6 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Caused by Financial Stress


A recent review of middle-class shows that over 70% of Nigerian young adults and adults report feeling stressed about money, whether it’s stressing about paying rent or feeling pressed down by debt. This article will help you to highlight healthy ways to lose weight caused by financial stress.

As you continue endure the hustle and bustle in search of your pot of gold, it is also very important to pay good attention to your health and looks.


This is pretty apparent that financial stress is linked to so many health issues, as people respond to their personal issues in unique ways. One of the resultant issues is excessive and unnecessary weight gain. This scourge usually presents itself as a sign of good living, it is not.

Below are a few good ways on how to manage your excessive and unnecessary weight issues:

Manage your Stress

Sure, overworking your body and worrying about money creates layers of stress for you, your body system responds by releasing a vital hormone referred to as cortisol. Cortisol is popularly referred to as the Stress Hormone. The hormone effectively increases your hunger drive and makes you eat more.

Your response to food, of course, now depends on you. Most people respond by eating foods that increase the amount of fat, especially around their belly.

More so, women who already have big waists produce more cortisol than the average human. Some say this is a good thing, well, it only leads to more weight gain. It is very easy to transcend from ‘plus-size’ to ‘too-much-fat’.

Do you know that practicing Yoga, or simply meditating, helps to cut back the excessive waist/belly fat? Try it if you really want to lose weight caused by financial stress.

Fact is, relaxing your nerves, lowering the tension actually helps you to lose excessive and unwanted weight.

Intentionally create ways to relax.

Cut back on Sugary Foods

Sugar is the enemy. Yes, it is true that excessive intake of sugar leads to a plethora of diseases. From diabetes and liver diseases to heart failures, sugar has a range of damages it does to the body system. 

In fact, almost everything that tastes sweet – either natural or synthetic, contains sugar. Naturally sweetened foods like sugarcane, honey, etc also contain sugar.

Stop tricking yourself into gulping sugar because it’s the ‘healthier sugar’ if you really want to lose weight caused by financial stress. Excessively consuming these good foods can also cause problems for the body.

Balance your intake with lots of protein as well.

Keep your sugar consumption to a low.


Confusing right? No. Studies have actually proven that people that aren’t getting adequate sleep are likely to gain extra weight than those who do.

You are better off in bed than on the computer system stressing over other things. Good sleep basically gives your body ample time to rebuild vital cells as well.

Okay let’s be realistic, your job may demand you to burn the midnight oil sometimes but always strike a balance between staying up and sound sleep. If you’re planning to lose weight, remember to are getting adequate and good sleep.

Always try to get your 7-8 hours sleep.

Keep A Watch over Your Calories

As Nigerians, I admit that this one is hard. This is because foods high in calories are literally everything we eat – everyday!

Calories are results of consuming carbohydrate-rich foods. You will find high calories in these foods below:

  • Proteins: Red meats, pork, chicken with skin on (roast or broil don’t deep fry for your health), salmon or other oily fish, beans, whole milk, eggs, cheese, full-fat yogurt.
  • Carbohydrates: potatoes, brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grains, whole grain breads.

How does one even attempt to reducing excessive calories intake? Consider cutting back your carbohydrate consumption and use wholesome carbohydrate sources like entire grains, legumes, or vegetables. 

This is very important if you intend to lose weight caused by financial stress.

  • Low calories intakes include: WATER, tea, salad greens, soup broth, mushrooms, strawberries, vegetable soup, whole grain toast, cod, eggs, and low-fat cottage cheese. 

People on a weight-loss diet should aim to eat between 1500-1800 calories per day. Of course, this also LARGELY DEPENDS on how active you are.

Don’t just drink only water if your work requires you to burn a lot of calories o!

Again, as Nigerians, it is a bit difficult but remember that there is no substitute for good health.

Watch your calories intake.

Exercise your Body

Exercising is actually the best way to lose excess weight, while also increasing the quality of your health. Actively exercising the body system, especially cardio exercise improves the clarity and quality of your heartbeat.

Another mistake people make, consciently, is also eating unhealthy foods while also doing regular exercises. It will not work o, I am here to tell you.


The body system is like a machine. Regularly servicing, while also feeding the engine with bad oils, will eventually damage any machine.

Some will say issues like e.g, belly fat is a sign of good living, it is a blatant lie. There is nothing good about accruing belly fat. In a bid to lose weight caused by financial stress, you must be intentional.

Stay guided, don’t play yourself.

Cut Back on Your Alcohol Intake


Most boys will skip this, but they should not. Alcohol should be taken in moderation, regardless of what your friends say or do. There is respect in knowing your personal limits, and you will be fine.

Drinking too much alcohol is never good for the body system. Besides, alcohol causes dehydration i.e, the absence of water in the body system. Dehydration stifles smooth bodily functions. See a vague timeline of how alcohol deteriorates your body organs here:

  • First, you might start gaining whole body weight. Then, your belly begins to protrude – neighbours will say you are eating fine. 
  • Then, with frequent and excessive intake, the sharp toxins of the alcohol starts to react on your internal body organs. 
  • Once liver cirrhosis begins, nothing can reverse it o. Other major issues might also start creeping in.

Although not without its known benefits, alcohol can effectively end one’s life. Heavy alcohol consumption has been linked to quick obesity, that’s weight problems across the midsection of the body. 

For those who can abstain completely, I will suggest you intentionally make sure you never taste a drop of alcohol, ever.

Always drink responsibly, avoid alcohol is you can.

So Focus…

On your health and wellbeing

A combination of these simple life hacks to keep your excess fat in check will effectively improve the quality of your life. You will also find out that you will enjoy being in your own body more. 

On your lifestyle, shape, and aesthetics 

Forget gaslighting, the truth is that excess weight/fat is never a pleasant sight. A short study revealed that a lot of people actually view excessive belly/body fat as a sign of irresponsibility, meaning you are unable to get a hold on your lifestyle and health. 

However, obesity is an actual medical problem that requires clinical intervention. If you are obese (acquiring excessive belly/bodily weight that cannot be explained), try to see a physician.

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