1. Alex says


  2. Adefolahan Marc says

    Hi Gbenga, great work.
    Paypal is stressing me, and I’m gonna try this out soonest. Hope it works.

  3. Kay Kay says

    Hi Gbenga,

    I got the UBA Africard (Naira) but i wasn’t happy cos i linked it to my Paypal account and when i transfer funds to my Africard, UBA automatically converts it to Naira at 408 when the official bank rate is now over 500.

    Few days ago, i got the UBA Africard (Dollar) but when i went to a UBA branch yesterday to withdraw funds, they said i CANNOT withdraw dollars from my card.

    Which was weird.

    Can you please confirm if your able to withdraw dollars from your card?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Kay Kay, thanks for reaching out.

      Commercial banks HAVE their own rates which are in conformity with CBN regulations, and these are very different from the unofficial black market rates.

      There are very few terminals (POS/ATM) that pay in USD in Nigeria currently as CBN continues to frown at dollarization (local use and circulation of dollars) so you might not get one nearby.

      That being said, once you receive your funds in your USD prepaid card, you can visit any UBA to apply for a USD withdrawal from your prepaid card…they will give you your cash in hand. You can also transfer same to your USD bank account if you have one, you can shop with it online as well.

      I hope this helps.

      You can also reach me @ [email protected] for further clarifications.

    2. Peter Okamgba says

      I think you should transfer the money to a dollar account of another bank coz people usually withdraw in dollars

  4. Promise Elekwa says

    Please i got a uba prepaid card.. but how can i fund it ..

    1. Gbenga says
  5. Olajire says

    Hello please what is the fix rate when uba prepaid card is use on intanational website?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Olajire,

      Please contact UBA customer care for this information.


  6. Dayo olajire says

    What is the cost of using uba prepaid card? Thanks.

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