How Insurance Works in Nigeria

Insurance Companies in Nigeria and around the world operate in the financial services sector. The business of insurance involves the insurance company guaranteeing replacement or repairs or a shorty for an asset or service that may have been damaged or impaired or defaulted under terms and conditions in exchange for a premium. This article is

Interest rates are at an ALL-TIME Low: What to do?

We are in a time where interest rates in Nigeria are being reviewed and slashed daily. Last week, a leading Nigerian bank offered its clients 3% for an investment of over N200m (two hundred million naira). As if that is not ridiculous enough, this came with a caveat stating the 3% given can be further slashed if the situation becomes worse.

Tips on How to Organize your Money and Spending

Truth is, people don't have the kind of money they want because they do not take the much needed time to organize their money. You see, when I organize my money, I get to manage your money. When you manage your money, you get to master your money. If you master certain monies, you will get more in return through viable mini investments...see one

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