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Sukuk Bond 2020 – How to Subscribe

Derived from the Islamic word - Sakk, the term Sukuk roughly implies a legal-binding document, a legitimate financial certificate that is in compliance with the Sharia religious law. The concept of the Sukuk bond scheme dates back to the 7th century AD. The maiden Sukuk transaction which took place in Damascus, Syria was necessary as the

UBA New Mobile App, Introduces Groundbreaking Features

Apart from the bespoke features the UBA mobile banking app already known for from time, UBA recently upgrades its mobile app and introduces groundbreaking features. UBA new mobile banking app presents new exciting features for customers of the bank. Thoughtful, necessary thinking was obviously put to work to achieve this unequaled feat.

Kakeibo – How to Save and Spend The Japanese Way

In many things, the Japanese people are a wonder to behold. Masters of minimal living, the way they pay consistent attention to micro-mini aspects of their lives is mindblowing. Reading about them and meeting many of them has given me insights as to how their thought processes could be so simplistic. The Kakeibo, Japanese art of saving and

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