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July 2022

6 Industries That are Being Transformed with NFTs?

Many people think about owning something essential and incredible for themselves during life. Even if that particular thing might not hold sufficient value for anyone else, someone might have a lot of connection to a particular item. It could be a small toy from your childhood or a large property in your early adolescent years. Today, it is

Is Bitcoin (BTC) Worth The Investment in 2022? The Risks & Benefits of Trading Bitcoin; Everything You Need To Know

Bitcoin (BTC) is a product of many months of a complete breakdown of trust between stakeholders and the banks during the 2008 recession that saw many trillions of dollars wiped off citizens’ hands. The model of the virtual currency, created by a scholar called "Satoshi Nakamoto", which was shrouded in high-tech was total decentralization. Yes,

10 Popular Retail Stores That Accept Cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) Payments; How to Pay For Goods With Cryptocurrency

One of the factors that determine the real value of a currency is usability and acceptability. The advent of Cryptocurrency (especially Bitcoin) has added an extra feature - anonymity to the features of what a good currency should be. For instance, old world currency systems like the barter, trading of precious stones, and so on had to go extinct

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