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April 2022

What is Islamic Halaal Banking? How to Qualify & Get Islamic Bank Loan & Finance Without Interest in Nigeria

Islamic finance is quite new to the Nigerian banking space, but it’s growing at a very fast pace. Thanks to the founding of new Nigerian Islamic Banks like Jaiz, Taj Bank, and Lotus, the true Islamic methods of practicing banking are becoming more and more relatable in our contemporary Nigerian banking industry. What is Islamic Finance/Halaal

Will My Naira ATM Card Work Abroad? Reasons Why Your ATM Card Is Not Working Internationally and Online; What to do (2023)

This is the exact question on almost everyone’s lips. Sometimes, this is very frustrating - one time I logged on to this online store, carefully selected and carted in all my items properly, and then bam! Naira Card declined. This could ruin your day as it did mine, especially if other activities are hinged on the payment going through. This

OPay Mini POS – How to Apply; Why Choose OPay MiniPOS?

In Nigeria, it is safe to say that OPay has completely decentralised banking to a considerable level through its efficient Agency Banking. It’s so remarkable that other Point-of-Sales agents are now being referred to as ‘OPay people’. In every neighbourhood, urban or rural setting, there is an OPay agent wielding a POS device in your face. They

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