Fidelity Bank to Sanction Any Staff Found Violating COVID-19 Measures


Fidelity Bank PLC has, once again, shown its doggedness in trying to stop the spread of COVID-19. The deadly COVID-19 (Coronavirus), which broke out in Wuhan in December 2019, has kept the whole world on a fast-spiraling downturn all year. The first case of the Coronavirus in Nigeria was discovered on February 29th through an Italian immigrant. Ever since this incident, the COVID-19 cases grew like wildfire. In light of this, Fidelity Bank PLC has decided to sanction any staff found violating the set COVID-19 measures. This ‘tough-love‘ is highly commendable.

Recent data from NCDC on the COVID-19 pandemic reveals a spike in the recent spread. This is not to be, as the country, its citizens, and the CACOVID, through NCDC, has invested a lot of money, manpower, and seriousness in this fight for life. As of now, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads fast both on a community level and human-to-human level. 


Given this dire situation, Fidelity Bank – a consistent proponent of staff and customer wellness, has made sure to put protective measures in place. Now, the bank is stepping these guidelines up a notch.

The bank has laid down a few guidelines, to be followed by members of staff of the bank nationwide. In a mail sent by the Human Resources Unit to all staff, failure to follow these guidelines can now be rightly termed as “a deliberate act to put lives and the corporate brand in perpetual danger”. The bank is determined to safeguard staff, customers, and all other stakeholders involved in their business.

List of Sanctionable COVID-19 Measures Violations in Fidelity Bank

Staff Participation in Social Activities

Nigerians, as most know, have resumed most of their usual day-to-day businesses and activities. Mostly unprotected. The bank has strongly warned that its staff are not allowed to participate in public and social activities for now. The financial institution highlighted a few activities it will not tolerate henceforth. 20 people is the threshold for the bank.

 “Staff are strongly advised to avoid participation in social activities such as weddings, church services, mosque gathering, clubs, viewing centres, and other events”

Disobeying the 50-Percent Onsite and Remote Work Arrangement

The bank earlier gave a directive to all its branches and head office staff to rotate staff presence by 50%, i.e only 50% of staff should be present at any given point in time, the remaining 50% of staff in the unit must work from home. Application software and portals to facilitate easy accessibility for remote-working staff were put in ensure that their remote-working staff are well equipped. This is to aid social distancing. Any staff that decides to frustrate the arrangement will now be faced with sanctions.

Not Following the Duty Rosters

To aid social distancing again, Fidelity Bank also created virtual duty rosters to schedule staff rotation between onsite duty and remote duty.


This is to ensure that no staff is, at any point, confused about where to be at any time. The circular further reiterated the seriousness of this exercise by stating that;

“Any staff that comes to the office outside their scheduled workdays MUST be denied access to the office”

Violating the Code of Conduct for Onsite Staff


Onsite staff have been strongly advised to avoid unwarranted mixing and socialization with even other staff. This, definitely, will reduce the number of contacts in an unfortunate event of an infection in the premises. Fidelity Bank has softly issued a stern warning in this circular to sanction any staff found violating the COVID-19 measures. Basically, stay on your lane.

Non-adherence to Standard Safety Measures

All branches are been closely monitored to ensure adherence to standard and COVID-19 safety measures. Hand sanitizers wherever you turn, 6-feet-apart foot marks, insistence on wearing of nose masks, regular and thoughtful washing of hands, have all been preached. 



They are definitely a notch ahead of their peers in applying necessary and thoughtful caution to ensure our collective safety. Fidelity Bank’s decision to sanction any staff found violating the COVID-19 measures is commendable.

Imagine if all other banks take the health and wellness of its staff, customers, and other stakeholders as seriously as Fidelity Bank PLC does, even if it requires this type of tough-love. The Coronavirus “COVID-19” situation would have definitely been better than it is now.

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