1. Alex says


  2. Adefolahan Marc says

    Hi Gbenga, great work.
    Paypal is stressing me, and I’m gonna try this out soonest. Hope it works.

  3. Kay Kay says

    Hi Gbenga,

    I got the UBA Africard (Naira) but i wasn’t happy cos i linked it to my Paypal account and when i transfer funds to my Africard, UBA automatically converts it to Naira at 408 when the official bank rate is now over 500.

    Few days ago, i got the UBA Africard (Dollar) but when i went to a UBA branch yesterday to withdraw funds, they said i CANNOT withdraw dollars from my card.

    Which was weird.

    Can you please confirm if your able to withdraw dollars from your card?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Kay Kay, thanks for reaching out.

      Commercial banks HAVE their own rates which are in conformity with CBN regulations, and these are very different from the unofficial black market rates.

      There are very few terminals (POS/ATM) that pay in USD in Nigeria currently as CBN continues to frown at dollarization (local use and circulation of dollars) so you might not get one nearby.

      That being said, once you receive your funds in your USD prepaid card, you can visit any UBA to apply for a USD withdrawal from your prepaid card…they will give you your cash in hand. You can also transfer same to your USD bank account if you have one, you can shop with it online as well.

      I hope this helps.

      You can also reach me @ banknaija@gmail.com for further clarifications.

      1. Thomas Aganwonyi says

        Thanks for this expose. Please must the USD (Domiciliary ) back account be UBA< What if I have a GT dom account instead?

      2. Collins Michael says


        I’m pushing to get the UBA dollar Prepaid card. Because I want to use it to withdraw from PayPal.

        However I have some questions:

        Can I use it to withdraw from PayPal? If yes, will it reflect in USD dollars on the card?

        Secondly, I have a dollar domiciliary account. Can I transfer the USD from the prepaid card to the domiciliary account?

        Please advise me.

    2. Peter Okamgba says

      I think you should transfer the money to a dollar account of another bank coz people usually withdraw in dollars

    3. Anonymous says

      You need to transfer the funds to your domicillary account

  4. Promise Elekwa says

    Please i got a uba prepaid card.. but how can i fund it ..

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Promise,

      Please find how to fund/top-up the uba prepaid card here: https://www.banknaija.com/all-about-the-uba-prepaid-card-features-uses-how-to-get/#How_to_FundTop-Up_the_UBA_Prepaid_Africard

  5. Olajire says

    Hello please what is the fix rate when uba prepaid card is use on intanational website?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Olajire,

      Please contact UBA customer care for this information.


  6. Dayo olajire says

    What is the cost of using uba prepaid card? Thanks.

    1. Gbenga says

      N1,050. Thanks.

      1. baba said says

        Good day sir and happy New Year,sir can it possible to make a payment that’s above 100$ which is limition on my naira Uba prepaid card when I link it with Paypal?

        1. Gbenga says

          you cannot spend more than the limit. regards,

  7. Hero says

    What is the daily limit of UBA prepaid card?

  8. Payshay says

    Do i fund this account with naira and then if i want to pay in dollars for any transaction it would be in dollars??

    1. Gbenga says

      You can fund in naira and spend online in USD. The limit, however, is $100/month. If you will be spending more online, I’d recommend a USD-denominated card.

  9. Ridwan says

    Pls what is the dollar spending limit online to purchase goods perday with this africard.

    Because I would love to buy goods online worth 800$, how do I go about it

    1. Gbenga says

      The $ spending threshold for some banks fluctuate depending on the current FX situation at the time. However, the widely-propagated threshold is $100 per MONTH.

      To do your transaction, I’d advise that you get a USD card and spend freely.

  10. Kenneth says

    Hi Ridwan, I can help you out with your purchase. Kindly reach out to me on 08*********.
    We can meet face to face to handle your transaction.

    1. Gbenga says

      Dear Ridwan/Anyone reading this,

      ALWAYS ignore these types of messages above as they are attempts to swindle you off your hard earned money.

