5 Cheaper PayPal Alternatives to Receive & Send Money in Nigeria (2022)


Regarded as the frontier amongst all other intercontinental money transfer processors, PayPal is an American fintech company which was founded in California USA in December 1998. They have a huge chunk of the global customer base, and they also own many subsidiary companies including Braintree, Paydiant, Honey, Venmo, PayPal Credit, and Xoom.

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In short, PayPal is great. However, it’s certainly not your only option – especially in regions where support and access is restricted. For example, creating a personal PayPal account from Nigeria or India, it means that you will be automatically disabled from receiving money. This is different from what their alternatives offer.

This article will focus on five (5) alternatives of PayPal, what are their prices and rates, and their features. Here are the most popular alternatives to PayPal in Nigeria.

Why do you need PayPal alternatives?

There are several reasons why you could want to leave the biggest and largest money transfer payment process in the world, and use a less popular processor for your transactions. Here’s a few:


When sending money out of PayPal, or withdrawing money to your bank account, it takes PayPal about 3-5 days to conclude the transfer. The only exceptions to this rule are the users in the United States enabled for PayPal Instant Transfer – they must have  linked their credit/debit cards as backup funding sources to their PayPal account. 

This means, whatever the money is needed for would have to wait for the entire processing time.

Charges and fees

PayPal has charted out different charges and transfer fees payment plans for their senders and receivers. Many PayPal alternatives and competitors charge much lower fees than PayPal.


Having a policy issue with PayPal is something no one wishes for. As much as they are (rightfully) careful about users who process transactions through them, they have been known to take tough and lengthy decisions on infringements. 

You can find PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy by clicking ‘Legal’ at the bottom of any PayPal page.

Cheaper PayPal Alternatives to PayPal in Nigeria (2022)

Okay. Hera are some of the most popular international transfer merchants that offer services in Nigeria. They are arranged in NO particular order.


Wise is a UK-based fintech company founded in 2011. Like PayPal, they facilitate peer-to-peer transfers, wire transfers, card payments, and so on. You can view all the information you require on Wise here.

Typically, they partner with a local-based bank in your country of choice and create an account for you there.

Wise fees and pricing differs by the location of the user during the signup process. Here’s a snapshot of Wise’s pricing grid for users from Nigeria:


Payoneer is an American fintech services company. They provide money transfer, digital payments, wire transfers, and card payments. The company was founded in 2005. You can view all the information you require on Payoneer here.

Payoneer is available to users in Nigeria.


Remitly is an American financial services company founded in 2011. Remitly, fully operational in 17+ countries, they are capable of transferring money to over 115 different countries. You can view all the information you require on Remitly here.

They also facilitate wire payments, direct transfers, card transfers, and peer-to-peer transfers. Remitly is a good alternative to PayPal in Nigeria.


Xoom is an electronic funds transfer and remittance provider which was founded in 2001. Xoom is actually owned by PayPal, but operates as an independent entity running a similar business to its parent company.

Xoom also allows its users to pay bills, recharge airtime from the US and Canada to 131 countries of the world. Xoom offers mobile cash delivery and other services in Nigeria.


Skrill enables sending and receiving money from any part of the world. Based in Europe, the company offers several services ranging from international money transfers to airtime recharges and bills payments.

Skrill is available to Nigerians and is a good alternative to PayPal.

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