6 Steps & Best Sites To Get A Remote Job in Few Hours in Nigeria (February 2023)


Blown open by the lockdown & Covid-19 in 2020 and enabled by the improving internet space, the ‘work from home’ remote work-style is now becoming the order of the day. Companies are now downsizing, not their number of staff, but the number of staff that actually come to the office.

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First, this downsizing was necessary due to Covid-19 social distancing. Then, companies began to see that it’s even more efficient to keep staff at home while they work out of their private workspace remotely. Cost of running the office is drastically reduced, and staff don’t get to leave their bed. Win-Win.

However, this has birthed a boom in the remote work space. Skilled workers all over the world have now realised that working for anyone from anywhere is totally doable. This article will look at the all-important step-by-step guide on how to get a lucrative remote job in just a few hours.

Why a Remote Job?

You must think about your reasons for choosing to move to a full & 100% remote job. If you find yourself wanting to move for the wrong reasons, then you may not actually make a good remote staff. A good example is one who cannot work without close and direct supervision. Working remotely would spell doom for such staff.

Here are some of the best reasons to choose a remote job:

  • Avoid the stress of commuting to work daily
  • Jobs in your environment aren’t that great
  • Avoid toxic office spaces
  • Avoid the security issues that come with commuting to/fro work
  • Get a good work-life balance
  • Get more time for hobbies
  • Get quality family time
  • Get flexible timing
  • And so on

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get A Remote Job


Now, here is a 6-step guide on how to get a remote job without actually having any form of experience in remote work:

Personalise Your Resume/CV to Suit Remote Jobs

For remote jobs, the chats aren’t usually in-person – if there will be a chat. This is why your resume/CV must spell out all your certifications, unique programs, experiences, skills, mannerisms, your life goals, and your attitude towards work. 

You will not have the opportunity to explain these to the recruiters, so you should include these in your resume/CV if you want to get a lucrative remote job.

Tailor Your Remote Job Application to The Listed Role

This is one mistake people make a lot. They use the same old resume/CV to apply to several jobs, without checking if what’s in the resume/CV is what is needed by the requesting firm.

Here’s how to tailor your resume/CV to roles:

  • Have a word document (docx) of your resume/CV handy – you can even have it on your mobile device. This is so that you can easily modify any part of the resume/CV as you wish and on the go.
  • Use similar keywords, as in the job description displayed online
  • Highlight relevant experience and skills
  • Play down irrelevant experiences and skills
  • Proofread to seek out mistakes

Register on Remote Job Sites

Don’t expect to see calls for remote roles displayed in any other place, than online. Some sites have successfully aggregated all the remote job listings in one place – all you need to do is search through their catalogue and seek out the ones most suitable for you. 

Many remote job sites display listings for recruiters who answer in just a few hours, even minutes sometimes. Guess why? Your remote job recruiters also work remotely.

Here are a few sites we recommend (in no particular order):

Network Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn has successfully imposed itself as the ultimate hub for professionals from all walks of life – remote or in-person. 

You can leverage the useful connections on the site to upscale your chances of getting recognised for a remote job, or getting your connection to connect you with the actual Human Resource person in-charge of the job listing.

Set up Your Devices & Space For An Interview

After your resume/CV sets you apart from the others, and you get picked for an interview, you will then need to prove all your claims right. Remember this is the first time your recruiters are meeting you, you must give a good impression to even stand a chance.

The best way to start with this is to set up your computer/laptop/mobile phone correctly to capture your face (the entire torso, if possible). Consider a well-lit place, too. 

Here’s a list of things to put in place to ensure a smooth chat/interview process:

  • Be timely and organised
  • Moderate light to the face
  • Fully charged device
  • Strong internet
  • Good sitting position
  • A plain/light background
  • Quiet environment

Follow Up On Recruiters

Send ‘thank you’ notes after interviews – this gives off the impression of a thoughtful person to your recruiters.

If you have already been interviewed but haven’t heard anything from your recruiters in one week, you should write a short and polite follow up mail to the recruiters for an update.


If you are able to religiously follow the highlighted steps above, you definitely have a high chance of landing that dream remote job. Getting your remote job is easier than you think.

Once you get your offer, read through to be sure that the remuneration (pay) and work conditions are a good fit for you as a person.

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