      Stay guided.

  11. Christopher says

    If a prepaid naira card also has a threshold of $100 that means it’s not different from my normal debit card na

    1. Gbenga says

      The Africard is a prepaid card, a debit card is a debit card.

      The global Naira spending limits also apply to the Naira Africard (as with all other Naira-denominated accounts/cards). If you want to exceed this threshold, simply get a USD Africard, source for your own FX and spend as you wish.

  12. Ifeanyi says

    Hello Gbenga , great work💪. With africard naira hope I can spend more than $100 monthly online???

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Ifeanyi,

      Thank you for the feedback.

      The global Naira spending limits also apply to the Africard (as with all other Naira-denominated accounts/cards). If you want to exceed this threshold, simply get a USD Africard, source for your own FX and spend.

  13. Johnny says

    How much limit can i withdraw at abroad atm with my naira prepaid card? Prompt response please

    1. Gbenga says

      Eq. $100 only/month (or as the national policies proscribe at the time of transaction).

      1. Sam says

        I wanted to request for a uba africard for connecting with my PayPal account.
        And I want to ask if I should request for Either a naira or USD prepaid card. And what features differentiate the two
        I want to earn online in USD and withdraw in naira. Thanks.

  14. Monica says

    Can I withdraw pounds from my paypal instead of dollar on my uba prepaid card?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Monica,

      If I get you correctly, you mean to ask if you can withdraw GBP using your USD UBA prepaid card. Yes, a cross-currency change will be done and your card will be credited with the equivalent of the GBP.

      Alternatively, you can get a GBP UBA Prepaid card in any of their outlets for a more seamless transaction.

  15. Victor Romanof says

    Can I own a Naira and Dollar Prepaid card at once?

    1. Gbenga says

      Yes, you can

  16. Damilare says

    Please how do I load a dollar prepaid card without going to the bank

    1. Gbenga says

      You can load your dollar prepaid card via any of UBA’s online banking channels i.e. mobile banking, internet banking.

      1. Trex says

        Going through your page it has really answered all my questions . Thanks so much for this

        Please if I want to fund my USD Afri Card, at rate would I be charged on please??

        1. Gbenga says

          Hi Trex,

          Thank you so much.

          The rate would be $1 to $1 since you’d be funding the card with usd. You can only fund a UBA prepaid card using the currency it’s denominated in.

        2. Wisdom says

          This page has answered all my questions but there is one baffling question..
          Please bro gbenga I want to ask, Can I fund my UBA dollar prepaid card using my UBA account (Internet banking or App).
          If YES, then My question is can I use a UBA savings account (NAIRA denominated) to fund a UBA dollar prepaid card Online ??

          1. Gbenga says

            Please fund a USD card using a USD account. Alternatively, you can source for your own FX and deposit the cash into the card at any UBA Business Office. Thank you

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  18. Baba said says

    Sir can it’s possible to send from Uba prepaid naira to Uba prepaid dollar?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Baba Said,

      Currencies differ. It’s not possible.

  19. Oladeji says

    I got my naira africard, but I’ve not been able to link to paypal successfully, i only got a debit of 480naira; no pp-code was sent… I’ve waited for a month now, the 480 was refunded, still ni code.. I reattempt it today; the same amount was debited…please i need help

    1. Gbenga says

      I’d advise that you confirm with the bank if your phone number is correctly entered in the card details. You should also check the same on PayPal. That’s the most common cause of non-receipt of the otp code.

      The correct format is +23480…..

      1. Oladeji says

        My number was entered correctly… The PayPal code, that starts with PP-**** is what i didn’t receive after I’ve been debited

        1. Gbenga says

          The ‘PP’ code is to be sent directly from UBA. Confirm that the card that you have is the ‘International’ type, not Local. Do you get regular transaction alerts when you use the card?

  20. Vic says

    Will an international online payment in naira over 100k go through with Uba naira prepaid card?

