Crypto Becoming More Popular – Japanese Firm Lists XRP For Cryptocurrency Lending!


Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular at present. With the increasing craze of investments in digital assets, Cryptos is the top-most adopted option. Many nations are taking initiative to add it to their systems.  It is the best platform to start a Cryptocurrency trading journey with Crypto VIP Club

Likewise, a Japanese firm decided to list XRP and make it available for the users of this nation. The firm is the sole of its type to list XRP for trading in Japan’s Crypto market. This firm is FUELHASH, where you can now trade XRP and expand your portfolio. Read this blog to find out more about this aspect in detail. 

The Only Platform To List XRP In Japan

FUELHASH is the sole platform in Japan that will list XRP for trading. This Japanese Cryptocurrency firm focuses on saving the environment too! It aims to encourage Cryptocurrency mining by using renewable energy sources. 

And the best part for all its users is that you can now find XRP in its list! Along with other Crypto lending activities, it will now offer XRP too! The firm announced this news in a recent press release. And with this, FUELHASH will now be the single Crypto firm listing XRP.  

This firm supports a bunch of other coins like BTC, USDC, ETH, BSDT, ETC, and others. And at present, you will also find XRP with these assets! 

The Procedure To Trade XRP On This Firm

For all Japanese users, XRP will be more available in the firm, FUELHASH. You can visit the website of this platform and learn about trading XRP in detail. 

You can offer as low as 100 XRP to lend on this platform. After that, the interest rate will be at 1.5%, which will be fixed. And after 90 days, this rate will be 1% for about 60 days! 

More About This Platform

FUELHASH is a Cryptocurrency trading platform that is concerned more about the environment. Katsuya Konno, the founder of FUELHASH, wants to focus on renewable energy for mining. 

Katsuya Konno found this platform back in March 2021. His mission is to encourage crypto mining through renewable energy sources. 

For Japan, this renewable energy source will be solar energy. While it will be hydroelectric power for firms abroad. After all the planning, Katsuya launched this platform in November 2022. 

The Representative Director of this firm shares that they will start handling XRP as it has many enthusiasts in the nation. They aim in offering a viable source of monetary gain to all these enthusiasts who are keen on long-term investments. Also, as the users believe that Crypto has a bright future, this will be a fit for them! 

The Director further added that FUELHASH is the single firm in Japan that is offering XRP in the open end. And, users can start lending with a minimum amount of 100 XRP. Besides that, the firm will also consider all the customer feedback and upgrade its system likewise. 

What Do Enthusiasts Say On This Move? 

Crypto Eri, the famous XRP influencer, shared the view on this development by FUELHASH on a Twitter account. The influencer says that FUELHASH, which was launched last year, announces adding XRP to its platform. 

Besides that, there will also be an earning program, known as the Earn Lending Program, with a deposit of just 100 XRP. The coin will now join other assets of its class like BTC, ETH, BNB, and others. 

Besides this, XRP is quite popular in Japan and proof of this is the partnership of Ripple with SBI holdings. A few weeks back, SBI VC trade announced that it will offer delegation services to all FLR holders. Here, the majority of FLR holders are XRP holders too! 


With the addition of XRP in FUELHASH, all Japanese investors and XRP enthusiasts can trade this asset. This is great news for all the enthusiasts who were quite eager to invest in it. 

If you are considering it for a long-term investment, this might be the best one for you! XRP will now join other Cryptos in the list like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. 

And, if you are new to Crypto trading and investments then you must check the Bitcoin trading platform.

Information contained on this article is just that – a piece of information. You should not use this to make financial decisions and we highly recommended you seek professional advice from an authorized expert.

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