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How to Register and Apply for e-Form A (School Fees, PTA/BTA), NCX & NXP Online (

CBN set up the Form ‘A’ and Export windows to cater for the sale of foreign exchange (fx) to Nigerians who are going or trading abroad for specific purposes. This is to ensure that the travelers and exporters have access to affordable foreign exchange currencies especially the Great Britain Pounds (GBP), US Dollar (USD), and Euro (EUR). Before

Fidelity Bank Re-Introduces Area Konnect (Agency Banking); How to Register To Become An Agent; Agent Commissions; Frequently Asked Questions

What is Area konnect? Fidelity Bank's Area Konnect is Fidelity Bank’s agency banking arm. Just like EcoBank’s Xpresspoint and UBA’s UBA Moni, Area Konnect brings financial services from the bank to your neighbourhood and saves you the stress of going to the bank. Banks are now repositioning their scope to suit the contemporary trend of

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