How to Get Your DIN; FIRS Introduces TaxProMax for Collection of Taxes Through Banks


The TaxProMax is an initiative of FIRS in their effort to modernise and also improve the process of administration, filing, collections, and remittances of taxes for individuals, some state incorporations, and corporates bodies. From this article, we will learn how to register and pay our taxes through TaxProMax.

Effective 7th June 2021, payment of Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) taxes through the banks will now require the customer to provide a unique Document Identification Number (DIN) for the processor to proceed. The DIN is to be pre-generated using the new FIRS TaxProMax Portal.

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To get your unique DIN, you must first register your information into the TaxProMax portal, and complete all the procedures on the portal. The DIN is transaction-based, that is, you will be required to generate a new unique DIN for each time you need to make your tax payment to the bank. The rest of this article will focus on the TaxProMax registration procedure, various frequently asked questions on TaxPro Max, and how to use the DIN.

Modalities of the TaxProMax

Signed by the executive chairman of FIRS, Muhammad Nami, and published on June 4th, below are the modalities of the TaxPro-Max:

  1. All Naira denominated tax returns are to be filed via the TaxPro-Max Solution in order to generate the obligatory “Document Identity Number (DIN)”;
  2. Taxpayers will not be able to pay without the DIN; as such, taxpayers who wish to submit their tax returns manually must visit the relevant tax office where FIRS personnel will be on hand to assist them to upload the returns and generate the DIN;
  3. In view of the time it might take to upload manual returns and generate the DIN, taxpayers are encouraged to bring manual returns for upload, at least, two weeks before the due date;
  4. Qualified personnel of the service are on hand to assist taxpayers experiencing challenges in filing returns on the TaxPro-Max. They may be reached via email ([email protected])

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How do I register on TaxProMax?

The FIRS, in a bid to improve the functionality of this app, have made the registration process very simple. Below is a simple step-by-step procedure to register on TaxProMax:

  1. Go to TaxPro-Max
  2. Click Register
  3. Choose Registration Source (Corporate, State Incorporations, Individuals)
  4. Enter Identification Details
  • For Corporates, choose the entity type and enter RC/BN/IT number and click search
  • For State Incorporations, enter the State Incorporation Code and click search
  • For Individuals, enter your BVN/NIN and click search

5. Once your details are back and verified, complete the steps that follow.

6. Submit

***You can do this above, or simply visit the nearest FIRS office to do the registration as the TaxProMax portal is still currently riddled with glitches and errors.

How should taxpayers file their tax returns?

  1. Go to the nearest FIRS office to complete the Tax Update Form
  2. Go to your browser and visit and login with the details advised
  3. Do a reconciliation of the outstanding withholding tax (WHT) to be submitted to the portal
  4. Do a reconciliation of losses and capital allowance to be submitted to TaxProMax

***Note that this portal has a history of glitches and downtime, therefore, make sure to file your taxes early enough well before the due date of filing.

For further inquiries, kindly contact the designated FIRS officials on [email protected]

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