A Guide to QR Codes: How to Improve Your Business With QR Codes; Uses of QR Codes


QR codes present businesses with a contactless solution to offering good services and getting feedback. When used correctly (and creatively), QR codes can give you a fast, touch-free way to accept payments in person. No physical money changing hands, no receipts to sign, nothing. This article will help you understand what QR codes really are, their uses, and how you can improve your Nigerian business with them. This is very important now as the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is on the high, simply because of the ease in person-to-person exposure via touch, saliva, etc.

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QR codes are becoming more popular amongst entrepreneurs nowadays. Most notably, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic, more people are adopting this not-so-new style. Restaurants, shops, and stores, taxis, small and medium businesses, e-commerce outfits, etc are starting to adopt QR codes as effective methods to receive payment, advertise their goods and services, communicate with customers, request payment, etc.

What Is a QR Code?

QR code, meaning “Quick Response Code”, is a type of barcode that stores complex information. In 1994, Denso Wave Incorporated, a Toyota supplier, invented the QR code for the automotive industry in Japan. QR codes come in a distinct square shape, containing more squares inside the main square. With a capacity to store up to 4296 characters, QR Codes can store web addresses, email addresses, and more.

Why Does My Business Need a QR Code?

Why Should I Use a QR Code?

  • Social Distancing – You can finally and completely remove yourself from your customer’s physical space, while also serving them efficiently. With the advent of the global pandemic – Coronavirus, this cannot be overemphasized.

  • Cheap – You can finally cross-out the cost of printing flyers, banners, brochures, etc. in a bid to put your business out there
  • Going green – Well, the world gets to expend fewer trees if you discount your paper usage during advertisements. This is where the entire world is heading to.
  • Conversion – Because the QR codes are easy to use, and virtual too, you get to retain more active users in your books
  • Feedback – You can absolutely engage your customers for candid feedback in a creative way
  • Customer-centric – Instructions sent via QR code is less likely to get lost. Your packages to your customers can remain tidy with a modest-size QR code right on the side.
  • Trackable – Data monitoring is very important if anyone wishes to grow in any business. You can easily know how people interact with your products out there.
  • Easy-to-use – Everybody involved in the process, engages with graceful fluidity and seamlessness.

How Do QR Codes Work?

Today, any consumer/customer with a camera-enabled smartphone can scan a QR code and get access to whatever information you have previously embedded in the code. It is just a gateway to your website, app, goods, services, etc. without you necessarily touching or speaking to the customer.

In a nutshell, here is how the QR Code works:

  1. Seller/business owner generates the QR Code
  2. The buyer/consumer uses the camera from his/her smartphone to scan the code, and it immediately takes the consumer to your information.


Generating a QR Code

This is how to generate a QR Code. Any person with access to the internet today can create a QR code. There are many free QR code generators that offer good and swift service on the internet today. A business that wants to share information with customers or prospects has to first generate a QR code. Most of them are FREE to use, too.

Here is a simple 5-step method to create your unique QR code for your business:

Source: app.qr-code-generator.com
  • Step 3:Create and design the QR Code to your taste
  • Step 4: Choose the function for the code you have created, whenever scanned
  • Step 5: Download the Code to your device, and share it for use.

QR Code can be shared in two ways:

  • PRINT: You can also print a picture of the QR code from your device, and strategically place it in a well-lit place for easy scanning.
  • ONLINE: You can have a large display of the QR code in jpeg, png, tiff, gif, or any other picture format.

Scanning a QR Code

This part is for your consumer/customer. It is the easiest thing to do with a smartphone. Your consumer/customer simply needs to:

  1. Pick up his/her phone
  2. Go to Camera
  3. Focus the camera lens on the printed code
  4. Scan

Once the scan is completed, the phone is automatically redirected to the information you intend to pass to the consumer/customer to view.

For some, especially Android phones, the cameras are not equipped with this ability to scan codes. Your consumer/customer can download a QR code scanning app from their app store, install, and scan your code appropriately.

Here, below, are a few reasons why you need a QR Code:

So, whether you’re a DannyWalta who sells shoes, the chef PurpleBistroLagos, YouTubers BidCreates, or a clothier like SavvyClothes, start revamping your customer experience with QR Codes.

QR Codes can:

  • Redirect your consumer/customer to a desired URL. For example, your Facebook, Twitter, your blog/website, any social media, etc. For lazy-finger people, they’d be happy!
  • Redirect people to your physical office address. Simply embed your office’s exact Google Maps address (coordinates) in the code during creation.
  • A vCard QR code can serve as your virtual business card. Your information already stored in the QR Code e.g, name, phone number, email address, and other contact details can be seamlessly and immediately downloaded and stored in the recipient’s phone.
  • Trying to give your account information and instructions for payment of services rendered? Create a QR Code that displays plain text once scanned.
  • Ever thought about storing your bitcoin address in a QR code?
  • Share discounts and coupons
  • Ask questions about services and get rated as well
  • Share videos, music, and pictures
  • Promote your scheduled event dates and venues
  • Redirect people to your App
  • Collect tips for your services instead of accepting cash gifts
  • And so many more creative ways
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