  21. Emas Vic says

    Can Uba naira prepaid card work on an online international payment gateway charged in naira?

    1. Emas Vic says

      Can Uba naira prepaid card work on an online international payment gateway charged in naira(above 100 thousand naira)?

      1. Gbenga says

        Hi Emas Vic,

        The $100 global monthly threshold applies to the naira UBA prepaid card as well. Your limit/month on any naira card is $100. You can get a USD/GBP card, load it and use it for your transactions.

    2. Gbenga says

      Yes, the UBA Naira Prepaid Card (International) will work on intl platforms. Local card types would not.

      1. Abdullahi says

        Weldone Sir, how can I know the difference between the Local type UBA Naira prepaid card and the Naira prepaid card for international transaction

  22. Vic Emas says

    Can Uba naira prepaid card work on an online international payment gateway charged in naira? Over N100k

  23. Yusuf says

    I have a uba Afri card(dollar). Can I withdraw in naira since the card is that of dollar.

  24. Baba Said says

    Thank you for your feedback. again sir can Uba prepaid dollar card holder Get dollar buy from the Uba Bank’or is there any app that Support currency exchange that will help me load my prepaid dollar card without visiting a business office to do that?

    1. Gbenga says

      Hello Said,

      Thank you for your comments. You can only load a UBA prepaid card using any of UBA’s e-channels or simply going to the “business office” to do that.

  25. Baba said says

    Thanks you for your quick response’ again sir my experience with Uba prepaid naira card I can load it myself via u mobile app internet banking or by Dial*919# and I can also add My prepaid on my app’ but that of Dollar i can’t be able load money on it I when to the bank with naira my thoughts to get exchange and load money to the card but I was told that I will only come with dollar to load ; that is why I am asking if there any app that support currency exchange that will allow me to load my card

  26. Afolabi Damilare says

    Would I be able to link a low kyc prepaid card to my my PayPal account.

  27. Afolabi Damilare says

    How can I get my uba naira prepaid card billing address

  28. Toju says

    Hello, Please if I get the uba prepaid dollar card, how do I fund it, can I get dollar from the bank?

    1. Gbenga says

      You need to source for your USD from the parallel market yourself.

  29. Success says

    Hello, Please I just got my Uba dollar prepaid card and to activate it I need to fund it with dollar, So can I go to a any uba bank and make a deposit in naira then they fund it with dollar?

    1. Gbenga says

      The bank will not do naira-usd conversion for you so you have to source for you USD elsewhere e.g family, friends, aboki?

      1. Anonymous says

        please I got my UBA naira prepaid card yesterday but i’m unable to link it with my paypal. it’s saying “your card was declined by issuing bank. please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions.

        1. Gbenga says

          Local or international card?

          1. Anonymous says

            I have this same issue you responded to.. my card was declined and was asked to contact the issuing bank.. though money was deducted from my account and a pp code was sent but can’t input the code due to the declined message.. it’s a naira visa prepaid card.. please can you help

          2. Gbenga says

            Were you using a UBA Naira prepaid card?

  30. Sami says

    Hi Gbenga.
    On the prepaid card enrolment form, there are no blocks for BVN and also since the features of the card says that it’s not linked with Bank Accounts. Would BVN still be requested upon registration at one of their Business offices?. I speak as one who doesn’t know his BVN and it’s much complicated than requesting the number from the Bank.

    1. Gbenga says

      Hi Sami,

      You can easily retrieve your bvn using *565*0#, or visit your bank ask for it. BVN is an essential to getting a UBA prepaid card

      1. Ismaila jatto says

        Good afternoon sir. Please does Uba prepaid card (naira) can work in other countries and what is the maximum amount Uba prepaid card can carry?

  31. Daniel says

    How much does Paypal charge for Linking the prepaid card.

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  34. Azeez says

    Hi Gbenga. Is it possible to fund the prepaid (dollar) card too via the mobile app?

    1. Gbenga says

      You can fund the prepaid USD card directly via your USD account, yes.

