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The Simple Ways to Calculate Interest on Fixed Deposit, Savings Account and Loans; How to Calculate WHT on Interest

The savings or fixed deposit account interest payment system is a very familiar one, such that account holders expect to receive their interest payment at the end of every month. In Nigeria, few rules are attached to operating a savings account if you don’t want to forfeit your interest - check them here. Okay, people expect their interest but

CBN Nigerian Treasury Bills: How to Bid for Treasury Bills; Find Out the Next Bidding Date (February 2023) (Updated); Treasury Bills Rate Today

Once again, the CBN Nigerian Treasury Bills (NTB) are on the rise. This comes on the back of previous months of almost lifeless traction, as CBN NTB rates crashed to unimaginable depths. This article will answer the three most asked questions about the Nigerian Treasury Bills - how do I bid for treasury bills? And when are the next Nigerian

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