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How Insurance Works in Nigeria

Insurance Companies in Nigeria and around the world operate in the financial services sector. The business of insurance involves the insurance company guaranteeing replacement or repairs or a shorty for an asset or service that may have been damaged or impaired or defaulted under terms and conditions in exchange for a premium. This article is

How to Spot and Prevent Phishing Email Attacks

The world has witnessed rapid growth and development in the digital sphere in recent times. Sadly, the development is all-inclusive. New ways have been devised to defraud people of their hard earned money and vital information. One prominent way is Email Phishing. In this article, we are going to find out how to spot and prevent phishing email

Learn Everything About Treasury Bills in Nigeria

This article is a simplified process-led guide set to answer all your questions about treasury bills, otherwise known as "TBills". How is it booked? What are the dynamics involved in interest pricing? Available tenors? Benefits? Tips? Where can I buy it? Minimum amount? Maximum amount? So Sit tight and learn everything about treasury bills in

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