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Clickworker supports clients with our micro-tasking industry solutions and provides thousands of data sets. These data sets are collected, created, or processed by a global movement of more than 1.9m Clickworkers. Clickworker has many of the world’s best online paying jobs. The World as we know it today has gradually moved to a digital phase, the internet is our new haven. One of the biggest problems people have these days is getting a job, the second biggest problem is getting an underpaying job. Clickworker has come to resolve these problems. 


Clickworker is a platform for people who wish to make extra income online by doing various mini jobs. Before becoming a “middleman” platform for employers and employees, Clickworker had been a leading name in the data gathering and data analysis fora. This platform is English and German based, so understand English. Clickworker grants you the exposure and basis to work from anywhere in the world be it South Africa, United States, Nigeria, Finland, Germany, Somalia Ghana, Togo or anywhere else you might be.

Click here to download the Clickworker app on your Android device. Download on your Apple device through the App store.

How to use Clickworker

This article will further explain exactly how to create and navigate your Clickworker.

Register on Clickworker

Like other platforms, the foremost step on the Clickworker page or app is to create a profile for yourself and register your correct details. Make sure to enter your real email, your real names, accurate work history, correct date of birth, correct phone number and so on.


Enter your details on Clickworker

Your real information and details is top priority here because this information forms the basis of your identity on the platform going forward. Besides, it has to match your account details when you’re getting paid. Click here to sign up with Clickworker. 

Complete Assessments on Clickworker

Once you sign up and you verify your email address, you will be prompted to complete a series of assessments. These assessments will be used to test your English and reasoning abilities. These assessments are important, however they are very very easy. The more assessment you complete, the more qualified you become for several jobs.


My advice to every job seeker is to demonstrate beyond all doubts that you are capable and vast by completing a lot of assessments. Like I wrote earlier, this will form the basis of your availability for jobs. The more capable and reliable you appear, the more companies find you hirable. For example, a good score can land you a writing or tech based job..

Register your Account Details with Clickworker: PayPal or Transferwise

On Clickworker, you are paid hourly and you can get your payments through PayPal or Transferwise. Not all countries can receive money via PayPal,  for example Nigeria. Therefore, the capable alternative would be Transferwise. You can actually receive money or send money from anywhere in the world without restrictions with Transferwise. Click here to open the Transferwise page. Clickworker has many of the best online paying jobs. Complete an account creation. Transferwise page will create a profile and your account number go back to fill the details of your account into your Clickworker profile. Simple!

Types of Jobs you Can Do on Clickworker

Simple Editing Jobs

This type of job merely requires you to edit small and medium-sized articles. The articles could be about anything ranging from fast moving products to holidaying in other countries and so on. A text will be readily made available to you and all you need to do is edit to earn.

Writing Jobs

Like this category implies, you will be required to keep writing for blogs, websites or even books.This job basically requires you to write original content and submit to the employer via Clickworker. So if you are good in writing, and equally vast about several subjects, you have no problems. Just earn from your talent and vastness.

Survey Jobs

This type of job basically entails reviewing products, services and getting paid for it. Clickworker receives requests from brands’ product managers and manufacturers to review specific products and show the world what their products are about. Clickworker receives this and further outsources the job to you. All you have to do instantly is go learn everything about the product or service, share your opinion about it and get paid for it.

Product Data Management Jobs

Clickworkers here are required to extract and digitalize all types and amounts of product data from excel spreadsheets, PDF files, images, print catalogs and procurement portals. Online or offline, this is one of the best online paying jobs.

This advanced solution is engineered to enable the hiring business to then import that data directly back into their merchandise management system, PIM system or shop.

Photography and Cinematography Jobs

I like this one. All you need to do excel here is to get a great camera. If you are really serious about it and you do not have the proper financing you can check out the small business loans for photographers and see if it will work for you.

You can also use a mobile device with a great camera. Take insightful pictures of phenomena around you. Also, you can make specific videos about things happening around you. Tip: take quality pictures and videos and edit where necessary to deliver better quality.

Content Research Jobs

In this description, Clickworker will require you to continuously search the internet for specific data and update them accordingly. Simple things like current verified figures of a product, addresses of companies and the likes are likely subjects you get here.


With Clickworker, you are guaranteed to make that much needed extra income that will eventually sort out an avalanche of bills. The fact that jobs can be done in your own spare time is another plus for even people who have a main income stream.


Better to grab some extra money through these online paying jobs than laying around when you’re not working.

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