Card

First of all, you must have an OPay account/wallet. You must have an active OPay App working on your device. Here is a step-by-step on how to apply and get OPay debit card:

  1. Log in to your OPay Account
  2. Select on OPay Card
  3. Click Request Now!
  4. Enter your delivery details. This is where OPay will send your debit card to
  5. Select Payment method (You can choose from Main balance, OWealth, Flexifixed, Cashback, CreditMe, Bank account, other bank’s debit card)
  6. Click Pay Now

What is so Special About OPay Card?

The OPay debit card is actually different from other card types obtainable in any other bank or financial institution. See a detailed comparison of OPay card versus other bank/FI cards elsewhere below:

Cashback0.1% cashback in Nigeria (OPay POS transactions only)No
Card deliveryFREENot supported
Transfer feeUnlimitedUp to N52.50 (vat inclusive)
Card issuance feeN600 (Only N500 with referral code)N1,050
Return card feeValuable vouchers on airtime & dataNo
AlertsFree instant alertsN4 per SMS
Savings interestUp to 30%1.25%
Bill payment feeFree!!!Up to N100 per bill payment
Maintenance feeFreeUp to N52.50 per quarter
Trial cashN100,000 trial cash on OWealthNo
  1. The OPay card can be used on POS, Web, and ATM worldwide
  2. The card does not incur any card maintenance charge
  3. You earn cashback on regular usage
  4. Enabled for free transfer over the ATM
  5. Available in Naira denominations

How much is OPay debit card?

N600 (Six hundred naira only)

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