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How best to put Fintech solutions to optimum use.

Top 7 Best Banks For POS Business in Nigeria

If you want to start a POS business, there are actually two major sets of institutions that you can reach out for your POS machine: Either any commercial Bank, or FinTech companies like Opay, and the likes. So having decided that you will get your POS machine from a commercial bank, there is a need to look out for the bank that would give you

OPay Mini POS – How to Apply; Why Choose OPay MiniPOS?

In Nigeria, it is safe to say that OPay has completely decentralised banking to a considerable level through its efficient Agency Banking. It’s so remarkable that other Point-of-Sales agents are now being referred to as ‘OPay people’. In every neighbourhood, urban or rural setting, there is an OPay agent wielding a POS device in your face. They

Boss Revolution Money Transfer: Fast & Cheap Way to Send Money from US to Nigeria and Other Countries; Cheap International Phone Calls and Mobile Top-Up

Our constant search for the fastest, most seamless, and cheapest methods to send money from the United States to Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and 56 other countries of the world has found another gem - the Boss Revolution Money Transfer App. Before Boss Revolution, there was a big problem that saw many migrants and student in USA unable to send

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