  35. Babs says

    Hi Gbenga, I’m new to this prepaid card stuff, I am about to get it tomorrow. And i must say every comment here and your reply has answered the majority of my questions. However, Pls, what code will i send to my company( international) if i want to get paid? I’m a freelancer and I am about to get paid. What code will i send over to them?

    1. Gbenga says

      To fund a UBA Prepaid Card, you will need the card’s Client ID. It’s usually at the back of the card (bottom-left).

  36. Juliet says

    Good morning, thanks for replying all the questions.
    Please I will like to know which uba prepaid card I should get ( dollar or naira) as I want to link it to an online company where I will be paid in USD?

    1. Gbenga says

      USD, easily

  37. Vanessa says

    Please if I receive dollars in uba naira prepaid card, will it automatically convert to naira in my account balance. For example someone pays me $50 dollars into my naira prepaid card, will it automatically convert it to 28000naira into my uba prepaid account? Please reply

    1. Gbenga says

      A Naira denominated debit or credit card CANNOT receive another currency order than its own. Please explain better

  38. Wisdom says

    Good evening Mr Gbenga
    My name is Wisdom.
    I got this email from your website, you added it to a question you answered.

    I have a UBA savings account (Naira)
    I have a UBA prepaid card. (NAIRA AFRICARD)
    I Just got UBA Dollar AFRICARD

    My question is; Can I fund my UBA prepaid Dollar card with my UBA savings account online or through the app?
    I don’t have a domiciliary account.

    Again, I want to ask, if I open a domiciliary account and I want to fund it.
    Can I fund it Using; Western Union , MoneyGram or Online platforms that supports the use of NAIRA DEBIT CARD for international transaction.

    Does Western union and MoneyGram support the transfer of money from Naira Debit cards to a Domiciliary account??

    1. Gbenga says

      My advise is: if you are doing any transaction that needs FX e.g USD, SOURCE for your own FX from the parallel market or any other means available to you. Please you can fund a USD card using your UBA USD account.

      On your questions bothering WU/MG, kindly contact the merchants themselves.

  39. Juliet says

    Okay thanks
    Please if I receive dollars in uba naira prepaid card, will it automatically convert to naira in my account balance. For example someone pays me $50 dollars into my naira prepaid card, will it automatically convert it to 28000naira into my uba prepaid account? Please reply

  40. Vanessa says

    What I mean is just like with PayPal you can transfer dollars directly to the naira prepaid card and it will automatically convert it to naira into the uba prepaid account. So will it be the same thing if someone just directly sends dollar to the naira prepaid card?
    Please I just want to understand the usage of the card well, I’m not use to all this

    1. Gbenga says

      Your card is Naira-denominated, it takes NAIRA. Even IMTOs have been stopped from converting USD to Naira for Nigerian beneficiaries due to the volume of short-changing going on in that space. That said, I think you should just get a USD prepaid card to map to PayPal and a USD account to receive your inward transfers.

      1. Tam says

        Hello Gbenga,
        I have UBA USD AfriCARD Account, and it’s connected to PayPal also.
        Can I make withdrawals from it by transferring the funds to my USD Domiciliary Account in another bank?

  41. Vanessa says

    Thank you so much for your reply

  42. Bakhitadivine says

    Thanks, Mr Gbenga.

  43. Anonymous says

    Pls can UBA USD prepaid card withdraw naira at the ATM stands??

    1. Gbenga says


  44. Favour Ikume says

    Hi, Mr Gbenga
    Please can i fund my neteller account using my uba dollar africard

  45. Faith Says says

    Hi Mr Gbenga
    I want to make some online payment in GBP. But I have a usd prepared card. Will it work

    1. Gbenga says

      Yes, it should work

  46. Faith says

    Hi Mr Gbenga
    I want to make some online payments in pounds but I have a usd prepaid card. Will it work

    1. Gbenga says

      That should work

  47. Sylvester says

    What is the spending limit on UBA naira prepaid card online

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