5 Major Reasons to Invest in a Maternity Health Insurance Plan


The maternity health insurance plans are specifically designed to cater to the special needs of pregnant women. They provide cover to all the medical expenses incurred during pregnancy including the cost of hospitalization, birth, emergency treatment, and other related expenses.

People frequently overlook the fact that the costs of motherhood begin the moment a woman becomes pregnant. Not only do hospitalization and delivery-related costs add up, but post-delivery care is also necessary and costly. If you are not financially prepared, these charges can drive you over the edge. Getting maternity insurance is a smart way to deal with these costs.

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How Does Maternity Health Insurance Work?

Maternity health insurance is a policy that covers the costs of maternity and health care for expectant mothers and their babies. A maternity benefit is usually offered as an add-on or supplemental rider to your current health insurance policy.

Along with their group health insurance policies, firms frequently provide a maternity benefit to their female employees. The coverage given under the maternity benefit, like all riders, has a sub-limit that may not be adequate to cover the total cost of the pregnancy. The best choice in this situation is to buy a comprehensive pregnant health insurance plan.

Why You Should Get Maternity Health Insurance

Here are some reasons you should consider buying maternity health insurance if you are planning to expand your family in the near future:

Extensive Coverage

Admission to a specialised maternity nursing home is costly, but these institutions are equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and highly trained staff who provide the best possible maternity care. You won’t have to worry about costs when picking a nursing home or hospital for birth if your maternity health insurance policy in place. This makes a significant difference, particularly in the event of any unforeseen complications, when you want the best specialists available to care for you and your newborn.

In addition, extensive coverage is required in the event of a caesarian section for childbirth, as well as numerous post-natal testing and recovery. Having maternity health insurance ensures that you are properly covered and that you will not have to deplete your resources during this time

Cashless Hospitalization

Most insurance providers offer cashless claim facility to policyholders for convenience. This feature means that the medical bills would be resolved between the insurance provider and the network hospital without the insured person having to deal with anything. Cashless hospitalisation may be an excellent option because childbirth may be an expensive prospect at times, with a lot of medical costs stacking up.

Coverage for newborns

Maternity health insurance coverage provide neonatal care beginning on the first day of the baby’s life and can last up to 90 days, depending on the policy wording. Many of these insurance claims cover the newborn’s needs, but it’s critical to question your insurer about the maternity insurance policy’s limits and inclusions.


Another important consideration when getting maternity insurance cover is the premium that must be paid. You must pay an insurance premium in order to receive the benefits, and you should be cautious about the amount you must spend. The premium must be reasonable and proportional to the benefits offered by the plan. However, make sure you are not considering premium prices as the only deciding factor for this purchase. This can put you at a disadvantage as the benefits may not be satisfactory.

Comparing different policies on the basis of their features, benefits and premium rates is the right way to go about this decision. Furthermore, you can also choose the sum insured for maternity health insurance cover according to your requirements and financial profile.

Tax Benefits

As a subscriber of a Maternity Health Insurance policy, you are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

In India, JOY by Care Insurance is a particularly developed health insurance that includes maternity coverage for expectant moms and their newborns. This pregnancy insurance covers all birth-related fees, whether it’s a normal delivery or a caesarean section, and comes with a number of useful features. It usually allays the couple’s financial anxieties regarding delivery-related costs and encourages them to start a family at the right time. It comes with a period of waiting, so plan ahead and be prepared to welcome your baby into the world stress-free.


The importance of a maternity health care cannot be overemphasized. Expectant moms, new moms, and their children are certain to get full and complete attention of the care givers when everyone knows that payment is already sorted.

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