7 Things Fidelity Bank’s IVY Can Do For You, as She emerges KPMG’s Best Chatbot in 2020


The chatbot banking sub-industry in Nigeria is growing by the day. Virtual banking assistants are social media-based (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter) customer service agents with artificial intelligence to assist with banking services. In 2020’s KPMG Digital Channels Scorecard, Fidelity Bank’s IVY emerges the ‘clear leader’ of the rest of the chatbots due to her efficient and fast service delivery. Let’s examine how she did it.


Closely followed by the likes of United Bank for Africa’s LEO, Access Bank Plc’s Tamada, and Stanbic IBTC’s Sami, Ivy demonstrates astute artificial intelligence. Being the best chatbot in 2020 is not an easy task. Apart from this, the instant and relevant responses from the chatbot is top-notch. Security, too, has remained in the top quality tier.

7 Things Fidelity Bank’s IVY Can Do For You

Introduced only a few years back, Ivy – who is accessible via her WhatsApp phone number 09030000302, was only assisting the bank’s clients with basic transactions. Basic transactions like load airtime, funds transfer, and check balance in a modest manner. However, what has made her the best chatbot in 2020 is that her services have become very sophisticated. These new features below have helped push her to the top of the log. Congratulations to her

Complaint Resolution

ivy_best _chatbot_complaint

As electronic channels grow, so are new problems coming up. You can now simply go to your WhatsApp/Facebook to speak to IVY. Ivy responds, not only fast but also in the most humane manner. IVY is so real that you would be convinced that it’s a real human you’re chatting with. 

Once the issue is spotted and all your details confirmed, IVY logs your issue to the bank’s complaint resolution portal for action. This is literally the same thing a human customer service agent would have done, albeit with a little bit of waiting time here and there.

Account opening

Fidelity Bank Plc’s IVY also topples other virtual banking assistants because she can efficiently open banks accounts for prospective customers. She knows that not all Nigerians have BVN, so she will ask you if you have a BVN. Thereafter, she will redirect you to a portal where you can enter all your details. Simple as that, this has helped her become the best chatbot in 2020.

Fast Funds Transfer

We believe that the Fidelity Bank’s IVY funds transfer feature is the main selling point here. Besides the traditional banking services e.g check balance, airtime top-up, etc, Ivy is fast, safe, and very efficient. You may be asked to put your PIN and OTP at different points of initiating a transaction but this is all for security. The chatbots in many other banks are not as secure. 

Bills payment

IVY has access to a very wide range of billers. Once you choose this option and enter the amount you wish to pay, your biller gets the credit instantly. So bills like PHCN bill, LAWMA bill, land use charge, etc can now be done from the restful comfort of your WhatsApp.

Transferring users to a Live Agent

You may also request to be connected to a live customer care agent instantly. This is because, in some cases, customers actually still need other humans to talk to, despite having the best chatbot in 2020 in front of them.

ivy_best _chatbot_yes

Loans, Fixed Deposit Applications

With IVY, you can actually apply for loans and request to open a fixed deposit. Ivy is equipped with the ability to take you loan request to the bank who will either approve or decline your loan request. Aslo, one can also tell IVY to put a certain amount of money (which is already available in your bank account) in a fixed deposit.

Ivy Answers Random Questions

She is not just a nerdy virtual banking assistant, she is also a vast chatbot. You can ask Ivy random questions and she will also respond with clear answers to your questions whether or not they are related to banking or not.

ivy_best _chatbot_chat

She is fun as well, congratulations to her on becoming the best chatbot in 2020!

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