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Burna Boy’s Net Worth, Investments, Other Details

Birth name’s Damini Ebunolwa Ogulu. Born on 2 July 1991 in Portharcourt, Nigeria. Burna Boy is a singer, a writer, a producer, and a performer. He has taken the world with his unique fusion of Afro-pop, reggae, ‘riddim’, and dancehall. Burna (as many fans call him) is the sole brains behind his popular singles ‘Like to Party’, ‘Ye’, ‘On the Low’,

How to Start Cattle Rearing Business in Nigeria

This article is a fool-proof guide to how to start cattle -rearing business and make money from it in Nigeria. Cattle-rearing business is a multi-faceted business that yields an array of income lines. This is because every part of the cattle can be turned to cash! Not a surprise there’s a phrase that goes by “cash cow”. Bar the unending stress,

Interest rates are at an ALL-TIME Low: What to do?

We are in a time where interest rates in Nigeria are being reviewed and slashed daily. Last week, a leading Nigerian bank offered its clients 3% for an investment of over N200m (two hundred million naira). As if that is not ridiculous enough, this came with a caveat stating the 3% given can be further slashed if the situation becomes worse.

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