Brand Eroding Errors Start-ups Make


As a growing business brand, you have an important task of putting yourself out there to prospective customers. You must make them see you in the best light possible. The first impression of your clients, towards your work, can never be overstated.

Below are branding mistakes made by small and medium-sized business owners. We will look at them carefully and be sure not to make them.


Disorganised Website

Some business/website-owners create menus and categories scattered everywhere, mostly with titles not even matching the purported posts. This careless practice, by every means, is a huge turnoff that results to brand failures. As a small or medium-sized business owner, your page or website should be simple, crisp, spic and span. Your visitors want information in the clearest possible way. Clumsiness makes information really difficult to read. Also, ensure that your website is secured from external malicious elements – see how here on popular and leading tech site, HowToTechNaija.


Ensure the following:

  1. clear contact options
  2. Easy navigation
  3. Clear titles to posts/articles
  4. Obvious price tags
  5. Correct email addresses
  6. Precise contact forms.

Error 404 – Not Found

Nothing is more annoying to your visitor more than dead ends. Likewise, these errors can frustrate users and dissolve engagement pretty quickly. 404 is the most well-known HTTP status code out there. The browser returns a 404 HTML page when the server doesn’t find anything on the requested location.


There are two typical scenarios that can result in a 404 Not Found error. Either the visitor mistyped the URL, or the page has recently moved to another web server and the DNS (Domain Name Server) still points to the old location. Guide against these types of brand eroding errors.

Typographic errors

Some business owners do not bother to check their spelling language and vocabulary before putting out their posts on their pages and websites. This is an easy way not only, to erode that brand you have toiled to build, but also to lose potential or even current clients.

After typing or dictating your article, ensure that you do the first level and second-level proofreadings of your articles. This is to catch out typographic and grammatical errors. As we know, the internet has no boundaries. Your articles could be picked up and read from anywhere in the world, don’t embarrass yourself or your brand.

Bad Colours/Poor Visuals

Yes, you might have a favourite colour. Keep it to yourself. Your page or website is not for you, it’s for your visitor. Always make sure you use a generally cool and friendly colour, avoid brand website errors. Tip: most dark colours are user-friendly and easy on the eyes.


Mixing red-purple and yellow on your homepage will likely do a lot of harm to your page. Don’t go about hurting your visitors with your favourite colours, always maintain a friendly page.

Stale Copyright Date

If your website states “Copyright © 2019 Company XXXX. All Rights Reserved.”

You may be ahead of all competition and your website up-to-date with your latest products but an outdated copyright year gives the impression that you are out of business. It could also mean you are on your way out of business. Update your website promptly, these are common brand failures. Avoid branding mistakes in 2020! Peep ours below.

Giving Wrong Information


As a business owner, your integrity and credibility must matter to you, it is on this basis that your clients and visitors matters relate with you and your brand. One wrong information is capable of jeopardising the credibility of all the other information you give afterward. Whenever a visitor discovers a piece of wrong information on your page or website, the visitor loses his or her trust in you. Besides, sensitive misinformation can lead to litigation, stress and brand failures. Legal cases for a young small or medium business spells doom. For your good, guide against brand eroding errors like this. Learn to confirm information before posting for consumption. 

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