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OPay Mini POS – How to Apply; Why Choose OPay MiniPOS?

In Nigeria, it is safe to say that OPay has completely decentralised banking to a considerable level through its efficient Agency Banking. It’s so remarkable that other Point-of-Sales agents are now being referred to as ‘OPay people’. In every neighbourhood, urban or rural setting, there is an OPay agent wielding a POS device in your face. They

5 Simple Steps to Get A Startup Business Loan from A Lender

For startups, mostly those below 2 years, getting a business loan/support from their lender e.g. commercial banks, microfinance companies, and loan companies, is extremely challenging. This is not due to lack of trust in the purpose of the loan. This is because the risk of startups failing is high or uncertain. Most startups are too small in staff

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